Palestine Israel The Pope And Southern Baptist War Of Beliefs

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Let me start off by saying this blog is not so that you can agree with me.  Actually, it’s not relevant to me whether I am agreed with or not.  I have what my mother always called, “what comes up comes out” tendencies, meaning I don’t put much stock in political correctness and such silliness that keeps mankind enslaved to religion and political masters.  With that on the table I will continue.. a hum…. lol

When are we going to wake up to some real truths in this world?  Truths about the control of lies through religion and politics?  Do we have to be wiped out, diseased, does genocide have to include our family before we realize that there is something going on here behind the scenes?  How long must humanity, the whole planet suffer under the ignorance of religious and political rule?  Do you really think that you don’t have sense enough to self govern and you require others to make and enforce rules for your behavior?  Do these rules even work? NO!

You can not mandate morality or anything else by passing laws, arresting people or killing another large group of humans.  It DOES NOT work!  So why do we continue?  Right now people are taking sides over the Israeli and Palestinian “war”.  I can’t tell you how many people have gotten upset with me because the only side I choose is the side of life and humanity.  Some “Christians” choose Israel because they were told by the church that to curse Israel would bring a curse down on them.. and we don’t want to be cursed by GOD do we?  Others choose Palestine because they always support the underdog and Palestine is indeed that, they don’t have the billions of  bucks that the US gives to Israel or the weapons given as gifts either.  What Palestine does seem to have is some people who are really ticked off with Israel and who hide among the civilians in Gaza, bunch of cowards.  It’s also an act of cowardice to bomb hundreds of civilians in order to maybe wipe out a terrorist or two.

Yep, I’m digging down on this today boys n girls.  Hang in there with me.. I’ll make my point in another few lines or maybe another paragraph or two. 

I’m not interested in whether or not you support either of these political monsters or which religious monster you support either.. even the new age religion is part of this.  My point is that it’s all about control.  Total control.  Looking outside yourself for permission, power, acceptance, love, peace etc. etc. etc.  Here we are almost in 2015 still worshiping kings, popes, religion and doing so because of beliefs and FEAR!  Fear is the problem, it’s what keeps everyone in the loop of same old crap bringing about same old experiences.

We scream and protest that we want an end to war, we say we want peace, but we don’t get peace because peace is not WITHIN US!  No peace out there will last until we heal our anger and fear, drop like a hot rock each and every belief that has been used as a weapon against us, and live as free beings.  We are Consciousness.  We are Powerful.  We have the power within us to make things different.  Just wanting it will not get it.  Nor will fighting against what is not wanted change it.  Only as each of us takes the time to sit in the silence and know peace will peace have any chance at all anywhere on the planet.

A study was done a few years back showing that the planet was most violent when we are.  We see this happening again now.  What must happen so that we will WAKE UP to the truth of our own power and heal the fear?  I invite you to a journey of self discovery, if you are brave enough to look honestly in the mirror of your life and choose another path.  Choose the path of Consciousness.  Choose the side of life!

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