You Always Get What You Love


Image by UniqueO Mania♥ via Flickr

The big question then is, what do you love?

I’m sure you’ll answer that you love people who treat you with respect and kindness, abundance, health, joy, happiness.

Well, if that’s so then your life should be overflowing with these things.

It is right?  Overflowing with these wonderful things?


Why not?

It’s simple really.  You attract, create, bring into your experience what you really love.

By this I mean what you are giving your most intense and passionate energy to.

Take a moment and think back over the last day or two.  What have been your main thoughts?  What have you been feeling?

If you have been focused on lack, anger, resentment, being mistreated.. then that’s your answer.

The real deal is that what you have in your life you got there all by your self.  Your thoughts led to your actions which led to more experiences similar to your thoughts and feelings.

This is how it works.  You can’t get around it.  Just like you can’t plant a patch of peas and get sweet corn, you can’t focus on something and get something else.

Things are true to themselves. 

Thoughts are true to themselves as well.  Thoughts reproduce more thoughts in their own likeness.  Add to this that your emotions follow your thoughts and your life experiences come about due to the thoughts and feeling acting like magnets bringing more of the same energy into your life.. and you get the picture of why your life is where it is.

If you want to understand the person your are, the way you think and expect life to be for you, then just look around at what and who is in your life.

These are mirrors reflecting your inner thoughts and secret expectations to you.

This is why so many say that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for them.  You can not change what is without unless and until you change what is within.

You can not continue to think and feel in a resentful, angry, fearful way and get over into the abundance and prosperity camp.

There is no road linking that line of thinking and expecting.

You can only experience what you believe for.  If your belief system is fearful, shameful, resentful and angry, that is what you will get more of.

The process of changing your thinking takes time and patience, most importantly it takes honesty.  You can’t continue to blame others for your own lot in life.  You are the power, the force that creates what you hold within your self.

By taking inventory and being honest about your inner character, you can begin to change  yourself and as you do everything outside you will also begin to change.

You have to commit to these changes, you have to do the work.

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