Palestine Israel The Pope And Southern Baptist War Of Beliefs

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Let me start off by saying this blog is not so that you can agree with me.  Actually, it’s not relevant to me whether I am agreed with or not.  I have what my mother always called, “what comes up comes out” tendencies, meaning I don’t put much stock in political correctness and such silliness that keeps mankind enslaved to religion and political masters.  With that on the table I will continue.. a hum…. lol

When are we going to wake up to some real truths in this world?  Truths about the control of lies through religion and politics?  Do we have to be wiped out, diseased, does genocide have to include our family before we realize that there is something going on here behind the scenes?  How long must humanity, the whole planet suffer under the ignorance of religious and political rule?  Do you really think that you don’t have sense enough to self govern and you require others to make and enforce rules for your behavior?  Do these rules even work? NO!

You can not mandate morality or anything else by passing laws, arresting people or killing another large group of humans.  It DOES NOT work!  So why do we continue?  Right now people are taking sides over the Israeli and Palestinian “war”.  I can’t tell you how many people have gotten upset with me because the only side I choose is the side of life and humanity.  Some “Christians” choose Israel because they were told by the church that to curse Israel would bring a curse down on them.. and we don’t want to be cursed by GOD do we?  Others choose Palestine because they always support the underdog and Palestine is indeed that, they don’t have the billions of  bucks that the US gives to Israel or the weapons given as gifts either.  What Palestine does seem to have is some people who are really ticked off with Israel and who hide among the civilians in Gaza, bunch of cowards.  It’s also an act of cowardice to bomb hundreds of civilians in order to maybe wipe out a terrorist or two.

Yep, I’m digging down on this today boys n girls.  Hang in there with me.. I’ll make my point in another few lines or maybe another paragraph or two. 

I’m not interested in whether or not you support either of these political monsters or which religious monster you support either.. even the new age religion is part of this.  My point is that it’s all about control.  Total control.  Looking outside yourself for permission, power, acceptance, love, peace etc. etc. etc.  Here we are almost in 2015 still worshiping kings, popes, religion and doing so because of beliefs and FEAR!  Fear is the problem, it’s what keeps everyone in the loop of same old crap bringing about same old experiences.

We scream and protest that we want an end to war, we say we want peace, but we don’t get peace because peace is not WITHIN US!  No peace out there will last until we heal our anger and fear, drop like a hot rock each and every belief that has been used as a weapon against us, and live as free beings.  We are Consciousness.  We are Powerful.  We have the power within us to make things different.  Just wanting it will not get it.  Nor will fighting against what is not wanted change it.  Only as each of us takes the time to sit in the silence and know peace will peace have any chance at all anywhere on the planet.

A study was done a few years back showing that the planet was most violent when we are.  We see this happening again now.  What must happen so that we will WAKE UP to the truth of our own power and heal the fear?  I invite you to a journey of self discovery, if you are brave enough to look honestly in the mirror of your life and choose another path.  Choose the path of Consciousness.  Choose the side of life!

If you are ready to move  forward in your life start your journey back to self here   Also check out my books as they provide step by step guidance for taking your power back and living as Consciousness.  If you are ready to work with me for a specific need check out my website Consciousness Power where I offer several healing and support programs designed to guide you to self discovery.

Have we simply gone mad?

It seems as if we have overcome with a disease which causes lack of common sense. War and talk of war covers the news.

We are already spending more money in Iraq than our grandchildren will pay in taxes and yet, still, there is talk of more war.

What started as a means of revenge against terrorists who flew planes into the Twin Towers has gone from a bad plan to a worse plan.

Not only are the terrorists still large and in charge, not only do we have issues of economic slow down and high prices here in the US… We are now talking about a military strike against Iran.

Now let me ask you, what has Iran ever done to us?

Sure they think differently than we do and they believe differently as well. Is this a crime? Not since the burning of witches in Salem has it been justifiable to wipe out other people for differences in beliefs.

What is it all about? Is it really weapons and fear of attack or is it a quest for oil and the power over the world that possession of crude oil brings to those who control it?

We’re hearing the same song and watching the same dance of WMD.. those invisible weapons of mass destruction that were being played on the air before we tore Iraq apart and caused so much suffering in that nation and here in the US.

What are we doing? Do we think that by invading other countries with oil and controlling the oil fields we will be seen as the “power” in the world? Are we really wanting the rest of the world to see the USA as a nation which invades and blows other countries to hell and back, all for the sake of oil?

Sure Iran hates Israel. Israel hates them as well. Do we now have reason to bomb Israel right along with Iran, or are we going to take Israel’s side and help them attack Iran? If we work together, who gets the oil?

Either way that still leaves the terrorists in Pakistan and Afghanistan to work their fear tactics while we are busy raining destruction down on someone else.

Oh, and where are we getting all the money for this war? We are borrowing it from other nations that not long ago we didn’t like either. Now they are our money buddies.

I have an idea. Rather than spending our great grand children’s social security why don’t we use our war chest funds to create new fuel options. You know, “alternatives” to crude oil. Then we wouldn’t need to battle for oil, we wouldn’t need it any longer.

What type of technology could we have come up with this last seven years with all that money had we used it to discover and market new ways of energy?

The disease we are suffering from is fear and it’s commutable. The air waves are full of the disease. Fear of high prices, fear of running out of money, out of oil, out of energy..

When we find the cure to fear, which is love; remember the Bible verse, perfect love casteth our fear, then we will think clearly again.

Rather than seeing our own citizens as possible threats to security and continuing to erode the Constitution;which has kept this nation great for over two hundred years, we will begin moving in the direction of clarity.

Our scientists will reveal all the wonders they have discovered for fuels and energy. When we invest in the research of a peaceful way of fueling our nation we then have a tool for peace rather than fear of weapons of mass destruction. How long can we continue killing each other for natural resources and survive?

Think for just a moment of the possibilities of having a clean, renewable energy source with which we can run our cars, heat and cool our homes, factories and hospitals. What a bargaining chip we would have to offer other nations. We offer you the technology to not be dependent on oil and in return we all lay down our weapons.

Nation after nation spends money on health care, education, research, housing and more technology that helps every person on our Mother Earth.

We have that option. We are faced with some serious choices. We can continue down this road of war, fear, terror, lack, or we can wake up from our self induced nightmare and turn our attention to really making positive changes not only in our nation, but in the world.

American Political Pretzel Crumbles

For over seven years we have been twisted in this nation like a pretzel. We’ve seen our rights eroded through the fear machine of government which lied in order to invade Iraq.

Our citizens have been illegally spied on, arrested, imprisoned and tortured on suspicion with little or no facts to back up the action.

Where is the just cause for arrest? It’s not to be found any longer due to FISA which gives government the right to tap your phones without showing any just reason; a suspicion will do now.

With the new FISA bill now before Congress we are being told once again how necessary it is to keep us safe.

The fear machine is at work again.

This new bill will not serve you or me, it covers the butt of telecom companies by giving them immunity from past conduct. This is called “reverse engineering”; change the law to conform to past conduct.

What it means is that all illegal activities performed in the past are now immune from any legal actions, plus it pays it forward to cover their butts for any illegal activities they most likely will do in the future.

In tens of thousands of cases wire taps have been given the stamp of approval on little more than a guess and a maybe. Out of these tens of thousands of applications only two, and these recent; probably due to public outcry, have been turned down.

This goes even further. It allows for more butt covering of our government’s illegal activity to include imprisonment without any legal right to counsel, not being told what you are arrested for, not being able to contact anyone to let them know where you are and for what you are being held.. right up to downright torture.

We don’t need FISA, there is already a provision for extreme measures in extreme times. This bill only furthers the eroding of our constitution and our rights as citizens.

For those who don’t think this applies to them, think about this. If our Constitution is nothing more than an inconvenience that we must side step in order to “protect ourselves”, what will protect us from our own government?

You don’t think we need this protection?

We’ve already experienced the government invading the privacy of families using Child Protective Services. I know, I know, you’re thinking this agency is good, after all they protect innocent children from abuse. They also don’t need a warrant to come into your home, strip your children naked and search their bodies for evidence of abuse. All they need to do this and to remove your children from your home without a warrant is an anonymous phone call accusing you of abuse.

Once they take your children they don’t allow you to have contact with them or know where they are for 3 days.

You have to prove you didn’t abuse your children in order to regain custody, while they have to only show a reason to believe that abuse has taken place in order to keep them.

I know you want to believe in the integrity of our government’s programs, yet all too often our trust is not earned.

While we continue to be led like sheep to the slaughter with deception and outright lies our children are dying in a War on Terror in a nation that didn’t even attack us, while the group supposedly responsible still wanders free.

Americans are being judged as Bad Americans and unpatriotic for speaking out and often times placed on watch lists where they are denied airplane flight because they “Are On The List”, their phones are tapped, their homes entered while they are absent and the contents of their computers’ hard drives downloaded for investigation later to see if perhaps they might be linked to terrorists.

Now a few brave souls are stepping forward and being condemned as “Whistle Blowers” with money as the only reason for their betrayal.

Sadly, writing a book is one of the few ways to tell the truth to Americans any longer. The newspapers and TV news casts don’t seem too see the importance of really digging into the deep holes of illegal activity by our government, they are more interested in Cindy McCain’s perjured cookie recipes.

While the problems in our nation are big and many, we do have the ability to make the needed changes.

When enough of us care more about why gas prices and food prices are high rather than trying to get the government to give us a band aid fix.. we will be motivated to action.

The reasons for these problems are important ,we need to question of our government and demand answers. No more should we allow “executive privilege” to keep guilty parties from testifying before congress.

No more fear machine and bait and switch, we should demand answers.

Are you listening to the news? Did you hear that Israel did a dry run of 100 planes just to show that they are able to “defend themselves against Iran” if need be?

How would we in America feel is another nation did a dry run just to show us they could blow us off the face of the earth?

If Israel finds themselves needing to defend against the WMD of Iran how long do you think before we go to Israel’s aid?

Now it’s Iran’s fault that our gas and food prices are so high too.

Does that sound familiar?

Does this ring a familiar bell to anyone?

What do Iraq and Iran have in common? WMD??? No proof of that in either case.

They both have oil and we are being told by the fear machine daily that we are running out of the black gold and must have more.

Let us educate ourselves and our children to what our forefathers established at the beginning of our great nation. We are are nation of Freedom provided by our constitution, defended by our own individual selves. Without our sense of duty to speak out against the overwhelming abuse of power by government, we are part of the problem, not part of solution.

Read the Constitution and Bill of Rights to your children and think deeply about what it means to you, and if it will still have value when your grandchildren reach maturity.

For those who will accuse me of being a bad American I want you to know it is because I love my country that I type these words.

I don’t have a book on the market about this topic. I care about my children and grandchildren experiencing America as the home of the brave and the Land of Free, where we are beholden to the duty of speaking out and standing up for what is right even when our numbers are few.

When we do nothing, say nothing; we are part of the problem rather than being part of the solution.

Together we can heal this nation and our world, we just have to open our ears, eyes and heart and start changing things.

In this nation the brave and free stand, and then having done all; they stand.