Nobel Peace for Obama and the Nation

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We know we can.  We’ve done so much already and we are all filled with even bigger dreams of bigger things to do.

What an honor for our President to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. What an honor for our nation to be well thought of again.

The message of Yes we can has helped our country to make great strides in new thinking which are leading to new ways of doing things.

We are all aware of war, poverty, etc world wide, but now our vision is extended to the possibility of doing something postive to change these conditions.  I am proud I voted for Obama although I do not agree with all his policy decisions.  His message of hope and renewal are the energy we need as a nation and as a world to see things in a new way and then do things in a new way.

Whether you voted for Obama or not, whether you agree with him or not.. I ask you to come on board the train for hope and possiblity.  Together we can change our nation and our world.

We are the ones who created all the situations we are not enjoying.. we are also the ones who have the power to create something different.  Change is natural, it occurs whether we flow with it or not.  How much better when we create together a more loving and peaceful world by creating that very state within ourselves one person at the time.

I see a reform in this nation, not only in health care, but in the way we choose to do business.  As consumers we have the power to decide who to give our money to in exchange for health care insurance, banking, buying cars and other items.  It is time that we decide to exchange energy.. money.. with those who reflect the energy we wish to see shared in the world.

We can make a difference, we are making a difference.  One person, one choice for peace at the time.. and the world is changed.

Come on, we can do it.. YOU can do it.

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Good Bye President Bush Thank you for the Lessons

As I watched Mr.. Bush leave Washington yesterday I was glad to see him headed back to Texas.

Eight years ago when he took the office of president many had hopes that he would bring us years of prosperity and global peace.

Instead we all listened to his and Chaney’s fear mongering and got caught up in the
“terrorist” mentality.

We began to look for danger behind not only ever tree, but every bush. 

Our nation’s fear allowed us to be silent as our constitutional rights were eroded and later as we found out torture was being used, making us the same as the terrorist, most said nothing.

The lessons of Bush and Chaney’s eight years is the power of fear to lead us into the dark, murky places where roots tangle around our ankles and it’s hard to find our way again.

It took this nation eight years to begin to realize how dangerous fear is. 

I am reminded of what Job said, “what I have fear most has come to me”.

We found ourselves with something to fear in addition to terrorists.

Hundreds of thousands have lost jobs, homes and trillions in the stock market.

We had to choose between milk for our children or another tank of gas at over $4.00 a gallon.  The price of everything rose while jobs were on the down swing.

This is the lesson of fear, to a nation and to each individual.

We have now come back to our senses.  We have latched onto the energy of hope and well being.  We took ourselves a long way down the road of fear to show ourselves just how important and powerful we are in creating our experiences, our reality.

Now that hope has arrived like a warming sun on a cold day, millions around the world have joined hands with each other to combine energy and creative power to bring about much desired changes.

As we see the power of hope growing and transforming individuals across the planet, each of us can connect with this power of change, we can allow it to flow in and through us, we can Be the energy of change.

Whatever is in your life that is not as you would like it to be, this is the time to channel hope to the situation, infuse it with hope.  Watch joyfully as this energy transform your life from the inside out.

Let us uplift our new President Obama, keep him in light and wisdom.  Let us join our light, our love, our hope with his, that great changes will take place.

America is on her way to once again being a great nation, a nation of love, kindness, inner strength, moral direction and equal protection under the law for each individual.

Welcome back Lady America.  I have missed you.


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An Outrageous Offer

How are you feeling right now?

With all the changes going on, a new president, economic chaos, two wars, the holidays, change of seasons.. wow, there’s a lot to think about.

How are you handling it?  Are you feeling a bit stressful and overwhelmed or excited and thrilled?

Lots of people are feeling afraid.  They are worried about everything they see and hear on the news.  There is a lot happening around this planet.  Our own nation has challenges with the stock market, the auto industries and job lay offs.

Some people I talk with are excited about the changes.  They realize that change is natural.  For every frightening thing that takes place it gives rise to opportunity to do something new and exciting.  We are on the verge of finding new ways to heat and cool our homes.  I anticipate new automobiles that run on alternative fuels, helping us restore balance to the planet.

For those in business we are getting a chance to find new products, new services to help and inspire people.

Change is a part of life.  Things just don’t stay the same.  That’s a good thing.  Depending on how you choose to look at it depends how you feel about it and how it affects you.

To this end I am inspired to offer you something outrageous.  I call it my “outrageous offer”.

Many of you know that I’m a teacher, writer and life coach.  I have been doing this for years and simply love it.

Yesterday I was watching the news and listening to all the changes going on and asked what can I do to help?  This is a question I ask every day.  How can I help on a personal and business level.

The answer came to me.  Since I no longer have my grandson staying with me during the day I have lots of hours opened up.  Why not offer something so outrageous, so crazy and fun that it inspires and motivates people in a real way.

So.. here’s what I’m offering.  I built a new page on my website where you can make a donation .. follow your leading on this.. and receive a one hour life coaching session from me.

As a healer and life coach for many years I understand the importance of having someone objective to talk things through with.  I also understand that many would just love to work with a life coach and get the one on one help to encourage them to heal and succeed in life.  I also understand that many of you just don’t feel you can afford hundreds of dollars an hour.

I got you covered on this one.  I will not tell you what I normally charge for an hour of my coaching.  That’s not important.  What is important is that I feel inspired to do this.  I really want to help as many people as I can.

I can’t offer this outrageous offer forever.. but I will keep it going for the next month or so.

Here’s how it works.  You go to the website click here for that

It will open in a new window for you.  Once there read the information and if you decide to invest in yourself and your dreams you use the Paypal donation button to make a donation.  The amount is up to you.

Once Paypal emails me that you have made a donation I will email you and arrange a time for the life coaching session.  If you are in the US I will call you.  Outside the US you can either call or we can use Skype.

Understand that once my day is filled  I will move you to the next available day.  It’s on a first come first served basis.  When my book is filled I will take the page down.  This is a limited time offer.. so don’t miss it.

This is your chance to work with a professional life coach to get clear about what limiting beliefs are keeping you from being successful.  As a spiritual healer I tend to get to the heart of things rather quickly.

If you’ve got an idea and just need some encouragement to get going on that.. we can do that as well.

You will need to make a decision to change your life, make a donation and keep your appointment with me.

This is a very powerful first step in creating the life of your dreams.

Those who take advantage of this offer will be given a chance to work with me by donation on a three month basis.  Don’t miss this outrageous offer.  It’s worth thousands.. and when you get going.. perhaps even millions to you.

Again, click here to go to the website

Make your donation, wait for my email so we can set your appointment and then keep that appointment with yourself.

I really do want to help you move forward.

I hope you’ll take me up on this outrageous offer.

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American Political Pretzel Crumbles

For over seven years we have been twisted in this nation like a pretzel. We’ve seen our rights eroded through the fear machine of government which lied in order to invade Iraq.

Our citizens have been illegally spied on, arrested, imprisoned and tortured on suspicion with little or no facts to back up the action.

Where is the just cause for arrest? It’s not to be found any longer due to FISA which gives government the right to tap your phones without showing any just reason; a suspicion will do now.

With the new FISA bill now before Congress we are being told once again how necessary it is to keep us safe.

The fear machine is at work again.

This new bill will not serve you or me, it covers the butt of telecom companies by giving them immunity from past conduct. This is called “reverse engineering”; change the law to conform to past conduct.

What it means is that all illegal activities performed in the past are now immune from any legal actions, plus it pays it forward to cover their butts for any illegal activities they most likely will do in the future.

In tens of thousands of cases wire taps have been given the stamp of approval on little more than a guess and a maybe. Out of these tens of thousands of applications only two, and these recent; probably due to public outcry, have been turned down.

This goes even further. It allows for more butt covering of our government’s illegal activity to include imprisonment without any legal right to counsel, not being told what you are arrested for, not being able to contact anyone to let them know where you are and for what you are being held.. right up to downright torture.

We don’t need FISA, there is already a provision for extreme measures in extreme times. This bill only furthers the eroding of our constitution and our rights as citizens.

For those who don’t think this applies to them, think about this. If our Constitution is nothing more than an inconvenience that we must side step in order to “protect ourselves”, what will protect us from our own government?

You don’t think we need this protection?

We’ve already experienced the government invading the privacy of families using Child Protective Services. I know, I know, you’re thinking this agency is good, after all they protect innocent children from abuse. They also don’t need a warrant to come into your home, strip your children naked and search their bodies for evidence of abuse. All they need to do this and to remove your children from your home without a warrant is an anonymous phone call accusing you of abuse.

Once they take your children they don’t allow you to have contact with them or know where they are for 3 days.

You have to prove you didn’t abuse your children in order to regain custody, while they have to only show a reason to believe that abuse has taken place in order to keep them.

I know you want to believe in the integrity of our government’s programs, yet all too often our trust is not earned.

While we continue to be led like sheep to the slaughter with deception and outright lies our children are dying in a War on Terror in a nation that didn’t even attack us, while the group supposedly responsible still wanders free.

Americans are being judged as Bad Americans and unpatriotic for speaking out and often times placed on watch lists where they are denied airplane flight because they “Are On The List”, their phones are tapped, their homes entered while they are absent and the contents of their computers’ hard drives downloaded for investigation later to see if perhaps they might be linked to terrorists.

Now a few brave souls are stepping forward and being condemned as “Whistle Blowers” with money as the only reason for their betrayal.

Sadly, writing a book is one of the few ways to tell the truth to Americans any longer. The newspapers and TV news casts don’t seem too see the importance of really digging into the deep holes of illegal activity by our government, they are more interested in Cindy McCain’s perjured cookie recipes.

While the problems in our nation are big and many, we do have the ability to make the needed changes.

When enough of us care more about why gas prices and food prices are high rather than trying to get the government to give us a band aid fix.. we will be motivated to action.

The reasons for these problems are important ,we need to question of our government and demand answers. No more should we allow “executive privilege” to keep guilty parties from testifying before congress.

No more fear machine and bait and switch, we should demand answers.

Are you listening to the news? Did you hear that Israel did a dry run of 100 planes just to show that they are able to “defend themselves against Iran” if need be?

How would we in America feel is another nation did a dry run just to show us they could blow us off the face of the earth?

If Israel finds themselves needing to defend against the WMD of Iran how long do you think before we go to Israel’s aid?

Now it’s Iran’s fault that our gas and food prices are so high too.

Does that sound familiar?

Does this ring a familiar bell to anyone?

What do Iraq and Iran have in common? WMD??? No proof of that in either case.

They both have oil and we are being told by the fear machine daily that we are running out of the black gold and must have more.

Let us educate ourselves and our children to what our forefathers established at the beginning of our great nation. We are are nation of Freedom provided by our constitution, defended by our own individual selves. Without our sense of duty to speak out against the overwhelming abuse of power by government, we are part of the problem, not part of solution.

Read the Constitution and Bill of Rights to your children and think deeply about what it means to you, and if it will still have value when your grandchildren reach maturity.

For those who will accuse me of being a bad American I want you to know it is because I love my country that I type these words.

I don’t have a book on the market about this topic. I care about my children and grandchildren experiencing America as the home of the brave and the Land of Free, where we are beholden to the duty of speaking out and standing up for what is right even when our numbers are few.

When we do nothing, say nothing; we are part of the problem rather than being part of the solution.

Together we can heal this nation and our world, we just have to open our ears, eyes and heart and start changing things.

In this nation the brave and free stand, and then having done all; they stand.

Is America Coming Back to Sanity???

Hip Hip Hurray!!

Finally, after almost 8 years of insanity our Supreme court is coming to grips with what this nation stands for.

It decided… again.. that all prisoners held in the States or out.. do have rights.

Wow.. it’s hard for me to even consider that anyone in this nation, especially our president would think otherwise.

What makes our nation the envy of others? Why do people from all over the world want to move here?

Our freedom, our Constitution. Without the Constitution we are no different than any other nation in world.

The truth about this current President, George W. Bush is coming to light. Motions are being made to impeach him, too late though for all the damage he has done in our country.

I love this country and have been ashamed of many things that have happened over the last several years. Whenever we use terror to fight terrorist.. how are we then any different?

When we deny people a right to legal counsel and jail them for years without any rights whatsoever and use torture against them, please tell me how these acts differ from the ones we say we are fighting.

I am glad our Supreme Court made this decision. I am saddened that once again the Republicans including our president are upset about this decision. Are we going to turn from insanity back to the core of what our nation has always stood for?

I hear a lot of conservatives talking about how the morals and ethics in this nation are being eroded by abortion, gay rights, TV, books and movies.. yet none of the talk about denying other human beings protection from torture while in American custody.

How can this be?

Perhaps when a nation decides to believe the lies told by government to invade another country for oil they will fall for anything. I hope not. I hope we are waking up to what has been going on. We were told too many lies and lost too many freedoms to let it go on.

Hip hip Hurray Supreme Court of the United States of American for understanding that when it is legal to deny the constitutional rights to even one person, they have no value for anyone, American citizen or not.

Let’s bring this nation back to sanity and shine truth and light on lies, fear and those who promote it.

18 Million Cracks in the Glass Ceiling by Hillary Clinton

Thank you Hillary Clinton for taking the steps to show all women, young and old, in this nation that a woman will one day be president of the United States of America.

You blazed a mighty trial up the mountain of dreams not only for yourself but for women all over the world.

Each woman who dreamed of one day of seeing herself in the White House is now filled with renewed hope that if not you, if not her.. one day a woman will bring her ability to lead with compassion balanced with strength into the White House.

You have changed our nation, changed the very heart of her. You have brought hope, renewed faith and inspired little girls to aim higher, dream bigger and make a big difference.

As I listened to your concession speech I was moved by your passion and your grace in encouraging your supporters to now move their support to Senator Obama. I know you feel disappointed and it took a lot of inner strength to move towards Obama and support him when you wanted to be the one to make history.

I assure you, Hillary Clinton, you have made history. You have made it easier for every person the world over to believe in their dreams, to follow their passions and to achieve their goals.

Thanks to you the path is clearer than it was 17 months ago.

I applaud you. I thank you and congratulate you on living your dreams in order to encourage others to live theirs.

Thank you Hillary.. Thank you.

Hillary Late for her own party

After making the nation wait four days to hear her consession speech.. Hillary Clinton is still making us wait.

She’s running late for her own planned event and the news people and many Americans are sitting on the edge of our seats to hear what she has to say.

After a history making run for President.. the first woman in American.. she now gets to continue making history aiding in getting the first African American elected to President in our great country.

As we wait for her to speak let’s go over the past 17 months. How will she backtrack on all the nasty things she’s said about Obama? Is it a matter of pretending that it never happened?

Does she state that she has changed her mind and Obama is the candidate for change in our country?

I have heard from many Obama supporters that they don’t think she can undo the nasty energy she’s spread about Obama and they will not vote at all if Obama puts her on the ticket.

Some Clinton supporters say they will either vote for McCain or not at all now that she is no longer in the race.

What do we want as a country? Do we want change that makes our nation stronger, better and more prosperous for all or do we want our favorite personality?

My prayer is that all who desire positive change will put aside their personal preferences and continue to move this nation towards historical changes.