When People Come Against You

We’ve always had people who didn’t agree with us. Even Bullying isn’t new. Gossip has been around forever too.  With the internet and people being able to hide behind icons and made up user names things have grown to huge proportions. Today it only takes a few minutes for a tale to go all around the globe.

What do YOU do with all these stories?  Do you just jump on the bandwagon rolling by and take part?  What if that gossip is about YOU or someone you care about?  This is the problem with meddling in the business of others.  Personally I am not the least concerned with the private affairs of anyone. I am not interested in who is dating, divorcing or cheating with whom. I have business of my own and enjoy my very exciting and interesting life.

So what about you?  Are you a gossip?  Do you just go along with whatever is being said and share it with anyone who will listen?  I would be so excited to see a world where good stories made the rounds more quickly than gossip.  Can you imagine that?  How awesome that would be.

Now what about when you are the one being talked about?  What do you do?  Because I’ve been in the public eye for several years I’ve had a few tales told about me.  Now and then someone goes to the radio station chat and feels it necessary to type their fears about me for others to see.  I’ve even had a few folks share their dislike of me on social media over the years.

Do those stories have any thing to do with me?  Not really!  Many years ago one of my students carried a signature line on his email that stated a wonderful and empowering truth.  “What others think of me is NONE of my business”!  I love that and repeat it to myself on that rare occasion when someone sees me through their filter of fear. When people react to us the are for the most part not even knowing us, rather they are seeing themselves in us.  That is the reason for all the gossip and anger.  We see our own fear and beauty in others.  We are reflections for one another, like a 3D movie.  We see what we are most involved in energetically with in our own lives.

Free yourself by releasing gossip and fear.  Look for, acknowledge and celebrate the beauty and power within yourself and be amazed at how you begin to notice this all around you.

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

I love YOU.. Love yourself well.

Expand Your Experience Follow the Happy


I love happy.  I write about happy.  I talk about happy.  I follow happy.  Following the fun assures my happy.  How bout you?  Are you actually enjoying your life or just making it through from one day to the next?  I understand how you feel about working to pay bills, take care of responsibilities, etc.  BUT did you know that you can do all those things and enjoy them?  It’s attitude and perspective.  Just last night a young man asked what I did for “work”, to which I replied that I “play at working”.  He told me how lucky I am and I agree.  I’m lucky that I realized a few years ago that I can do what I enjoy and actually have money to do the monthly expenses, eat out, travel etc.

He told me that he was out of work and needed to find a job.  I asked what he loved doing.  After he told me I suggested he start his own business doing just that.  Now get this.. he DID NOT jump up and down with joy at the prospect.. rather he began giving me a list of reasons why he CAN NOT do that.  OK.

It’s all about your outlook.  How are  you seeing things?  Hint here.. what it looks like “out there” is how you are seeing it in your emotions & beliefs.  That’s why it keeps looking like that.  Being happy isn’t hard.  It doesn’t require any thing or any one to show up and do anything either.  It’s a state of mind.  It’s a choice.

Follow the fun, decide on happy.  No matter what’s going on in your life decide on happy.  Watch as new doors open for you bringing even more to celebrate.

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I love you

love your self well!

You are the powerful creative power

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You are creative energy  Listen to the audio message  http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/89695

This is me, Donna DeVane with a manifestation crystal.  I”ve worked with crystals and stones for many years and have learned a lot, about the crystals and myself.  A manifestation crystal aids the process of bringing into form that which is wanted.  It’s a focus tool, a spiritual meditation aid.  YOU are the one doing the work.  You are the creator.

Working with stones and crystals over the years has helped me to better understand the process of creating.  Crystals teach you about allowing the energy to flow in and through them so that creation takes place.  The same is true for how you create.  You know that life Source Energy flows in, through and out of you, bringing into form that which you are knowing, being.

Just as light flows in and through the crystal it is always flowing through you.  As you open your awareness to this power flow and direct it with beliefs, actions, statements of affirmations and knowing, it comes into form.

Being open to the energy moving in and through you to do the work is key.  It’s not your mind, your body, your hands doing the work first.  Spirit is doing the work through you… Life Itself is the energy of creation, it’s moving in and through you, using your hands to bring physical form to your desires.

Know that you are the fountain of Life Energy! Know yourself as Creative Energy!  Now get to creating what you want to experience.

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Tired of Loud Sales Pitches


This morning I clicked on a little ad at Facebook that promised to tell me the secret to online marketing.  Because my business is mostly I was interested in getting more traffic.  I had to laugh as I was taken to a page that promised to “share this free information” with me if I gave my name and email.  I filled in the blanks.  Next I was redirected to another page where if I gave my info again I would be given a FREE GIFT that would change my life, increase my income by thousands of dollars and change my life forever.  After giving them my information I was redirected to a video.  Now this is a 16 minute video where a guy tells you over and over again how much money he’s made online going from knowing nothing about marketing, no list, no contacts and in just one month he broke the bank.

I didn’t make it all the way through the “free sales pitch” video.  I clicked add to cart to see how much he wanted for my “free gift” that ended up being a sales pitch.  For just $97 bucks I could be like him and make money hand over fist.  I resisted.. LOL 

Truth be told we all want more, more money, better cars, bigger house, nice clothes, travel, eating out etc.  The question though for me is how do I want to get these things?  As a business person I am not comfortable with outlandish promises that end up in big sales pitches.  To me is something is FREE I want it to be free and worth my time.  I figure if I’m willing to get on your “contact” list and receive emails at least once a day for the rest of my internet life you should give me some information that I can actually do something with.  I don’t understand the lack of ethics in marketing by some people today.

I market and I promote my products and services, even here on my blog.  That’s business.  While telling you about my books, classes, jewelry, coaching, etc. I give information that you can actually use to aid you in taking your power back and creating something different in your life.  I also give away hours each week in my FREE radio shows, videos all over the net, groups I’ve created and believe it or now, I even give away free coaching for those who really don’t have two dimes to rub together yet are really ready to do something different.

It’s funny when I watch a lot of Free Gifts today that are really nothing more than fast talking used car salesman type hype.  They’ve studied enough marketing to understand that if they tell you “this offer want last for long, act now before the opportunity is lost, limited number of these”, etc, that it ignites the greed in a lot of people who want something for nothing or very little anyway.  The price is always there, the promises are mostly empty in this type of marketing.  They make their money getting you all excited so you will just click the Buy It Now button.

My family and friends tell me that I’m not pushy enough.  That’s ok by me.  I know that what I offer has value and I trust that those who are ready for the information will find it.  I don’t push giving away free coaching to get people to sign a contract, if you benefit from working with me you will keep working with me.  That’s the way I look at it. 

I’m not interested in having a million person email list to bombard with messages that get caught up in the spam folder or deleted upon seeing it’s yet another sales pitch.  I want to have a relationship with my clients.  I want to know you, the person that you are now and the person you are creating yourself to BE.  I want you to know me as a real person.  I’m not fancy, but I’m funny, insightful and pack a punch a lot of the time.  I’m excited about life, thrilled about what I’ve learned in more than 50 years living, learning and playing.

I don’t even promise you that I have your answers.  I don’t have them.  What I DO have is experience, intuition, love, and loads of information that has worked for me and many other people I’ve shared with.  That’s my marketing pitch.  I want to help you create your life the way you want to experience it.  Sure I want you to buy my book, purchase a necklace now and then; the utility company’s enjoy getting paid.  Most of all I want to help.  See I do what I do because it’s what I love.  It’s my way of sharing the joy and excitement of my life experience. 

My friends and family are glad that I coach, do radio shows, and write this blog because I’m not holding them down to share everything I’ve discovered each day like I used to do.  Smile

Here is a video I made on changing your life.  I hope you enjoy it, take something from it that helps you.. oh yea.. and buy my book A Journey Back To Self.  Subtle huh??? LOL

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Love yourself well,

Donna       journeybook

The Desire for Money Reveals a Truth about who you ARE



Just about everyone wants money.  If they have just a little they want more, if they have loads of the stuff they still want more.  What is it about money that drives people to get more and more of it?

Is there something about our desire for money that we just are not getting?  I think so.  Money represents power and control over your own life.  Having money means you are secure, safe and capable of taking care of yourself and your family.

The real truth is that you are the power.  You are already everything you are trying to get money to show that you are.  When you realize that money is the medium of exchange, it’s what you trade for other stuff, not the energy of creation itself, life is more fun and less stressful.

Your desire for money and the stuff you trade money for is just you trying to remind yourself that you are the energy to bring all things into form. 

Stop stressing over “getting” and enjoy “being”. 

When you shift your attitude about money and who you are, money flows more easily into your life and you sure enjoy your life a lot more.

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The money obsession keeps you in poverty consciousness




Money, Money, Money.. it’s the primary topic of conversation.  Either you don’t have enough or you want more.  Those with money can’t seem to get enough of the stuff and those who don’t have it are obsessed with the idea of having it.  It’s like an addiction that takes over our lives.  Thoughts of money filling your brain all the time, how to get it, how to keep it, how to prevent someone from getting your money, limit your enjoying what you can actually do with the money.

That’s really my point.  What you can do with the money.. not the money itself.  Money is paper or digits on a spread sheet somewhere.  The real value of having money is all the cool things you can exchange it for.  Even beyond the basics of food, shelter and utilities it’s good for trips, eating out, paying for higher education.  You can give it to people with less of the green stuff.  Many people enjoy using the money.. not just having it.  Ask yourself.. what is it you want the money for?  Is it just to store it up and play with it?  Is it to have more of it than someone else?  Is it to really let loose and enjoy things that you exchange it for?  The exchange is where the fun is. 

Shift your focus from having the paper to the new experiences and the feelings associated with the new experiences.  That’s the real value of the stuff.  It’s the pleasure, the enjoyment of life.  Too often people get obsessed with the having of money, the getting more of it and lose sight of the fun, the joy of life itself.

The real question isn’t how much money do you have but how much are you enjoying living your life?  Enjoyment isn’t dependant on lots of money.  Actually there are people on the planet who have no money and they are delightfully happy.  One of the main reasons that the obsession of money keeps you in poverty consciousness is your attention to never having enough.  If you have fear of someone taking your money.. that’s poverty consciousness.  I’ve met many people with loads of money who are afraid that the money will run out.  They fear the stock market, they fear bad investments. 

Money isn’t your answer.  It’s a tool, pure and simple.  Having it will not force happiness or security on you.  Those states are choices you make each day with our without money. In our society we use money to exchange for other things we enjoy, that bring convenience to our lives.  The exchange is the activation of money’s energy.  It sets it in movement.  Rejoice when you exchange your money for something else.  Celebrate the energy you have set into motion. 

Shift your attitude about money and watch more of it flow into your life.  Release it into action with joy, knowing that there is only abundance, success, plenty of everything.  This is true success, living your life with joy, with pleasure, with celebration.  Use the tool of money to open doors to new experiences.  Money is not the experience, it’s the exchange tool which like a key in a door, provides you a path to walk down as you celebrate your life and your creations.


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Love money happiness what everyone wants



You want to experience love, have money and be happy.  You are not alone.  These are desires common to mankind.  We yearn to be loved, to feel special to someone, to have money to live well and to be happy.  It’s normal to want these things. The question many people ask is how to find love, get enough money and be happy even until the love and money show up.

The easiest way to find love is to discover self love.  Realize all your gifts and talents.  This isn’t saying to be a snob, but to be aware of how caring you are.  To show yourself respect and love that you would like to experience with another person.  There was a study done a few years ago about what men found the most sexy about a woman.  The winning answer was “a woman who knows she’s sexy”.  The same is true for what women find attractive.  How you feel about yourself is a signal you give out to other people.  They respond to that self worth signal you send out.  Sit down and be honest about what you think about yourself.  What areas can you improve on?  How you feel about yourself will result in who you attract into your life.

Money is another main topic of conversation.  Everyone wants more of it.  Money is energy, the energy of abundance that is all around.  There is only abundance.  There’s plenty of everything.  You are the stream of consciousness that the energy of abundance moves through.  Using  your thoughts, feelings, knowing combined with action opens the windows and doors of your life allowing the easy flow of more money.  Remember, abundance is the natural state of life itself, always seeking to expand and experience more of itself.  By placing your attention on abundance of what you do want rather than paying attention to what you don’t want.. well.. you get the point.  Where your energy goes.. creation soon follows.  So pay attention, notice abundance.  Be aware of how much abundance there is.  Look around you right now.  See the abundance of everything you could ever desire.  Now realize that you are the channel that everything flows through. 

Happiness is another of the main three desires of all mankind.  We enjoy feeling good.  We like to feel connected to life and at peace with our surroundings.  Taking note of all the beauty around you is one way to increase your happiness level.  Picking conversations that uplift and inspire is another.  Movies, books, and music are also wonderful mood elevators.  Going for a long walk to commune with nature or sitting quietly watching the birds and listening to their songs will bring up your level of happiness and connection.

Often there are community activities that you can join to meet others and learn a new skill or hobby.  Check your communities leisure center, they often have classes in yoga, martial arts, painting, dance, etc.  These are a great way to meet new people and fling open the door to opportunity.  The more involved you are in your life the more possibilities you discover. 

Be open to your life.  Live it fully.  Grab each day and dance through it.  You are the only one who has the power to hold you back or move you forward.. What’s stopping you?  Ready Set GO!!!

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