What You Take In As A Feeling You Bring Out As A Condition




Universe within you




Neville Goddard said, “What you take in as a                                                                        feeling you bring out as a condition”.  Perfect!

What does this mean to us today?  Simply put what you think and feel all day long is what your subconscious or G O D brings forth as you waking reality.  That’s why I talk so much about spending time in the Silence.  You can call it prayer or meditation if you like, but spending a large portion of your day here is necessary if you wish to see signs and wonders following you.

After you have felt it, experienced your life within then speak only, think only, that which enhances it.  Think only that which enhances happiness.  Speak and live, have your whole being in the New Truth that has formed in the Sacred Within!

The reason you are still struggling is you don’t understand this.  You haven’t committed to being Master of your thought and feeling.  You will NEVER change the outer with struggle, anger or resistance.  You can understand that you are creating your reality till cows fly, but until you are will to become Master of Your Life and practice the principles of Truth, nothing will change in the way you experience your world and life.

Ask for what you want, stay in the silence experiencing only that.  Accept the situation, live that.  Speak that.  Know that the experiences you are having are only shadows of what you’ve already created with your thought/feeling/knowing to be true activities.

What do you want?  Are you willing to commit to being master of your life?

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I love you.. love yourself well…

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

Never Give Up Your Dreams



I wonder if the mighty oak ever thinks about giving up while it’s still in the acorn.  I bet it doesn’t because it knows that the fullness of it’s whole experience already exists within the seed, the acorn.  Within that little nut is ever branch, every leaf of the mighty oak tree.  Each bird nest, every insect, each drop of rain and puff of wind is there, waiting to unfold.  Even the destruction of the tree is there, it’s going back into the Earth Mother to nourish the soil, is there already.  The magic for the complete experience moves within the ideal of perfection.  The Mighty Oak is.

What does that have to do with you and your dreams?  A whole lot.  Often we grow weary of waiting.  We have these great big juicy dreams and feel so excited at the start.  We act on those ideas and talk about them to anyone who will listen.  It’s a great feeling isn’t it?  You bet it is.

Then after weeks, months or sometimes, even years and it’s not so fun feeling anymore.  The excitement has been replaced with doubt, worry, maybe even fear.  You wonder if it was as great an idea as you thought it was.. wouldn’t it have materialized by now?

This in between place has seen the death of many beautiful dreams and great ideas because the dreamer doesn’t behold the truth that once asked for, it’s already  yours.  Doesn’t matter what you ask for, it’s answered, a done deal.  Actually even as you begin to ask you are answered and the energy of that complete experience is there.  You only have to stand and live in the wisdom of this truth.  Never give up.  Wisdom is knowing it’s already done.. even if you don’t see the whole tree yet!

I love you, love yourself well,

Donna, The Barefoot Guru!

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