Self empowerment movement is calling you

Since 1995 I’ve been working on line as a healer, a spiritual coach, teacher and writer. Over the past several years I’ve watched many changes take place not only on the Internet but in our world as well. I’ve seen a wall of fear energy grow and fill even our light workers and our energy healers.

I guess on the one hand it’s understandable because you cannot turn on the television or even ride down the road without being bombarded by messages of fear. It seems sometimes that fear is coming at us from all directions.

People on the left , liberals and Democrats, energy workers and healers, greenies and recyclers, are all telling us that we’re bringing destruction to our planet and that in a few more million years it will be uninhabitable for the human race. We are also being told that due to genetic manipulation of our foods that they’re not nutritional for us any longer and we must spend four times as much in order to get food that nourishes our body.

The right, Republicans and conservatives tell us that we’re losing sight of our righteousness and gaining the disapproval of GOD. This message is that all good things and approval of the Creator are outside ourselves and must be sought, even earned through our suffering and sacrifice. Now we are bombarded with the threat of a new fear in the form of a flu or the very vaccine that is supposed to help keep you from having this flu.

It seems that no matter where one looks fear is on the menu. Recently during meditation Spirit ask me to stop pussy footing all round some hard truths. These truths only appear to be hard due to so many people not wanting to listen to them. This is a spiritual fact; there is love and there’s fear.

Everything falls into one of these two camps. It doesn’t matter whether you were metaphysically inclined, are dogmatically religious , there are only two energies at play and these are love and fear. I am very perplexed at the amount of brainwashing affecting most people in this country. Someone who is supposed to be in authority tells you something to be afraid of and you just immediately fall in line with the fear. You accept without any conscious thought whatsoever what you are told in the news media and advertising and even in the pulpit.

We say that we are conscious beings , but most have very little if any awareness of where their beliefs come from. I am amazed at the similarity between the two camps of spirituality and religious people. Both have given way to fear of disease, war, poverty, and lack.

This is a wake-up call. A call to consciousness, a reminder of who you are and how powerful you are. Whether you were trying to change the world so that it will not overheat and boil us all into steam, or you were trying to save us from the liberals who would socialize our government thus controlling our every thought and action, the energy is the same; FEAR! Fear only and always reproduces in its own image. This is LIFE, ever expanding, ever reproducing more in its own likeness. It does not matter which fear camp you to set your tent up in, fear is fear. Today Spirit is inviting you to join in a new movement which only sees perfection , love, harmony and abundance. You can only bring this forth into physical experience when this is the only reality you see. Some will say, but Donna don’t we need to pay attention to all the horrible things going on in the world today? My answer is, only if you wish to continue by the giving of your energy to the states to see more of them. This is truth. What you give your attention and your energy to, always, always, creates more of itself in its image and likeness. This is creative principle, it is spiritual law.

I would like to invite you to join my healing network where you can add your positive energy to the positive energy of others around the world as we bring forth awareness of divine perfection, love, harmony, an abundance for all beings. As a healer and teacher I feel inspired to work with as many who are ready to hear so that they too may be empowered by and of the truths to take his powerful message to the world.

I do hope you’ll join me and tell all your friends so that together we create a world that is in harmony with spiritual law reflecting our inner harmony and understanding of spiritual truths.

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