Expand Your Experience Follow the Happy


I love happy.  I write about happy.  I talk about happy.  I follow happy.  Following the fun assures my happy.  How bout you?  Are you actually enjoying your life or just making it through from one day to the next?  I understand how you feel about working to pay bills, take care of responsibilities, etc.  BUT did you know that you can do all those things and enjoy them?  It’s attitude and perspective.  Just last night a young man asked what I did for “work”, to which I replied that I “play at working”.  He told me how lucky I am and I agree.  I’m lucky that I realized a few years ago that I can do what I enjoy and actually have money to do the monthly expenses, eat out, travel etc.

He told me that he was out of work and needed to find a job.  I asked what he loved doing.  After he told me I suggested he start his own business doing just that.  Now get this.. he DID NOT jump up and down with joy at the prospect.. rather he began giving me a list of reasons why he CAN NOT do that.  OK.

It’s all about your outlook.  How are  you seeing things?  Hint here.. what it looks like “out there” is how you are seeing it in your emotions & beliefs.  That’s why it keeps looking like that.  Being happy isn’t hard.  It doesn’t require any thing or any one to show up and do anything either.  It’s a state of mind.  It’s a choice.

Follow the fun, decide on happy.  No matter what’s going on in your life decide on happy.  Watch as new doors open for you bringing even more to celebrate.

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I love you

love your self well!

Joyful Receiver Keeping Flow Of Abundance Open

Donna DeVane Books

A lot of us grew up being told it was better to give than to receive.  That’s just not totally true.  Here’s why.  When you give and give and give without knowing how to joyfully receive you run out of something to give.  Have you ever felt resentful about how much you give to so many people and how little you seem to get?  I bet you have.  See, learning to receive with great joy keeps the abundance of all that good stuff flowing into and out and into and out and into your experience. Giving is a powerful way to have more of the great experiences show up in your life IF you are good at receiving as well.

Now I’m not talking about the “gimme gimme free free” mindset where people can never get enough free stuff or are always running from one place to another looking for something free.  That’s all about lack, poverty and not valuing yourself or others.  What I’m talking about is knowing YOUR worth and valuing both what is given and received.  When you accept gifts of all kinds, whether they be actual stuff, compliments, money or kindness you are agreeing with the flow of abundance and inviting more of that into your life and the life of all those you interact with.

Giving for most of us is easy, receiving maybe not so much.  Think of being a good receiver like this; your arms and heart are always open and outstretched, embracing life and all it’s gifts with dance and song.  Close your eyes for one minute and see you doing that, having that experience.  Receiving is about having that experience right now, where you are, even if you don’t physically have it in your hand.

Recently on one of my radio shows I used examples of how I won a few drawings for items I wanted to experience. I didn’t need them, or try to pull them to me.  I felt them mine, I experienced having them before my name was chosen.  That’s the how of receiving.  Give, yes.. give from you abundance.. Receive.. yes.. from the place of knowing that it’s already yours. Play around with this imagination game and let me know how it works for you.  I love comments.

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You are the powerful creative power

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This is me, Donna DeVane with a manifestation crystal.  I”ve worked with crystals and stones for many years and have learned a lot, about the crystals and myself.  A manifestation crystal aids the process of bringing into form that which is wanted.  It’s a focus tool, a spiritual meditation aid.  YOU are the one doing the work.  You are the creator.

Working with stones and crystals over the years has helped me to better understand the process of creating.  Crystals teach you about allowing the energy to flow in and through them so that creation takes place.  The same is true for how you create.  You know that life Source Energy flows in, through and out of you, bringing into form that which you are knowing, being.

Just as light flows in and through the crystal it is always flowing through you.  As you open your awareness to this power flow and direct it with beliefs, actions, statements of affirmations and knowing, it comes into form.

Being open to the energy moving in and through you to do the work is key.  It’s not your mind, your body, your hands doing the work first.  Spirit is doing the work through you… Life Itself is the energy of creation, it’s moving in and through you, using your hands to bring physical form to your desires.

Know that you are the fountain of Life Energy! Know yourself as Creative Energy!  Now get to creating what you want to experience.

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A new perspective seeing yourself in Truth

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Take a good look at the real YOU

There is a you that if you beheld yourself as this, it would blow your mind, shake up your world and change your life forever.  This You is the real YOU, the eternal, divine principle creative energy that you really are.

Right now many are grabbing hold of the law of attraction teaching of imagining, feeling, then doing.  Stop right there.  There is a simple way that works easier.


That’s it.  Simply BE who you are.  We’ve been going about it backwards, trying to do in order to become.  The Be comes first.  It’s more than just affirmations and vision boards, it’s a state of BEing who you really are.

You get a glimpse of this YOU when you meditate on love, peace, joy and abundance.  You are one with these states.  You feel it in every cell of your body.  Your mind even relaxes it’s hold on your thinking for a few moments as it responds to Being rather than thinking and doing.

Look at the crystal above.  Don’t try to name it or figure it out.  Just allow it to BE.  Enjoy the beauty of it.  Relax your body, eyes, mind and connect with it’s energy.  Allow this energy to flow easily through you.  Don’t try to hold onto it or figure it out, just let it flow.  Enjoy the connection, the Oneness.

Now look around you, don’t name things, just gaze upon them, notice the color, texture, beauty of things around you.  Let the flow of energy continue as you allow things to Be without naming them, without putting them in a category.

By practicing this throughout the day you begin to experience yourself as you are. .. Awareness.. not mind, body, thought, feeling.. but Awareness.

You are so much more than you’ve been thinking and acting.  You are the Whole of everything.  You are connected to All.  There is only Oneness.

Apply this process to your life, all of your life.  Rather than seeking love, be love.  Rather than working to be prosperous, Be prosperity.

Listen for your I AM statements, are they reflective of Who You Are or are they illusion?

How do you identify yourself?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject, leave me a comment.

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The Joy of Being Your Creative Self

Let Joy Be your EnergyDo you know that you can choose the state of your Being?  You can decide to Be joy.. even when things are going on around you that are not to your liking. Make up your mind that you decide your State of Being, not the things happening in your life.

This is easy, it’s simple.  You have only to change your habits.  I know that sounds like a big order, but it only takes a month to change a habit.  You shift into a new way of Being through action, thought and feeling.

Most folks have learned to go through life reacting to what’s going on around them.  They have forgotten that they are the creative power that calls forth into physical form all these experiences to interact with.  As long as you stay caught up in reacting to the external you will continue in this loop.

BUT.. when you realize that YOU are the one doing all the creating things take on a different energy.  Now you can begin creating what you want to experience, you can decide whether or not to react to what is already present or to go within and see a new way of experiencing, adding your feelings and thoughts, combining new actions to bring forth a new creation.

This is the power that you ARE.  Make a choice right now to BE joy.  Go ahead, take a few deep breaths, as you exhale think, feel, and say.. JOY.  Feel that shift?  It’s instant.  Do it a few more times.  Now move gently into what you would like to experience.  Keep going with the breaths, they keep you calm and focused.  Feel yourself as the person experiencing the new situation.  Touch the experience with your mind, with your feelings and your energy.

By doing this exercise many times throughout the day for a month you will develop the habit of JOY.  You will know yourself as the energy that creates.  You will create more in line with what you really desire to experience.

The photo is a bunny suncatcher I created to help you stay focused on joy.  See it and others to help you stay focused by clicking here.

How do you stay focused on Being happy?  I’d love to hear from you.. leave me a comment.

Enjoying the law of attraction creative process

When my daughter was eight she was really into the process of creating one experience after another.  You would no sooner finish one excursion before she was asking, “what’s next”? One day I pointed out that perhaps she should enjoy the experience before running off to the next one.  She replied, “Oh I do enjoy the experience, but the exciting part is getting there”.

She understood something most adults have forgotten.   As creators we are all about the creation process.  It’s not really the “stuff” we are after but the process of experiencing ourselves as the energy of creation.  That’s why so many never feel that they’ve done or gotten enough stuff.  When you place all the importance on getting stuff you just are not fulfilled for very long.  Soon after arriving at one place your soul is urging you to create the next experience.

It’s the process of experiencing ourselves creating that really does it for us.  Simply by shifting your thoughts about things a bit you can enjoy your life right where you are while creating/attracting the next set of experiences.

Start by accepting that creating is what you do, it’s Who You Are.  There is no way around it, you are always calling things forth into form.  Now for the really fun part.  Begin seeing the fun in creating.  Each thing that shows up does so due to your asking it to appear for you to interact with.  Wow, that’s some powerful creating you’re doing.  Be amazed at that for just a moment.  Feel the energy of power moving through you.  Now you are ready to take the next step.

What are you desiring to interact with?  Get clear about that part.  Feel the creative life force stir within.  Think about all the possibilities of creative style.  You can go the long way around to your creation or straight to it.  The long way allows you to bring forth lots of little experiences that might not be so pleasant… but you learn from them what you don’t care for much.  The straight way may include some of the same experiences, but your attitude says that it’s all part of the process, showing you more and more who you are, what you are and allowing you the opportunity to experience yourself as creative power.

This second way is the way of joy.  You realize that the process of creating is the fun.  This is why you chose a body and this planet.  You want the experience of understanding yourself to be Creative Life Force in a physical body remembering just what a powerful creator you are.

You can now easily let go of situations, things, people, places not in line with what you are desiring to experience right now.  You can move easily through the process of creating enjoying each  moment, knowing yourself to Be the power calling forth into physical form each and every event.

Start where you are right now.  What do you want?  Who do you desire to experience yourself as Being?  Make a few decisions and get to the creating process.  Laugh a lot, smile often, hug people on a regular basis.. oh, yeah.. pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Live Happy Be Happy

Law of Attraction You Daily Living

The law of attraction is often overlooked for regular day in day out stuff.  Listen to the conference call where we discuss the LOA and weight, health, relationships, love, prosperity and much more.

Creative Principle is the Spiritual understanding of law of attraction.  Just thinking and feeling will not change your life much.  You gotta BE..

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Even cats forget who they are

I share my home in my life with several cats. I don’t remember a time in my life when I have not aired my home with cats. Watching them soak up sun and window seal as they serenely groomed themselves has always been very relaxing to me. Recently though I began to realize that my cats have forgotten who they are. Sure they still bathe in the sunlight and enjoy a good game of pop about the house with anything not tied down, but they no longer have the instinct to hunt.

My daughter, the cats and I all live way out in the country where vermin or plenty. Are yard is visited daily by hundreds of birds nesting in the trees and eating from the feeders. At night rabbits hop freely through our yard. Deer run paths created most likely by their grandparents. We also have mice. Now understand me I have nothing against mice in general, actually I think they’re rather cute. What what do we go below noses and constantly moving whiskers and all that soft fur they beg to be petted. I’ve even had my life’s for pets purchased at the pet shop and kept in a cage.

Each time the field behind the house is plowed the wild mice see this as an invitation to move into my house. I hear you asking, but don’t lie stay away from homes with cats in it? The answer is no. These are these mice have never heard this myth or I must come to the logical conclusion that my cats have forgotten how to be cats. See my cats lay about the kitchen all day long waiting for someone to feel that dish with food Or offer a bit of Milk as a treat. The best part of the day is spent reclining about the kitchen or other rooms of the house lifting their heads when someone enters to see whether or not they will be fed.

I have mentioned to the cats on numerous occasions that they are supposed to eat mice. Only one momma cat will go to the bother to catcher a mouse now and again when she has kittens to wean. The rest of the cats lay about waiting for a human to offer them dinner. A friend recently said that I was possibly a overfeeding the cats and that’s why they would not go outside and hunt mice. I thought about that and came to the conclusion that my cats have forgotten who they are. Because they have all been raised inside my home, fed many times a day and petted since birth they have forgotten their natural state. Hardly does a cat even bother a bird on the bird feeder, a young cat will now and again will flick it’s tail and watch in wonder at the antics of the birds but it seems to be too much bother to try to catch one.

The cats have become hypnotized into a state of being which is not natural for them. Like most people they have forgotten who they truly are. It doesn’t matter a lot to the cats whether or not they remember their natural state of being hunters long as I continue to feed them. But for human beings it is very important that we remember who we are so that we can live life to the fullest extent possible. A lot of people run about like rats in a maze trying to work enough in order to get enough to be happy. Lifetimes are spent in pursuit of enough work so that at retirement one can be comfortable.

Human beings were created to be creators, working with source energy to bring forth one amazing human experience after another. Due to most humans forgetting their power to create and bring forth into form all good experiences life is more like a battle than a divine creation. Just as my cats have forgotten their natural state humans have forgotten as well. Due to this forgetfulness we create wars, dis-ease, poverty and lack. All unwanted states and experiences are the result of having forgotten who we are.

Upon remembering that you are Creative Source Energy bringing forth into form whatever you give your passion and attention to you can once again begin to experience life as you were intended to.


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One plus one equals ONE we call this love


Image by albyper via Flickr

There is TRUTH. This has always been and will always been TRUTH.

It’s Universal Principle, Divine Creative Principle.. GOD. First Force, Source.. it matters not what you call this.. personally I like LOVE>

There are not many, there is only One.  We are all One.  Take the ocean, filled with billions of drops of water, each drop makes up the whole, the ONE.

Religion has done as much if not more to confuse mankind to the Truth of GOD.. Divinity within Man.. the Christ of God.. which man is.. than anything else.  Religion teaches that GOD is outside of man.. man is not good enough for GOD.  This is not truth.. it only appears to be true to those who choose to believe it as such.

All of man’s problems are the result of believing a lie. 

We have come to the point where so many are now seeking answers to the questions of life.  Why is there poverty? Sickness? Lack? Dis-ease?

The answer is simple.  Mankind believes in a LIE>> that he is somehow not good enough to be anything other than a being who struggles to find GOD’s favor and perhaps eternal joy.

There is another way.  Rather than seeing yourself as a drop of ocean that matters little.. see yourself as the ocean.  The ocean is made up of all it’s parts.  This is why it is an ocean.  Without the drops of water there would be no ocean.  Which is more important the drops or the whole of the ocean?  They are the same, they are ONE.

There is much teaching today about the law of attraction and Being the thing or the person experiencing the thing wanted.. this only scratches the surface of TRUTH.

You are the energy of All Things.. you are Source Energy.  The real secret to life is that you are LIFE.  Life is not seperate from you, GOD is not out there somewhere waiting for you to find him.  I AM is what who you ARE. 

Put aside the beliefs of childhood, of confussion.  Come back to Truth.  Herein lies peace, joy, abudance, love.  You are those things.  Stop seeing yourself as seperate from and see beyond the veil of illusion.

Today be still.  Breathe in deeply. As you exhale think/feel/say.. “I AM love”. 
“I AM Light”

“I AM Truth”

“Source, Life, GOD, flows through me, always”

You are Love… remember that.

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Giving is means of receiving more

clearing on my wild river…!!! / éclaircie sur ...

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I don’t know about you but I realized a while back that there is more to the law of attraction than what’s being taught in most books and movies.

If it was just thinking about what you want and feeling good everyone would be rich already.

The truth is there is so much more to the story.  Several aspects of the law of attraction creative principles are being left out or barely mentioned.. and without them.. you just sit and wish.. getting tid bits of what you really want.

You gotta know what you want.. and why you want it.

Yes, you’ve got to believe that you have it.

You’ve got to be grateful.. I don’t dispute these teachings.. they are true.. but they stop short of one very important aspect of being successful.

You’ve got to GIVE>> Give from the State of Being successful.. abundant.

Can you get soda from a water fountain? Of course not.  You can stand there all day thinking and feeling your way to believing that soda will show up in the water fountain.. but it will not.

My point is .. the flow of money comes from the flow of money.  Well being comes from the flow of well being.

In order for money to flow into your life.. it has to flow from you into Life.

You are the channel.. the fountain through which it must flow.

Most people hold on to their money so tightly that it screams for release. There is no joyful letting go knowing that it must flow in order for more to flow in.

Out of abundance comes abundance.  Thinking yourself abundant must result in the State of BEING Abundant.  People say, “when I have money I will give money”.  You will never get much money that way.

You are the fountain.  What you ARE is what flows in and through your life.

Giving 1/10 of your income is the place to start.  Give at least one tenth.. to people, or organisations which bless you.  Give freely, joyfully knowing that you are abundance, this is your state of being.

The more giving you are.. the more open the stream flows through you the more flows in.

This is the part of law of attraction teaching that must be acted on or little will change in your life. The rest of the secret to life abundantly is giving. 

Try it.  Tithe 10% for just one month and you will be amazed at how the stream flows into your life bigger than ever.  Giving opens up the doors and windows to blessings in your life.

 Discover how giving just one dollar can change your life.

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