When People Come Against You

We’ve always had people who didn’t agree with us. Even Bullying isn’t new. Gossip has been around forever too.  With the internet and people being able to hide behind icons and made up user names things have grown to huge proportions. Today it only takes a few minutes for a tale to go all around the globe.

What do YOU do with all these stories?  Do you just jump on the bandwagon rolling by and take part?  What if that gossip is about YOU or someone you care about?  This is the problem with meddling in the business of others.  Personally I am not the least concerned with the private affairs of anyone. I am not interested in who is dating, divorcing or cheating with whom. I have business of my own and enjoy my very exciting and interesting life.

So what about you?  Are you a gossip?  Do you just go along with whatever is being said and share it with anyone who will listen?  I would be so excited to see a world where good stories made the rounds more quickly than gossip.  Can you imagine that?  How awesome that would be.

Now what about when you are the one being talked about?  What do you do?  Because I’ve been in the public eye for several years I’ve had a few tales told about me.  Now and then someone goes to the radio station chat and feels it necessary to type their fears about me for others to see.  I’ve even had a few folks share their dislike of me on social media over the years.

Do those stories have any thing to do with me?  Not really!  Many years ago one of my students carried a signature line on his email that stated a wonderful and empowering truth.  “What others think of me is NONE of my business”!  I love that and repeat it to myself on that rare occasion when someone sees me through their filter of fear. When people react to us the are for the most part not even knowing us, rather they are seeing themselves in us.  That is the reason for all the gossip and anger.  We see our own fear and beauty in others.  We are reflections for one another, like a 3D movie.  We see what we are most involved in energetically with in our own lives.

Free yourself by releasing gossip and fear.  Look for, acknowledge and celebrate the beauty and power within yourself and be amazed at how you begin to notice this all around you.

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

I love YOU.. Love yourself well.

Learning from your emotions; they have a message for you


Today there seems to be a lot of talk about only feeling those “good” emotions, working your way up the ladder of feelings without much regard for the ones you don’t much care for. While it’s understandable that you want to feel good, it’s beneficial to take a look at those unwanted feelings before moving on past them.
All feelings have value to you. Each one brings with it a message that once understood helps you to move forward with deeper understanding and personal insight. Anger for instance asks you to halt and pay attention to your surroundings, often warning you ahead of time of a potential danger. When understood anger as well as your other emotions bring healing and balance to your life experience.

The problem with anger is that often times it’s held to tightly because of a past trauma. Something happened and you just haven’t let it go. Anger boils inside you and explodes with the least provocation often bring with it destruction of relationships and peace. Once you take a look at the cause of this type of anger response you can trace it back to it’s root, change your perception of the situation and allow healing. Healing is the process of allowing something else into your life rather than the same old types of things.

After tracing your anger back to it’s root look for the gift in that situation. There is always a gift, sometimes you just have to dig really deep to find it. Abuse in childhood reminds you to protect yourself and you can now be inspired to help others understand that they have control over their own lives rather than just living with the anger and hurt of the past. No matter the original cause of the anger you can shift it’s meaning in your life and move forward into healing and balance.

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I AM statements, creating yourself anew


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Do you have any idea how many times each day you say I am?  You day is filled these declarations of who you are and how your life is.  These statements are your constant prayer, declarations to the Universe of what you are creating. 

This is the law of attraction in action in your life.  You don’t realize it, but you sabatoge yourself all day long with statements that you don’t really want to create with, but you do it unconsciuosly.  It’s social habit to declare how tired, sick, aggravated, angry, broke etc. that we are.  We’ve created a term, “cooler talk” to describe this conversation.

The use of I AM statements can be used to begin creating a new type of life for you, simply by paying attention to what you are saying and using your words to create feelings within that bring about a state you are more pleased by.

A few I AM statements that you might consider using during the day are:

I am so excited about what the day will bring.

I am open to the gifts of life.

I am content and always creating more.

I am so loved by so many people.

I am so grateful for my wonderful, strong, healthy body.

I am delighted to learn something new about myself today.

I am happy and joyful.

I am expecting all good things to come to me.

I am enjoying positive and loving relationships.

These are just a few examples, you can create more for yourself.  Write them down, read over the list several times a day.  Keep a small list in your pocket so that when others fall into the trap of “cooler talk” you can feel your list in your pocket and change your declarations.

This simple shift of I AM declarations will empower you to change your life and the complextion of your creations.

Have fun.

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The Magic of Happiness

~ Egg Transfer  ~

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We all want to feel happy.

We strive for it.

We look for people and things to enter our lives so that we will feel happy.

The problem with this is that happy is an inside job.

There is no amount of anything out there that can make you happy.

Of course you can experience a bit of happiness in the moment of a new experience.  Once the new has worn off you are right back to feeling sad and perhaps depressed inside.  Off you go to find the next experience to make you happy once again.

Happy is a choice.  It’s kin to peace, faith, hope and love.

Once  you decide on happy as your state of Being, the outside things don’t really matter as much anymore.  On top of that, more and more of the outside things begin lining up with your happy feelings.

We’ve all read about and heard about “The Secret Law of Attraction”.  Basically how it works is your thoughts become your feelings and your feelings become your experiences.

You are a big ole magnet attracting more experiences similar to the ones you are “feeling” about.

Thoughts of lack lead to feelings of low esteem, hopelessness and these create more and more opportunities to prove to yourself that you can not succeed.

The principles are the same for relationships, jobs, family and friends.  What you think and what you pour strong feelings into is pulling more of the same into your life.

The magic of it all is that you can change it with the simple shifting of your thinking.

Take a situation that isn’t to your liking right now.  Imagine it the way you really want it to be.  Get involved in the feeling of it being the way you want to experience it.  That feels good, and your mind doesn’t know the difference between “real” and “imagined” experiences.

As long as you can hold onto the feeling good you are attracting more to feel good about.

Change your practice, your thought habits and watch as your life experiences change as well.

It’s magic, after all.

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Pitching Fits For Change

                        new beliefs change things not fits

Have you ever watched a child pitch a fit?  A tantrum is really a funny thing.  It’s all about over the top frustration and stress.  Children throw fits when they don’t get their way or when they don’t feel they are getting enough attention.  Parents, grandparents and on lookers generally don’t enjoy the noise very much.  We take steps to stop the fit either by giving in to the child or removing them from the room.

We adults don’t like to think of ourselves as throwing fits and having tantrums, but we do it anyway.  Ours just look a bit different for the most part.

Rather than sitting in the floor and screaming at the tops of our lungs or banging our feet on the floor we tend to use a more subtle form of fit throwing.

Many adults use quilt to get their way.  It does work with some people.  You make them feel bad enough and they give in. 

We also give lots of stern lectures and threatening talks.  This too, works now and again.

Some adults use their jobs as their means of fit pitching.  They do nothing but work more and work harder trying to grab the brass ring of success.  This leads to strained relationships and exhaustion.

We all cry out at the injustice we feel about our lives not working the way we want them to.  We either work harder or give in to anger and bitterness.  Neither provides us with the success we desire.

What other options are there? 

The answer is to change what  you are doing and how you are thinking.  If you try to fit a round peg in a square hole, you know right off that it doesn’t fit.  Now it would be quite silly to spend your life wiggling the peg trying by the force of your will and positive thinking, to finally fit.

You need to either square up the peg or round out the hole for it to work.  That’s the easy way.  It’s the way of sensibility and reason.

Apply this to what you are pitching a fit about.  If what you are doing and have done for a long time just isn’t working, then you need to make some changes.

First get clear about what it is that you want.  Write down the details.

Determine what steps you can take starting right now to be this person in this situation.

Be open to opportunity.  When you put in your order the Universe begins at once bringing what you’ve asked for towards you.  Follow the inspiration.  Take action and allow delivery.

You wouldn’t order something online and then turn away the UPS truck. Of course not.  You accept that the order is made and it’s on it’s way.  You feel excitement each day thinking about the truck pulling into your yard and the package being put in your hand.

This is the energy of allowing.  It’s not stressful or anxious, it’s knowing that what you have said you wanted is coming.  You don’t know the exact day and time of delivery, but you know it’s on the way.

You don’t put your life on hold until it gets there either.  You move on to the next thing you want to experience.

Stop throwing fits that only bring about more of the same energy, instead get clear about your order, place your requests, be grateful that it’s being loaded up and the truck will soon be at  your door. 

Live your life with excitement and anticipation.  This is what works, not force, not fits.

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You Put Yourself Right Where You Are

What I’m about to say is going to be shocking to you.

Take a deep breath and relax, get ready for it.  Open your heart and your mind and your life will change.

Wherever you are right now, what ever you are experiencing, who ever you are involved with in this moment of your life….

You put yourself there.  You did it.  No one else is to blame, there is no one who’s fault it is.

You did it. 

I hear you shouting, “No Way”,  “I didn’t make myself sick, poor, in a horrible relationship”!

Yep, you did. 

You made choices that put you right where you are at this very moment of your life experience.

I’ll tell you why you did it too.

You are so brilliant, so smart, so inventive that you created all these experiences to point out to you by the contrast what it is that you really do want.

The extent to which you are totally miserable right now is the extent that you really wanted to get your attention on the subject of what is wanted.

While it isn’t mandatory to do things the hard way, most people do.  It’s very effective.

A body that hurts really makes an impact in the direction of yearning for a healthy, strong body.

Stressing and worrying over bills gets to the point rather quickly of wanting a life of financial freedom and ease.

A relationship that lacks respect, caring and companionship brings to your attention quickly how much you want a warm, loving and enjoyable one.

Do you see how smart you are?  Are you recognizing your brilliance in all this?

You created your present life circumstances to get your own attention on the subject of what it is that you really want.

Now for the fun and easy part.  You have all the hints and contrast you need to get clear about what it is that you really are wanting to create, attract and experience.

Do a little flipping and you will be off and running to a new and more pleasant life.

Take what is and flip it over to what you want that experience to look and feel like.

Take your lack of money.  By looking at what you don’t want.. that’s easy, you’ve already got that.. you can just flip it to the other side of what is.

Write it to suit you. I desire to experience financial freedom.  I want to enjoy the fun of going where I please, eating out, wearing new clothes, driving a wonderful car, living in a beautiful home.

Go further than just this moment’s worth of bills or you will stay in this moment.

If you have a health issue, move past just wanting to feel better right now.

See yourself going for a walk, riding a bike.  I desire to experience health in my body.  I enjoy walking through the mall while shopping with family and friends.

I enjoy going on vacation and riding a bike, skiing, swimming.

You get the picture.  What’s most important is that you move out of this present set of circumstances.  Thinking just about paying the next bill or not hurting so much, keeps you in the same place.

Dream bigger, live bigger.

Give yourself a hug and pat on the back for being so smart.  You got your own attention and now you know what you want.  You are turning your attention to what delights you and know that moving in the direction of your dreams, brings them into focus.

What a brilliant creator you are.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

                       Why would you continue to do without when all you have to do is ask for what you want? It doesn’t make sense  does it?  Yet more often than not this is exactly why people stay sick, poor, sad, unsuccessful and unhappy.


It’s time to take responsibility for yourself, for your life and to determine what it is that you want

and to

ask for it!

It’s not up to the people around you to ask for you.  It’s up to you to shift your limiting thoughts, to change your story, to get off your pity pot and make a different choice.


If you are really as sick and tired of all that crap in your life as you say you are, then do something about it.

If you want to change your life, then you have to change something.

Start with your story.  What is the first paragraph out of your mouth when you have a conversation with family or friend?

Are you complaining, telling people how hard your life is, getting attention by highlighting everything that’s wrong in your life?

If you are then you are sure to get more of the same.

How you talk reveals how you see and believe yourself and your life to BE.

How can your experiences be any different than what you expect, how you believe them into being?

They can’t.  It’s law.

The creation principle,  law of attraction works on the basis of like attracts like. 

Once you begin being honest with yourself, your story, your beliefs you can then start changing them.

Make a list of what’s wrong in your life.  Out to the side or on another page, write down the way you would like each situation to be.

For example

not enough money   =   finances available to easily and joyfully exchange for all the things that make life easy and fun

tired of being alone  =  relationships with friends that are loving and respectful

You get the idea.  The bottom line is that you have to change how you think.  Stinking thinking always results in stinking “reality”. If you want the reality, the experience to change, you are what has to change.

What is outside of you is a reflection of what is inside of you.  It’s a mirror allowing you to see what you are creating with.

Just as you can’t build a brick home with lots, you can’t build a joyful life with complaints. 

Change you.. and your life changes. When you change yourself, you can then ask in confidence for what you want and know that it must come to you.  You can ask with courage, with wisdom, with surety and then be that person who has those experiences.

Confidence comes when you do the inner work, when you change the energy you are creating with.

When you are ready to change, let me help.