You are NOT Ready to Really Be Happy

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You want to know how I know you are not ready to be happy?

I know because if you really wanted to be happy, you would be.

You are not happy because you are not ready to let go of thinking about and feeling about, talking with others about.. all the things you feel unhappy about.

As a coach I hear from people all the time who say to me that they want to be happy, they want to be rich, they want to be well.

They don’t really want this.

They are not willing to change one drop of thinking or feeling so that things can change for them.

Any state of Being is the product of your thinking and feeling that way.. acting that way.

How can you Be happy when all your conversation is about things that make you feel unhappy?

You can’t.

Thoughts always become things when given your attention with great passion.

The other day I asked a coaching client what she really wanted.  She responded that it was more about what she didn’t want.

Ok, I said, then tell me what you don’t want.

She didn’t want to be broke, she didn’t want to experience bounced checks, etc.

I had her write down the top five things she didn’t want and then flip them to what it was that she really wanted.

Ah, she exclaimed.. finally understanding that by putting all her energy into what she didn’t want.. she just kept getting more of that.

Being happy does not require everything in your life to be just as you want to experience it.  That’s putting the cart before the horse.

The law of attraction, the secret to experiencing is imagination combined with passion.. followed by inspired action.

Can you feel happy right where you are?

Of course you can.  Think about things that feel good to you.  Continue to work with this energy even if you have to think about things that have already happened.

You might even enjoy playing the “wouldn’t it be nice game”.  Just say, wouldn’t it be nice if all my bills were paid with money left over to go out and eat?

Continue in that vein of thought and watch your mood change.

Being Happy is a state of mind.. which creates circumstances to match the mood.

Be Happy…

I’ve written a powerful ebook that teaches you how to change your thinking and your feelings.  Discover the secret to Being Happy.. to Being whatever state you wish to experience.

Get your copy today and Be Happy!

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Discovering Your Life Purpose; Why Are You Here?

Perhaps you are wondering why you are here. What’s the reason for your life, what are you Supposed to Do.

Most of us go through this process of trying to understand why we are here, the purpose for our life and what we are meant to do. Some seem to naturally know and follow some inner drummer which leads them into bliss and expressions of a joyful life.

You may be one of those who don’t, and that’s OK.

You are here for a reason. You didn’t just randomly pop into a body to live a life of boredom and experience a lack of fulfillment.

Discovering your life purpose is really quite easy with just a few steps.

Be honest about this next part, write your answers down and be complete in your thoughts.

When I was a child I really loved__________________

As a child I felt really connected to ________________________

When I grew up I knew I wanted to __________________________

I have always been interested in _______________________

I’m really good at __________________________

People tell me I should _____________________

My hobbies are ____________________________

You have natural gifts and talents, everyone does. There is something that you do naturally well. Perhaps it’s cooking, understanding others easily, creating new technology, working with children, seniors, creating artwork, writing.

By taking inventory of your activities and dreams you will gain insight into this area of your life.

Think back to when you were little and full of dreams and desires. Allow that energy to move through your subconscious and work itself to your conscious mind.

Get in touch with your desires, your joy, your dreams and move with that flow.

You do have a gift, you do have a dream, a desire to do something. Your desire, like you is a special gift to the world.

Take to heart your joys and your bliss, follow these. No matter what others may have told you or may tell you now Live Your Dreams.

By going with what you enjoy and what you are naturally drawn to you can enhance your talents and build up your gifts. Sharing from your heart allows others to be blessed as well as the wonderful feeling you get from being true to yourself and following the path of joy.

Affirmations for knowing your purpose;

The more I get to know myself, the clearer my purpose becomes.

My unique gifts and talents make a difference in the lives of others.

I follow my joy and share my bliss with others.

My only limit is what I say it is.

My purpose is to live fully and completely with joy and love.

My journey leads me to deeper understanding and love of myself.

I share the gift of myself with the world, all my joy, love, wisdom and passion.

Living my dreams encourages others to live their dreams too.

My life is a gift to all who come into contact with me.

Living joyfully inspires others to live joyfully.

I give myself permission to explore and express every aspect of my wonderful self.

Create Another Illusion

It’s all illusion, everything, every bit of it. No matter what you are experiencing right now it’s illusion.

It’s only real in your head. It’s all a bunch of vibrating energy molecules moving to and fro giving the illusion of being a real situation.

This illusion is wonderful when you’ve co created something you enjoy and find pleasant. “ Feel good” hormones rush through your body and you are in love with life. It feels good and you desire more of it.

If, however what you have co created isn’t very pleasing to you and it does feel real.. different chemicals and emotional reactions are rushing through your body. You feel frightened, worried, anxious, in a rush to do something to change things.

Resistance is futile. The more you fight, push, pull and resist the present situation the bigger it gets. The stronger it feels and the more stress and worry you experience.

What to do?

First acknowledge that’s it illusion. It’s energy, nothing more, nothing less. It’s also your creation. See how powerful you are? Look what you created, now that’s power.

The same power that you used to create your present circumstances you can also use to create something different.

You might be saying right about now, “it sure looks and feels real”. Have you ever watched images on a wall put there by a projector? They look real, movies and TV look real too. They are not, they are mirror images of something else.. thought.. feelings..

In order for you to create something different than what you are now experiencing you just have to think and feel differently.

Stop for just a moment and think about something really pleasant. Think about how good a hug feels, remember a recent hug that really warmed your heart.

Now, you’ve just created something different than what you were experiencing a moment ago.

This is the process that we all follow all the time. We think, we empower the thoughts with feeling and passion, thinking them and feeling them over and over again until we call them into form.

When you shift your thoughts and your feelings, you shift reality. You begin the process of calling into your experience that which you believe you will experience.

We’ve all done it many times. Ever think of someone and in just a little bit the phones rings and that person is on the phone?

When you begin to realize that the present is the result of past thoughts, emotions and beliefs, you are empowered with understanding that in order to change your experiences you simply shift your thought and beliefs.. your expectations.

Whatever your present circumstance, it’s a wonderful teacher showing you how creation, reality works.

Look at the situation and trace back your part in it. What thoughts, beliefs, expectations did you use to bring it into form?

Now that you know how you did it, simply use that same principle to create another physical illusion of reality.

Start right where you are. Begin by shifting your thoughts and feelings about the present. Rather than being worried and stressed, be thankful for the lesson this brings you. Be grateful for the insight and understanding you now have because of this situation.

As you change how you think and feel about the present continue that energy into what you really would like to experience. What are you desiring? Think it, feel it, follow inspired action to bring it into your physical illusion of reality.

You know you can do it, you just saw how powerful you really are.