How To Live An Empowered Life Letting Go Of What You Are Not


Here is the big problem!  Most of us identify more with what we are not than with who we are!  What does that mean? OK, let’s play with it for a few minutes.  Think over your day.  How many times have you said “I am……”? What did you just do?  You identified yourself, you gave meaning to an experience and claimed it as yourself.  That’s big, it’s huge… and it’s limiting.

The truth is that you are creative energy, bringing into form thoughts in order to experience.  You are NOT the experience, rather you are the power that creates them.  Now stop for a few minutes and remember what thoughts, feelings & beliefs you used to bring that experience into form.  Don’t do that again. Smile

That’s very simplistic and I realize that.  However, it’s the way to creating a new experience.  First you must realize the truth.  Stop seeing yourself as every experience and know that you are the creative power behind the experience.  When this is realized you can move into consciously creating life the way you actually want to interact with it.  You stop trying to change things and just go right on ahead making it suit you in every way.  If an experience doesn’t measure up just drop it and create something else.

Self empowerment or self realization is the wisdom of knowing who you are.  This involves letting go of all emotional connection to who you are not.  Living an empowered life is the result of your willingness to let go of emotional memories and every false identity.  When you clear away what you are not… you see yourself as you really are… powerful to create life any way you would enjoy it.

It’s that simple.  You already have the power.. go ahead and exercise it!

I love you… love yourself well,

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

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Palestine Israel The Pope And Southern Baptist War Of Beliefs

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Let me start off by saying this blog is not so that you can agree with me.  Actually, it’s not relevant to me whether I am agreed with or not.  I have what my mother always called, “what comes up comes out” tendencies, meaning I don’t put much stock in political correctness and such silliness that keeps mankind enslaved to religion and political masters.  With that on the table I will continue.. a hum…. lol

When are we going to wake up to some real truths in this world?  Truths about the control of lies through religion and politics?  Do we have to be wiped out, diseased, does genocide have to include our family before we realize that there is something going on here behind the scenes?  How long must humanity, the whole planet suffer under the ignorance of religious and political rule?  Do you really think that you don’t have sense enough to self govern and you require others to make and enforce rules for your behavior?  Do these rules even work? NO!

You can not mandate morality or anything else by passing laws, arresting people or killing another large group of humans.  It DOES NOT work!  So why do we continue?  Right now people are taking sides over the Israeli and Palestinian “war”.  I can’t tell you how many people have gotten upset with me because the only side I choose is the side of life and humanity.  Some “Christians” choose Israel because they were told by the church that to curse Israel would bring a curse down on them.. and we don’t want to be cursed by GOD do we?  Others choose Palestine because they always support the underdog and Palestine is indeed that, they don’t have the billions of  bucks that the US gives to Israel or the weapons given as gifts either.  What Palestine does seem to have is some people who are really ticked off with Israel and who hide among the civilians in Gaza, bunch of cowards.  It’s also an act of cowardice to bomb hundreds of civilians in order to maybe wipe out a terrorist or two.

Yep, I’m digging down on this today boys n girls.  Hang in there with me.. I’ll make my point in another few lines or maybe another paragraph or two. 

I’m not interested in whether or not you support either of these political monsters or which religious monster you support either.. even the new age religion is part of this.  My point is that it’s all about control.  Total control.  Looking outside yourself for permission, power, acceptance, love, peace etc. etc. etc.  Here we are almost in 2015 still worshiping kings, popes, religion and doing so because of beliefs and FEAR!  Fear is the problem, it’s what keeps everyone in the loop of same old crap bringing about same old experiences.

We scream and protest that we want an end to war, we say we want peace, but we don’t get peace because peace is not WITHIN US!  No peace out there will last until we heal our anger and fear, drop like a hot rock each and every belief that has been used as a weapon against us, and live as free beings.  We are Consciousness.  We are Powerful.  We have the power within us to make things different.  Just wanting it will not get it.  Nor will fighting against what is not wanted change it.  Only as each of us takes the time to sit in the silence and know peace will peace have any chance at all anywhere on the planet.

A study was done a few years back showing that the planet was most violent when we are.  We see this happening again now.  What must happen so that we will WAKE UP to the truth of our own power and heal the fear?  I invite you to a journey of self discovery, if you are brave enough to look honestly in the mirror of your life and choose another path.  Choose the path of Consciousness.  Choose the side of life!

If you are ready to move  forward in your life start your journey back to self here   Also check out my books as they provide step by step guidance for taking your power back and living as Consciousness.  If you are ready to work with me for a specific need check out my website Consciousness Power where I offer several healing and support programs designed to guide you to self discovery.

Be Honest Do You Really Want To Be Happy And Thrive


Do you?  Be honest now, do you want to be happy enough to actually practice the path of self empowerment?  You’ve been saying that things have to change for years, so when are you going to do something about it all?  Are you weary of trying to force the world to line up the way you think it should be?  You don’t get change by forcing others.  That’s what causes wars not happiness!  If you are really ready to choose to be happy and willing to find out just how to do it, then read this excerpt from my new book, “I Can Fill This Space With Any Thing I Want; Consciously Creating Life” available in print and kindle at Amazon.

“Life happens according to your instructions. These instructions are the thoughts, feelings and actions you are setting into motion, they always expand to bring you more of that. By paying better attention to what energy you are playing in right now you can intentionally set yourself up for experiences that you enjoy. That’s simple right? Yes, it’s simple but it does take a bit of practice. You’ve spent your whole life doing it the same way over and over again. That’s your default setting. Practice creates a new default setting for you. Living and creating life intentionally means that you are taking time to be aware of yourself. You are the key to what shows up for you to experience. When you stay in the old mode of creating and reacting, life just continues as it always has no matter how much you want it to change and be different. I know this feels hard, but with practice it gets easier. When confronted with an unwanted and not enjoyed situation take a few moments to breathe deeply and relax. You will need to practice this step many, many times for it to become habit. We are learning a new way of living, so be patient, the rewards are awesome.

After a few breaths your body begins to relax and stress flows away. Now while in this space look at the current situation with a fresh attitude. How did this situation get here? What thoughts, ideas, feelings, words, actions, brought it into form. All experiences are thought forms. Energy expressed created what we call “reality”. It’s really all just illusion but let’s pretend it’s real for the purpose of this exercise. Looking at the situation from this stand point of how did I do this and allowing the answers to come to your attention gives you a great advantage. You can take note of how you created this and now that you know you can make a few different choices. One choice is to be more aware of what you are setting into creative mode to become “things”. Be very patient with yourself during this time of creating a new way of living. You will see how often you just do things as you’ve always done them, but rather than feeling annoyed and giving up, rejoice that you are now noticing.

Now that you are in noticing mode and seeing how the situation came about to begin with you can move on to another step in the reprogramming exercise. What can you do right now to bring resolution to the issue? Most people don’t get to their dreams because the dream is always “out there” somewhere. You want to live it right now so take a few moments to create it how you want it in this moment.”  page 26-27

You can create the life you want to live.  Deep down inside you know that.  You just don’t know how to get around all those old limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.  Let me help you.  Read the book.  Practice the wisdom in the book.  You can even share with me here and I’ll answer you.  I invite you to call in during my weekly radio shows on The Awakened Radio Network and take part too.  I can help, I will help.. will you help yourself?  That’s the Big Question~

I love you, love yourself well

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

You Are So Powerful Express It Create Consciously



Let me share with  you an example of exactly what I mean by that colorful artwork.  I’ve been working a lot in my bedroom making videos as the light is much better in here.  I brought the little all in one Win8 pc and it’s desk in here so I could use it for the videos.  I love making videos.. as you might have gathered if you’ve seen all of them on YouTube.  Anyway the only place to get the best light is to place the little desk on one side of my bed and then sit cross legged in the middle of the bed.  That works great for actually making the videos but who wants a little desk and pc right next to the bed??? Not me.. so I pick it all up and put it at the foot of the bed near the dresser.  I wasn’t really planning on placement when I put it there so for three days I’ve been squeezing between it and the hope chest to get around the other side of my bed to the laptop on a stand that I use each morning for writing.  I enjoy the little hospital like stand as it works perfectly for my writing and it holds my coffee cup which is a requirement if I am going to write.  I digress.. let me continue.  Well.. as I was going after coffee a bit ago I was once again squeezing between the little desk and the hope chest when it dawned on me.. dangnation Donna move the little desk and make more space to walk!!!!!!!!  I did it, I exercised my power to transform my life experience.  I picked that little desk up, pc and all and moved it a few feet closer to the dresser and walked by without even touching anything.  WOO HOO

Now that’s Power Exercised, experienced.  Do you get it?  There was an issue and I chose an action and resolved it to an experience that is far more pleasant to me.  There was not struggle, no anger, I didn’t have to consult congress or any other higher power.  I just exercised my power and experienced myself as powerful to create or move into a new experience.  I didn’t have to change the formation of the desk or pc, there was no force necessary.  It was as simple as one little action that put me smack dab in the middle of a pleasant place.  No need to over complicate it.  Just move in your power to set things up the way you enjoy experiencing them.  Sometimes all it takes is a smile or a giggle.  I laugh with myself all day long.  Whenever I catch myself taking me too seriously I just stop and have a good laugh. 

Part of the reason we create so many tangle dangle pretzelized situations is we like to prove to ourselves how smart we are when we fix something.  We can continue doing that or just go ahead and live the life we want to right now.  I’ve been teaching about healing work and self empowerment for years and it’s gotten easier and more fun all along the way.  There is no reason to drag it out and re experience every pain and trauma.  Admit it’s there, find the belief, accept the belief is not true and move on to the next adventure.  Seriously, it’s that easy.  I love working with people who during the most emotionally charged clearing, burst out in laughter and giggles as they accept it doesn’t have to be that hard anymore.

I encourage you to make those tiny adjustments in your life.  Move that desk to a new place or keep squeezing through.  The choice is yours.  You do have the power.  Experience it often by exercising it.  You don’t have to recreate anything or even transform anything.  Just start where you are, smile, giggle, laugh and move into any adventure that thrills you.

I love you.. love yourself well,

The Barefoot Guru

Awakened Radio Creative Principle in Action


You’ve listened to me on the radio for years and heard me talk about how I wanted my very own radio station.  You hung out with me and shared the links as I did my version of money bombs to pay for the station.  Well, I am delighted to announce that my dream is now manifested.  You helped me speak it into form.  Thank you.  Awakened Radio is now a reality.  An online radio station that is on air 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Awakened Radio always brings you something to listen to and something to talk about.  Even when I am not talking, someone will be, or music will be playing.  You will find a chat room and forums to share your insights with others while making new friends.

You probably will not agree with everything said on Awakened Radio, but listen anyway.  Let the cage of your comfort zone be rattled just a bit so that you can move away from any limits in your thinking and create a more expanded experience of yourself.  My shows, Empowered Women, Political Insights and Awakening With Donna DeVane will not streaming from Awakened Radio.  I will do a show now and again on BTR just to get the word out about where I’ve gone.  I invite you to help me let people know about the new station and where people can find it.

During parts of the day when I am not at the radio controls a simulcast will be played so that you always have something to listen to.  I’m working on redoing my schedule again.. lol and will also begin talking with potential hosts this week.  If you’ve ever wanted to host your own radio show contact me or better yet go to the station’s website and get the details on how you can host your own show.

On the station you will hear information on spirituality, self empowerment, family, employment, law of attraction, politics home and abroad.  You will also hear shows on UFO”S , comets and much more.  You will soon be able to call in and join hosts on the air through Skype.  Now you can chat in a room provided on the station website.  Take a look at the forum and add a thread.  What’s on your heart and mind?  Share it with us.

I want to mention to those who are feeling a bit discouraged about what they want not showing up yet, that it took over a year for this station to manifest.  I spoke it, thought it, dreamed it and moved in that direction for a year.  Out of the blue an angel showed up who barely knew me and offered to pay for the year of station costs up front.  I call that an ordinary miracle.  This is how it works.  You dream, you ask, you believe, you speak, you do and it manifests.  Sometimes it happens quickly, sometimes it takes a bit longer.  Stay the course and you will get your miracle.  Things are happening all the time in the energy realm of creation that you don’t see.  Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean nothing is happening.  Stay the course, stay on track to what you want to experience.  It’s like when I plant seed in my garden.  I know that within each tiny seed is the full grown plant with harvest.  It doesn’t show up over night  after being planted, but it does show up.  I don’t give up on the harvest and dig the seed up because they didn’t produce over night.

Take the lesson of the seed and apply it to what you want to create.  Stay balanced, stay in joy.  It’s being created for you as you think it, feel it, speak it and do it into form.  You are not the only energy bringing it forth, it’s not only by your hands that things are manifested.  There is a great force working on your behalf.  Rest peacefully and joyfully in that knowledge.