Finding The Way To Happy And Thriving In Life


Do you know where to find happy?  Have you looked everywhere?  Perhaps you’ve gone from job to job, relationship to relationship in search of happy.  Did you find it there? NO?  That’s because happy is no where out there, it’s inside you.  You are the only one with the power to be happy.

I was in the middle of a group class when I shared with everyone there how wonderful, powerful, beautiful, perfect, talented and awesome they were.  That’s how I see you, that’s how / who you are.  I asked if my seeing them that way and telling them about it changed how they saw themselves, they answered with laughter and giggles, “no”.

So often people run around like chickens with their head’s cut off in search of someone to see them, notice them, validate them and thus make them happy.  It’s a fool’s journey because no one can change what’s inside you. 

“I discovered a very important secret early in life. My answers are not outside me, they are within me.  That’s where you gotta look, within. Today we have lost touch with the spiritual practice of looking within.  We don’t sit in the silence seeing ourselves as we are and noticing how the expression is different than the truth.  The focus now is in the wrong place, the place where answers are not found, without.  In order to know about you, you have to spend time with you.  Getting to know who you are, warts and all, is imperative to a new expression of self”.  Pg 85-86 “How To Thrive In A Survival Mindset World” by Donna DeVane

What are you doing today so you can Thrive?

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5 Warning Signs That You Are Not Thriving Or Why You Are Still Stuck In Survival Mode



Today I want to talk about 5 warning signs that you are not thriving, or why you are still stuck in survival mode.  By paying attention to these warning signs and making corrections you will be able to move from survival mindset mode to full throttle thriving in a short time.  Once you make these changes you will actually begin enjoying your life.  Sounds great doesn’t it?  Side note:  I don’t really think there is any “bad thinking”,, there is only thinking, believing and doing that results either in what you want to experience or not.  I just thought that picture would get your attention.  Did it?  Leave a comment!

1.   You are still spending far more hours each day and week going through YouTube channels trying to find the magic wand, pixie dust or genie in the bottle than you are actually living a satisfying and fulfilling life.  Don’t get me wrong I love YouTube, I even have a channel there and greatly enjoy making videos to interact with people and make new friends.  What I do mean here is you are just going around finding something to “make you feel” rather than applying anything you are watching.  This is a huge problem with entertainment, whether it’s YouTube, Netflix or Hulu watching.  It’s easy to unplug from your dreams and plug into something that feels good on some level.  It’s not a total waste of time and energy, it just depends on how you are using this watching something someone else wants you to know, time.  ( I love sentences like that, even though I know it makes the grammar police growl like wolves)   Take five minutes right now to be honest about what you are looking for with all that video watching.  What are you feeling while doing it?  Do you notice how it’s not making a real difference in your real life?  It’s nice to watch stuff, I love Netflix and spend several hours a week watching a series of some kind to defrag my brain from all the thinking I’ve been doing.  But if you are using entertainment to keep you from seeing yourself.. you will stay stuck in survival mindset mode and not find your way to full throttle thriving.  Thriving is applied action to your dreams, not just continuing to dream and then cop out with a mind numbing movie.

2.   Books Everywhere with no change in sight.  You spend loads of time and maybe even money buying books to help you find that perfect mate, or heal your body, or deal with your emotions, or learn to apply the law of attraction or make more money etc. etc.  Your Kindle and book shelves are filled to the brim with all those great self help books but that’s the end of it.  Read em and forget em.  I bet you don’t even leave the author a review do you?  (Which is a big deal to me since I’m an author and delight like a kid on Christmas morning when one of my books gets a review)  I love books and my home has literally hundreds of them in the study and even my bedroom gets stacks here and there.  Having the books isn’t the issue, not doing anything with the information in the book is the issue.  I’m a very honest author and teacher.  I always suggest that when you read my books or listen to my radio shows or watch my videos that you have your journal handy to write down what your inner voice tells you.  What I say is only the reminder of what you know.  It’s YOUR wisdom that you want.  I share with you what works in my life, those are my answers.  They will aid you in finding your own, but you’ve got to be  willing to listen to your inner wisdom in order to hear anything.  Then you’ve got to apply or practice that.  Just reading a book will NOT change your life, even if it’s one of mine and my books are awesome, (if I do say so myself, and I do say so myself because I’ve read each one and applied my own wisdom to what Spirit gave me to write down for all of us) I have a book titled, “How To Be Happy And Live Free”, it’s a great book, but just reading it will not transform you from surviving to thriving.  You’ve got to apply.

3.  OMG I must find another teacher or plug in again to the one that makes me feel the best.  You’ve substituted feeling good for living good.  There are a lot of teachers out there that know how to use words like music and magic.  It’s wonderful listening to them or reading their books.  HOWEVER if you don’t apply anything that’s being taught you are left with just the chemical reaction resulting in feeling good.  I want you to feel good when you read my stuff or listen to my audio, but mostly I want you to live good which always results in feeling good.  See the difference there?  Just getting a chemical feel good fix is like being a drug addict, actually it’s pretty much the same thing and works the same way.  If you want to feel good, happy, peaceful, and satisfied, live that way all the time.  Living the good life is determined by you.  Your thoughts, those pesky beliefs and habitual actions are the result of what you say everything is.  Changing those requires, well.. changing those.  See?  Everything out there is a reflection of in there.. in you.  Yes, you really are that powerful.  Just feeling good is no more long term effective than a Scooby Do band aid on a broken leg.

4.  Social Media and hash tag pile up.  How much time do you spend liking, sharing and commenting on your social networks?  You can find me on a lot of networks but I don’t live there.  I have a life outside the matrix of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  How much time do you spend face to face with people or at least actually having a phone conversation?  This is very important for several reasons.  Social networking is not the same energy as looking someone in the eyes and feeling their energy as you have a shared conversation.  It’s safer feeling to stay on line or text quick little nothings all day long but it doesn’t satisfy your desire for real interaction with others.  It often leads to feelings of isolation, being left out or being able to only feel anything when online clicking, sharing and or arguing.  I love technology and the internet and use it just about every single day, I wouldn’t have a radio station or video channel or even this blog without it.. BUT I spend time each and every day looking people in the eyes and feeling them.  Listening to another is often one of the most effective ways of hearing yourself.  As others reflect our own version  of reality it’s important to notice the energy of and conversations we are engaged in.  What is it saying to you about you?  Perhaps you might be interested in a new group of friends whose interests are more in line with yours right about this time.  Remember energy  always returns in more like it. 

5.   Stock pile of all that unwanted stuff everywhere.  This is one of the first steps I give new students.. get rid of the stuff!  Grab it by the armload and throw it out.   All that piled up, unused stuff is a message just waiting for you to notice.  You are caught up somewhere in lack mentality.  Cluttered mind, cluttered emotions, cluttered home equals cluttered life.  Who wants to live a cluttered up and messy life?  Well, some may.. but you don’t or you wouldn’t still be reading this.  As you start going through every dresser, drawer, box and closet in your house feel your way through.  Be open to why you have all that stuff, what does it represent for you?  What does it mean to have all that clutter everywhere?  Are you hedging against the day when there isn’t any more stuff?  Do you foresee a time of total lack where your very survival will depend on all that stuff?  Are you afraid you can’t get anymore stuff?  FEAR is a big hole for most humans in the west.  We are marketed to through fear, kept in line with fear and our Full Throttle Thriving is kept at bay with FEAR.  In my new book, “ I Can Fill This Space With Any Thing I Want, Consciously Creating Life”, the title for chapter four is FEAR  Forgetting Everything Ain’t Real!  That’s what fear is all about.  In order to move from survival mindset to thrival mindset and actually live a life that tickles the tarnation out of you, facing the fear is a necessary step.  You can thrive but not as long as you are determined to hold onto all the clutter of beliefs and stuff that take up the space where the good stuff would be if you let go of everything you don’t like. (Another of my signature long sentences just for the grammar police and I think it’s a great and fun way to make my point)

Now let’s wrap up this pretty long blog.  I was going to give 7 ways to know you aren’t thriving but still struggling to survive, aren’t you glad I decided on just 5?  Me too!  You are powerful.  You do bring forth the experiences that you believe are yours already.  You do this through beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions.  Change those and everything changes.  It’s just that simple.  It may not feel that easy to you right now because you don’t know how to move from what you’ve always lived as true to something else.  Here’s where I can be of service to you.  Head on over to my Author Page on Amazon and look through my books.  Grab one in either Kindle, print or audio.  Read or listen, make notes, listen to your inner voice and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.  That’s it. Oh, one more thing I do work with a few private students.  Check out my services page here and for more options to work with me visit my website Consciousness Power.  That’s it for this blog.


I  love you, love yourself well,

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru (that barefoot part is totally true by the way)

OH, leave me a comment here.. I love conversation.. and if you haven’t already.. consider leaving reviews for my books on Amazon! You can give me a reason to do the dance of joy.

From Survivalist To Thrivalist How To Thrive And Be Happy In Your Every Day Life

BookCoverPreview (1)

This isn’t a survivalist handbook just teaching you how to keep your head above the water as you struggle through the unending challenges of life. Rather it’s a “thrivalist” handbook geared for those who are looking for a better way of living. If you are ready for that New Age, Shifted, Paradigm that everyone is talking about, this is your handbook. Using stories and exercises to help make real changes to belief systems and outdated modes of reacting to everything unwanted in life, the reader is given Secrets that greatly out pace most of the Law of Attraction books already on the market.

The author uses ten short chapters with supporting make it real exercises to aid in not just understanding the principles of thriving, but actually give the tools in simple to follow and easy to live steps that make deep changes part of a fun new life adventure.

Donna DeVane, The Barefoot Guru has written a book where spiritual concepts are so easily laid out and explained that you will be kicking your heels in the air before you finish reading. Before long you’ll look back over how hard your life was and giggle in wonderment about why you lived that way. A whole new way of life is written in these pages, a life that thrills and excites.

Stop letting life live you, discover the keys to living life to the fullest!

Donna DeVane is a spiritual teacher who use southern charm, charisma and a few down home style stories to share deep insights and wisdom about being happy and living a life worth living. She’s authored “A Journey Back To Self”, “How To Thrive In A Survival Mindset World”, “How To Be Happy And Live Free” among other book titles. She hosts a weekly radio broadcast where she expands on these topics with people all around the world.

The above is my write up about the new book.  Again, let me state how amazed I am at the information that came through me for this book.  Wisdom on every page to help you make it real.  While writing and reading my own book I made major changes and if I wrote it and it gave me the tools to make changes… it will give you these tools too.  I deal with very real issues, life fear, limiting beliefs, old habits, family and friends.  Also included is how to make these changes real and lasting with fun and ease.   This is the best book on this topic I’ve ever read.  While the book will not do the work for you it does give you the details for changing your life yourself. 

Stay tuned for more blogs on this book, I’m going to include some of the inside of the book as we go along.  Once it’s available I will be giving away a free audio book from Audible in exchange for your review to the first 25 people who purchase “I Can Fill This Space With Any Thing I Want”  subscribe to the blog here today to stay updated on everything going on in my world!

I love you, love yourself well…

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

Thriving IN A Survival Mindset World Changes Required

How to Thrive

Yep, it’s my book and it’s awesome.  Of course you expect me to say that, after all I wrote it.. LOL  This information came to me during one of those dark nights of the soul.  What I had been doing just wasn’t working anymore.  I had tried doing more of all that stuff.. still didn’t work.  I came to a realization that I was missing something.  Something BIG! I was determined that since I obviously didn’t know anything worth talking about to stop talking and listen.  I sat in the middle of my bed and drummed, I sat in the silence and listened

This book was the result of that sitting in the silence.  These were the answers giving to me so that I would THRIVE!  Not just get by or be happy sometimes or most of the time.  I wanted to Thrive each and every day.  I wanted to know how to just enjoy the firecrackers out of my life and wouldn’t accept anything less than Full Throttle Thriving.

I was making it in life and I was happy most of the time.  But life wasn’t all the way like I wanted it.  I’ve always pretty much lived my way and it’s been great. now.. it’s even greater.  I share these insights, this wisdom with you in “How To Thrive In A Survival Mindset World“.  It’s in print, kindle and just released as an audio on Audible.  I’d love to have you check it out.. give it a read or a listen.  Leave a review and come back here to talk with me about your adventure.

I share these principles on the radio too.. Awakened Radio Network is where I talk and talk and talk.  (smile)  I look forward to talking with you soon.

I love you.. love yourself well,

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

Awaken To Your Power To Do More Than Survive Learn To Thrive

How-Be-Happy-Smaller-300x300       Journey_Front_Cover


See those pictures?  They are two of my books written to help YOU learn to Thrive!  It matters to me whether you are happy or not.  That’s why I do this blog, host radio shows, shoot videos and write books.  I want you to be happy.  There is a way other than just surviving, it’s thriving.  Look around you in nature and notice how much expansion is always going on.  No matter what you take note of there is always an expansion of it happening.

The key, the secret to being happy and thriving is to take more notice of and invest more interest and  energy in what you enjoy.  It’s that simple.  I didn’t say easy on purpose.  It often doesn’t feel easy due to years of practicing it the hard way.  Changing your whole mindset about life takes a bit of time and practice.  You are letting go of old beliefs that limit you to the same type of experiences, but with patience and practice you can learn how to thrive.

Are you as happy, healthy, excited about life as you’d like to be?  If you are that’s great.  If not I have a great opportunity for you.   See those books?  Well you can get either of them as a Free Audio compliments of Audible and Donna DeVane.  All we ask is that you listen and review the book.   I ask that you apply and live the principles in the books if you really want to change your life experience.

Would you be interested in getting a free audio book just for reviewing it on the Audible site?  If so go to the Free Audio Book page  and leave a comment stating which book you would like for free.  It’s that easy.  After you leave a comment I’ll approve it and send you the information to go download the book from Audible.

Audible and I have made it really easy for you to have a tool that if applied, you can change your whole life with.  The next step is up to you.  By agreeing to download the book and listen to it, you are giving me your word that you will leave a review for me.  I want you to give your word to you that you will apply the wisdom in the book you listen to and transform your life.  I’d love to hear all about your life changes.  Thriving is your birthright.  You don’t have to continue to struggle through life.

I love you, love yourself well..

Donna the Barefoot Guru

Surviving Frustration on the Way to Learning To Thrive



“Now you see why you feel so frustrated.  You are trying to change what’s already been created on the outside without doing any of the really important inner work.  Page 69 “How To Thrive In A Survival Mindset World” by Donna DeVane

Do you get that statement?  How does it feel?  Do you recognize yourself in the struggle of trying to force what already is to be something different?  Putting it like that helps you to realize how silly it is to exert all that emotion trying to force what you’ve already created to become something different. 

One of the reasons I wrote the book and teach from it so often is I know the struggle to survive.  I’ve done it. I know about all those days filled with dread when the phone rings or wondering if the lights will work when I flip the switch.  That’s the struggle mindset.  It creates more from the energy of worry, dread, stress and fear.

Now we move over to thriving and instantly recognize how much lighter we feel and how hope fills the heart.  As we cease struggling we become more aware of the beliefs, thoughts and actions that created all that mess we don’t like and can slow down long enough to figure out a few things. 

In order to really get into the groove and thriving you only need to begin noticing everything in abundance.  There is nothing to force.  Abundance is all there is.  Take note of what you would like the experience of.  Think there, play there, take actions in that energy.  Now matter what is going on around you stop trying to fix it.  Create where you are right now.

In my new book that will be out soon I give this advice,
“Do What you love

Love What you do

See it done

See it through”!

Even as you are asking Source is lining that up for you… so let your thoughts be seed of the harvest you will enjoy.

I’d love to hear from you .  Leave me a comment.  Take a look around the website.  Discover how you can help form the experience of Donna’s Lady Healing Farm.. just by writing a book review.  You could also win some great prizes.

Don’t Freak Out When Life Rearranges Itself, You Asked For Change Didn’t You?



Is life flipping upside down and inside out? Do you feel tempted to freak out and run for the hills?  STOP!  It’s party time.  You asked for change and that’s what you are getting.  You said you wanted things to be different, you just couldn’t stand it the way it was anymore.  You set a lot of energy into motion and it’s releasing you from the previous thought form or experience.  Rather than going nuts and trying to grab hold of everything and everyone so you can keep them in their place, rejoice and release.  Let it all go with your blessing.

We humans tend to be silly when we are in the middle of the next life creation.  We notice all the energy in flux, things and people leaving our space and we freak out.  Today take note of what is moving out and wave goodbye to it.  Bless it, give thanks to all the wisdom you’ve come to understand by interacting with it.  Know that new experiences, life adventures are on the way.  Embrace them.  You don’t have to understand what it’s all going to look at this time time week.  Just trust that you asked for change and change is happening.

Follow the signs and interact with everything like it’s a new adventure, which it is.  When things fall apart it’s so they can move on and something new  can move in.  Leave that space open for the new to show up.  Guide what’s happening with your excitement, hopes, dreams and let it unfold.

Don’t be one of those folks who ask for a better relationship and then beg the person you are presently in a bad relationship with to stay and he or she walks out the door.  Hold the door open to what is leaving and keep that door open to welcome what shows up.  You can’t have change by holding onto what’s already there.  Change, real change is realized when we release and heal.  Celebrate life as it unfolds for you.  Use your thoughts, feelings and actions to guide your interaction with life.  This is thriving at it’s highest form, no resistance.. just pure joy.

What’s changing in your life?  How are you dealing with it?  Can you bless it and let it go or do you feel afraid and start grabbing at everything moving out?  I’d love to hear from you.. so leave me a comment.. let’s talk about it.


51rPMi-O6qL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_  I wrote this book to aid you in the process of going from surviving to thriving.  Give How To Thrive In A Survival Mindset a read.  It’s at Amazon