Human Consciousness Awakens

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We ARE the Power of change

Humanity as a whole realizes that something is bad wrong.  Actually most of us realize lots of things are really wrong,  Hunger, genocide, medicine that harms more than helps, joblessness, homelessness, poverty, starvation, sickness, and hopelessness abound all across the globe.  More and more people are dying from wars and lack of food than ever before.  We are seeing global changes and these changes are not for the highest good of the people, animals or the planet herself.  Fracking is now being connected to earthquakes, chem-trails to disease, prescription drugs to death and disease, even our food isn’t good for us any longer.  It’s insanity and it’s spreading all over the world. 

Our government here in the US has been taken over by big corporations and bankers who see us as lab rats to experiment their newest chemical concoctions on and when they are finished we are easily replaced.  Humanity has lost it’s value to those who are supposed to be helping and protecting us.  How in the world did this happen?  First, it’s not new.  The New World Order is the same old order of corruption, murder and mayhem recorded down through history.,  The only thing new about it is the fancy toys those corrupt people play with.  

Today it’s about money and power, not humanity.  We, Humanity are so responsible too.  We’ve been silent as these things have increased.  It wasn’t happening to us but to some people on the other side of the world who were different from us and we wrote it off as sad, or bad, or a test of GOD, but we did little or nothing.  Now the chickens have come home to roost, as my grandmother used to say.  We’ve given our consent to these horrors to others and in doing so we’ve consented to them for ourselves.  It doesn’t have to be this way though.  We can stand up right now, heal the fear, anger and pain within ourselves and change things.  It’s not enough to just say it’s wrong, we’ve got to stand up for, work together for what’s right.

Turn on any radio or TV show and you’ll hear many who are angry, they point out what’s wrong, but don’t point out what to do about it.  It’s almost as though most of humanity has given in and given up.  We must come into understanding on these things.  They happen because we allow them through our fear and our anger.  We’ve forgotten our power to create, we’ve lost touch with how awesome humanity is.  We’ve forgotten to start the day off by noticing and being thankful for all the GOOD we are surrounded by.  Good is there, prosperity is there, abundance is there, just waiting for humanity to remember.

When we stand up in our power, stand together as the power of Light, as Humanity, we have only to step forward, and take another step forward.  We must point out what is out of balance and then move to bring balance, not through anger and fear; but through an understanding that we are the power that creates.  We don’t have to try to figure out how to survive what others are doing “to us”, we can take it into our own imagination and power to create something different.  We must first be willing to accept that we can do just that.  We are the power that will change things or the power that will allow others to control our experiences on this planet. 

Things are bad simply because we have not believed in ourselves and our power to create with love, plenty, joy and peace.  The people of the world don’t want war and famine.  It’s only a very few percent who want to be at the top of the food chain with the rest of humanity fighting for table scraps.  When we, the billions of humanity stand together in one voice, one mindset; that of plenty, peace and abundance those who do not wish this for our world will have no choice but to sit down and shut up.  They will either change or be removed from humanity.  What they do isn’t our concern, only what we want and how we work together to bring about the changes we want is important,  We can change this, we can heal this.  Be peace in your life, be love, be creative power.  Your Beingness will inspire others to do the same.  Talk change, talk peace, talk prosperity, share this message with everyone you come into contact with.  We, you, are not helpless, we are the very power of Creation.  Be awareness, see things as they really are.  Move into that wisdom and walk the change into place.

I love you.


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