What do you know about being happy?


Being happy is right up there at the top of most people’s priority list.  It’s close to being rich and finding the perfect person to have a relationship with.. so why is it so elusive and hard to realize?

The reason it seems so hard to find happy, love and wealth is the quest is always taking place outside the self.  Neither of these states of being or experience can be found there until you have located them within you.  You are the key.  Your chosen state of being, state of mind is the key to realizing happiness, love and wealth. 

The next question then is how to choose these states? The simple answer is, “over and over again until it becomes habit”.

What you are experiencing right now is due to what you say you are.  It’s about energy, vibration.  You don’t have to create anything, you just have to accept that everything already IS, and line up your vibration with the vibration of what is desired to be experienced.

Experiment with me for a moment.  Take a deep breath, when you slowly exhale say softly, “ I AM Abundance”. 

That feels good because it’s who you are.. the energy that is abundance.  There is no need to fight or search for what you already are.  Just Be It.

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