Signs Everywhere Eve Of Destruction Will We Pay Attention And Make Changes?

It’s kinda hard to not notice the signs of the times isn’t it?  Everywhere you look there is bad news and even more bad news.  Some days it seems hard to find a ray of sunshine anywhere in the world.  Bombs are killing people, hunger, strive, war, greed, pollution are obviously all around us.  We see the signs.. but are we paying attention? What will we do about all the signs showing up all around us?

One of my favorite questions is “where in me is this?”.  I ask that often throughout the day.  Where in me is the seed for all the reflections I see out there?  Where in you is it?  As a society we are only seeing the reflection of our fear, anger, hatred, greed and  beliefs in not enough.  Will we take note and change our focus so that we can heal these within us and then see a new image reflected?  Some are so frightened they want to establish religious rule again in this nation.  Read history, it never goes well when religious beliefs are the power of the land.  We don’t need more politicians either.  These all continue to show us what we as a nation agree upon. 

The answer is to agree on something else.  Give our consent to each individual being empowered to make choices for their own lives without interference from others.  Although I am not Wiccan they have a great motto, “do as you will and harm none”.  That about sums it up.  It’s time to stop dictating the behavior of others based on our personal preferences.  We need to rules of conduct. 1. Don’t cause harm to a person.  2. Don’t cause loss.  No murder, raping, stealing allowed to go unanswered.  Now we decide how to work with those who break these rules so that they make right their actions. 

I know that’s shocking for some to read.  However when my daughter was killed in a car wreck due to the actions of the driver speeding recklessly down the highway racing a friend there is no good to come out of his being jailed or put to death.  Rather let him support my grandson till he reaches adulthood financially and emotionally. That’s making the deed right.   Someone steals, they repay. 

We need to look at the signs of our times and take advantage of it so that we can come up with better working ways to live.  Enough protesting, fussing and violence.  Take actions that bring about real change, that first action has to be healing yourself.  Once we each do that we will be able to experience a “better” world.


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