Keep That Energy Ball Rolling Along

You are what keeps it going. Whatever it is! You keep it rolling right along. Have you ever noticed how when one or two people in a group start expressing anger more and more people join the party?  Same thing for giving thanks and kindness.  Once we get energy moving it expands and more of it is expressed. That’s why it’s so danged hard to stop the anger and fighting.  Too many people are rolling that energy ball down the road.

Not only do we do this as groups, but individually as well.  As long as you hold onto a train of thought it’s added to with feeling, actions, circumstances, which brings about even more thoughts along the same line.  It builds into forms which leads to even more energy being expanded and created.  We all do it.  We worry, complain, gossip, express our fears and our anger.  The more we do the more we create the very same things we are worrying and complaining about.

Recently I have been watching a group of people who are weary of the ugly words of others.  Some people in this group are expressing their lack of pleasure by stating that they just simply will not be part of it any long.  Others are fussing and cussing about how horrible it all is and poking fingers at the ones causing the problem.  Do you see what’s being created here?  The more people fuss the more the fussing people fuss, so it continues.

A big topic of conversation is how we can change the world.  Leave the world alone and change YOUR world.  You are not in control of the thoughts and actions of others.  You don’t have to play with them, you can move into a new experience at any time.  Change your world.  Choose your thoughts, words, feelings, actions to be in line with how you want to experience your world.

You have ALL the power in your own life and your own creations.  Stay true to your course, flow all the energy into your dreams and desires.  Let others do the same.  Start by loving & respecting yourself.  It all starts there.  Without love for you there will be little love for others.  Loving yourself, honoring yourself overflows into kindness towards others.

This is how we change the world.

I love you!!!

Donna DeVane The Barefoot Guru

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The Joy of Being Your Creative Self

Let Joy Be your EnergyDo you know that you can choose the state of your Being?  You can decide to Be joy.. even when things are going on around you that are not to your liking. Make up your mind that you decide your State of Being, not the things happening in your life.

This is easy, it’s simple.  You have only to change your habits.  I know that sounds like a big order, but it only takes a month to change a habit.  You shift into a new way of Being through action, thought and feeling.

Most folks have learned to go through life reacting to what’s going on around them.  They have forgotten that they are the creative power that calls forth into physical form all these experiences to interact with.  As long as you stay caught up in reacting to the external you will continue in this loop.

BUT.. when you realize that YOU are the one doing all the creating things take on a different energy.  Now you can begin creating what you want to experience, you can decide whether or not to react to what is already present or to go within and see a new way of experiencing, adding your feelings and thoughts, combining new actions to bring forth a new creation.

This is the power that you ARE.  Make a choice right now to BE joy.  Go ahead, take a few deep breaths, as you exhale think, feel, and say.. JOY.  Feel that shift?  It’s instant.  Do it a few more times.  Now move gently into what you would like to experience.  Keep going with the breaths, they keep you calm and focused.  Feel yourself as the person experiencing the new situation.  Touch the experience with your mind, with your feelings and your energy.

By doing this exercise many times throughout the day for a month you will develop the habit of JOY.  You will know yourself as the energy that creates.  You will create more in line with what you really desire to experience.

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How do you stay focused on Being happy?  I’d love to hear from you.. leave me a comment.

What are your I AM Statements Creating?


Do you know the power of your words?  Are you aware that what you are saying tells exactly what you belief, expect and thus create?

Listen to people around you, listen to yourself.

Have you ever noticed that you don’t hear well people declaring I AM SICK?

You never hear wealthy people declare I AM  Broke or poor?

You never hear happy people declare I AM sad, depressed, mentally ill?

While all your thoughts and words represent what you think and create, none have the power of I AM.

With those two words you are proclaiming, demanding this state of Being for yourself.

It’s the dynamite of creation.  Your creation, your life, your experiences are dominated with these statements.  They are more than wishes, intentions, You are stating as FACT that this is so and the Universe complies and works quickly to bring it into experienced reality.

Millions I Am themselves into the poor house, hospital and mental clinics.

You can use the power of declaration to change your life starting right now.  Sit down with paper and pencil.  Write all the I AM statements that you use most. 

Now think about your family and friends.  What are their main I Am statements?  As my mother used to say, “birds of a feather flock together”.  Your family and friends will clearly reflect your life vision, the way you see the world working.  Take note of your conversations, they too will give you insight into your creative energy statements.

Now that you have your list take a new sheet of paper and flip those old I Am statements to ones that are in line with what you want to experience. 

I AM tired would become… I Am full of life force energy, power and joy.

I AM sick …. I AM enjoying this magical body which constantly renews itself.

I AM Poor becomes  .. I Am enjoying abundance in all areas of life.  There is more than enough of everything.

Begin I AMing your new life into Being by your statements.  If they don’t feel true for you in the beginning, that’s ok, keep at it.  Awareness of when you I AM yourself with old habits will lead you into quickly shifting to another statement that better serves you.

Words are your tools for change, for creation.  Use them to get you where you want to be.  Use your imagination to take you there as  well.  Spend time daily thinking yourself in the experience you are desiring.  Feel it, get more detailed with it each time you go there in your mind.  Your body doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined experiences.  The same chemical reaction happens either way.. so think yourself into a new life.  Feel your way into Being the You that you want to Be.

It’s all a matter of I AM.

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Healing the body by healing the soul

I was recently asked why I do what I do and had to answer that it blesses me through and through.

In my early twenties I realized that my allergies and ulcers were the body telling me to pay attention. They were notices that something was not balanced.
I was out of balance. My thinking and emotions were doing damage to my physical body.
I had forgotten who I was in the large scheme of things.

For over thirty years I have been living the principles of self healing, learning to balance emotions, mind and body with spirit.

Dis-ease is your body yelling to get your attention.

The process starts when we think and feel bad. We feel sad, discourage, angry, worthless etc. The feeling bad is your inner voice telling you to wake up to who you are.

When you go for long periods of time without listening the body begins to store the dense energy, the anger, fear and sadness. Dis-ease is the result of stinking thinking.

As an energy healer I work with people every week teaching them to get in touch with their feelings and even deeper than that to learn to heal the past.

So many are holding onto the pain of the past as though it were a great treasure to be guarded from thieves. Let me ask you, would you carry around stinky garbage with you? Of course not.
Then why do you carry around pain, hurt, fear, feelings and beliefs of worthlessness and shame?

The good news is that you can heal your body. The body is magical and knows exactly what to do to restore itself when you allow it to. Every seven years every single cell in your body is renewed.

So why do you get sick and feel bad?

You are the director of what your body does. Your thoughts and feelings tell your body what chemicals to produce and the more you focus on feeling angry, hurt and in pain, the more of these chemicals your body produces for you.

It’s more than the law of attraction, it’s the way your body is made to work.

As you discover the connection between mind, body and spirit.. you will soon find relief in the body. You will begin to be aware of how powerful your thoughts are and the affect they have.

The law of attraction teaches us that thoughts become things, we create with the energy of our thoughts. This is indeed true. Our physical reality is the result of thoughts combined with passionate energy; hope, fear, love, excitement; these bring about reality after their kind.

What we need to understand where physical healing is concerned is the connection of our thoughts being rooted in a painful and or fearful past and their affects on the body.

What I will help you with is “energy healing”. Using positive energy to heal your energy. The energy of light, love, perfection to heal the energy of pain, wounds, fear, which cause the dis-ease.

I am so excited to be able to help that I am running a special offer for all new clients. You give a donation and in return I work with you for one hour on the phone, USA.
I’ll go even further and agree to keep you as a client on a donation basis for three months. You are not obligated to stay three months, but this length of time is enough to see dramatic results in your physical and emotional well being.

My hope is that you will let me help. If you are ready to change your life, I promise you that together we can do it.

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What’s your law of attraction story ?

Have you gotten to the point in life yet where you understand the connection between “your story” and your life experiences?

What I mean by your story is the constant telling of your life experiences. When you sit down for coffee with friends what do you talk about? What do you tell people over and over again?

This is very important now that the new year has come. We all get excited about a new year and new possibilities, expecting things to be radically different. For some the year follows that way, for others it’s a repeat of the last show.

The story you tell is packed with passionate energy, creating more of what you are feeling. It’s not just the telling, it’s the energy you put into the energy.

Have you ever noticed how when you are angry or frightened things seem to fall into place quickly?
The reason for this is the high level of energy you are infusing with the thoughts and feelings.

Get to the place in the telling of your life experiences that you are infusing thoughts with excitement, expectation and joy. This is the stuff dreams are created with.

Your story builds on itself with each telling. Whether the story is one of accomplishment or failure, it’s all about you and the energy you pack into each punch of telling it.

Have you ever met a rich person who talks about being poor, a well person who talks about being sick?

Of course not.

In my coaching others I often here statements such as; I have ———- name the dis-ease here. I am
depressed, ill, poor, drowning in this relationship, etc.

With each of these I Am statements you proclaim this to be true in your life and you will continue to attract situations to prove this truth in your life.

State out loud and notice the difference in feeling, I am worried that I will not have enough money. How does that feel?

Now state I am excited to experience abundance and joy in every area of my life.

By playing around with I Am statements you will pick up on the difference in the feeling of the words and the energy behind them.

If you are experiencing sickness, rather that stating I am sick, bring it up a notch in vibration to I am currently experiencing _______________. This will pass.

It’s hard for most people to go from a mindset of being sick, poor, miserable, depressed, etc to being happy in a single swoop of words and emotions.
I suggest that you play around with I Am statements raising the vibrations of your description of your current situation until you feel in a better place.

As you move up the scale of better feeling by better telling of your story, life around you will begin to shift.
Pay attention to the shifts of energy and move with them. It’s all about you and the story you are telling yourself, so tell a story you want to live with.. because you will live with it.

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Feng Shui Your Life for a Happy 2009

Whether you’re ready or not a new year has arrived. With all it’s promise and hope, we have begun a new calendar year.

This is the perfect time to clear the clutter from your home and your life to make sure that 2009 flows the way you want it to.

Living in one place for a long time we tend to gather lots of things that eventually get stuck in drawers and the back of closets, taking up space and filling our homes with “clutter energy”.

Clutter Energy is that feeling of unease that seems to be saying, “do something, anything, just DO Something”!

Starting off the new year by clearing out this energy opens the door for a more positive flow of feelings, thoughts and new things to move in.

Start of by committing to release at least 50 things in a 24 hour period.

I know that sounds like a lot, but once you get going you’ll discover that it’s quick and easy.

Get two boxes or garbage bags, fill one with items that you can donate if you like and the other is just trash.

Start in the “junk drawer” in the kitchen. How much stuff have you crammed there thinking you would eventually use it and never have? Release it and enjoy the feeling that comes with letting go.

Move on to other drawers in the kitchen. Release old butter tubs that you just have too many of.

Got more coffee cups than the cabinets can hold? Let these go as well.

Go through the rest of the house letting go of magazines, stashes of papers and the like.

Next get into your room. Do you have clothes that don’t fit, you don’t like and haven’t worn in over a year? Let em go.

Dig through the closet and the drawers. All socks with holes go into the bag. Undies that ride or scratch, into the bag.

Let go of shoes too. We tend to hold onto things because, “I paid good money for those”, or “someone gave these to me”.

Let yourself breathe.

As you do the clearing out of physical things from your space be aware of thoughts and habits that you have that don’t serve you as well. Are you still holding onto grudges and old hurts and insults?
Let these go as you move through the house releasing stuff.

When you have your fifty items in 24 hours and are still on a roll, commit to another fifty. Take on the garage, holiday decorations, etc. Move through the yard and release anything that’s just taking up space and not giving you that feel good feeling it did when you first placed it there.

By doing this exercise you are not only creating a better look and feel to your home, you are opening your life to release old emotions, pain and stinking thinking.

When you combine the physical exercise of clearing out stuff with the spiritual aspect of clearing out thinking and feelings, you will restore balance and harmony in your life.

By instilling this process into your thinking for the new year, you will be less likely to hold onto excess stuff and hurtful feelings, letting go much easier and cluttering up your energy much less.

Happy New Year.. create each day with joy!

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Physical Well Being A Fit Body

In my years as a energy healer and life coach I have realized that the well being of the physical body is connected to thoughts of well being.

Remember a few years back when there was a commercial on TV that stated, “You are what you eat”?

Let’s change it around a bit to “You are what you think”.

Young children don’t give a second thought to how their body looks. They are aware of well being and they experience and express it without any thought to how big their tummies are, whether their diaper makes them look fat or any of the other silly things we are told to think about our bodies as we grow older.

Your body is a marvelous thing, just think for a moment about how everything works in harmony so that you think, imagine, walk, run, move your arms, talk, see, smell, see and experience life through the use of this fantastic house for your awareness.

Your body is a perfect body, working in unison with all it’s parts, a lot of them without your even doing anything. You breathe, digest, your heart beats, toxins are eliminated, fuel is stored for later use all without your having to do anything.

The only problem with your body is your thinking.

That’s right, your thinking is at the root of whatever you entertain as “wrong with you”.

These thoughts were offered to you by others who had also been brainwashed into thinking that unless their body was like someone else’s that it wasn’t good enough.

Perhaps you’ve believed for years that being fat, sick, tired, not athletic were your lot in life.

You have made it so by thinking and believing it to be so.

Scientists have proven that every seven years every single cell in your body is brand new. Some cells don’t take this long to renew, but even the most complicated cell within your body is new every 7 years.

Your body is a perfect self healing living organism. It doesn’t need you to direct it to heal a broken bone, balance a cold or flu. It does it because that’s the way it works.

You only slow it down and disturb the flow of positive energy with your thinking.

Or.. you can enhance your body’s natural healing and restorative powers by lining your thinking up with what is natural to you.

Change your thinking and your body will respond to your new thoughts, beliefs and expectations.

As you a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

This means that your beliefs are instructions to your body which it follows to the letter.

It’s very important to be in vibrational harmony with what you really desire to experience within your body. Thoughts of it’s genetic, my family is fat, we are prone to this dis-ease or another all promote those very things.

Rather than giving your body instructions that you really don’t wish to experience, change your thinking to line up with what you do wish.

Research has shown that when athletes imagine themselves running, jumping, playing their sport, the body does not know the difference between really doing it and imagining doing it. This is powerful information. Using the power of your thoughts and imagination you can shift your body’s size, strength and physical abilities the same way the Olympic athletes do.

Begin this renewal process by loving and being thankful for your body.

Appreciate all the wonderful things you can experience due to having a body.

You can feel hugs, kisses, smell, taste, think, move, run, jump, talk, dream; your body is a wonderful manifestation that allows you to enjoy the physical world.

During the day be aware of how effortlessly your mind and body works to allow you to walk, sit, speak.

Pay attention to how different movements feel to you, enjoy the sensation of muscles moving to allow your legs to stand and walk.

Watch your hand and fingers work as you grasp your cup to sip coffee or cola.

Celebrate the sensation of taste as delicious food enters your mouth. Taste is enhanced by smell, enjoy the scent of your food and let each bite be a party in your mouth.

As you begin to pay more attention to the magic of your body you will feel more gratitude for it.

The more grateful you are and the more you line up your thoughts with how you wish to experience your physical body, the more quickly it responds to your thoughts, gratitude and new mental picture of it.

Be like a little baby with your body, Let each movement be brand new, be fascinated by how it works and how it feels.

Hug yourself, tell yourself how wonderful, strong and delightful you are throughout the day.

Watch that self talk about your body. It’s helpful to write down on paper all the thoughts you have about your body. Writing them down makes you aware of the messages, the instructions you have been giving your body over the years.

If you are having an issue with weight, also add your thoughts about food to your list. Pay attention to these, they are the instructions you are giving to your body.

Your body is created to use food and exercise like your car uses water, oil and gas. Your car doesn’t say, “oh, no, that grade of gas makes me fat”.

Food does not make your body fat either.. your thoughts .. those beliefs.. they are what make your body fat.

The size of your body is not a determination of it’s well being and fitness. Reprogram your thinking on this issue to understand and know that being fit, strong are more important than being a certain size of clothes or a particular weight.

As you work through the process of changing your thoughts use these affirmations to aid you.

Print them out or write them down to read throughout the day. By choosing to think these thoughts you will replace the old thinking and the old instructions into ones that better suit your desires for your body.

I love my body, completely, and honor it.

My body knows what it needs for fuel and when it needs fuel. I trust it’s wisdom completely.

My body is a physical projection of my beliefs about myself.

Every day in every way I am expressing more beauty.

I celebrate the magic and divinity in every cell of my body.

I love myself and in so doing give others permission to love themselves and me in the same way.

My body is perfect and wonderful, right now in this moment.

I honor my uniqueness, strength and beauty every moment.

I am grateful for my body and all it allows me to experience

My well being is my number one priority.

My body grows stronger and more in harmony each day.

I offer my highest thoughts to my body and it responds with it’s Highest Energy.

I am grateful that my body knows how to restore, heal and renew itself.

I celebrate the magic of my body and am grateful for it’s help in experiencing life.

I am in balance, mind, body, and spirit.

I offer love to my body and it returns love to me.

Gratitude for movement fills my heart, I am thankful for this wonderful body.

My body is my friend, we live in harmony, joy, love and peace.

Thank you body, I honor and respect you.