Consciousness Tipping Point

When only 10% of humans figure out that we can do something different, things will change.  There is no need for violence, anger and fear; all that’s needed is for us to awaken to Who We Are and create from there.  For thousands of years mankind has been held in bondage with The Big Lie that we are not powerful, we can’t do anything about injustice, that only a few deserve to live the good life, but that’s coming to an end.  All over the planet people are waking up and noticing that things are working fairly.  They are in the streets protesting against corruption, genocide and injustice.  The power brokers are feeling the fear too and are lashing out making more and more demands for higher taxes, more control; they are throwing in the kitchen sink in their attempt to maintain their power over the masses.

As humanity awakens to our own power, that we can govern ourselves and all prosper, it becomes easier for each of us to do so.  Something is opening up within us, a new awareness of Who We Are and many are beginning to create a new life experience from that place of knowing.  This is a very exciting time to be in a body.  We watch as Homeland Security attempts to take more power in an attempt to keep us in line and the result of the power grab is more people standing up and saying “No”.  We are changing the game a few thousand people at the time.  More and more people are realizing that they have the power to create a new way of creating wealth and they are doing just that.  People are hosting radio shows and writing books, sharing their insights and wisdom with the world.  Communities are joining together to grow healthy food and keep their kitchens free of GMO toxins.

All across America people are working together to solve problems in their own communities rather than waiting for the government to interject more laws that cause far more problems than they solve.  We are getting to the tipping point of conscious.  As we awaken to our own power to change our lives, to recreate our communities, to self govern, it’s becoming easier for even more to join us.  We are experiencing ourselves as the energy of change and the more we create change the easier change is for us to create. 

We are starting to realize that it just doesn’t make sense to tax working people for driving cars when those telling us how we are destroying the earth are flying in private jets, driving huge cars and living in Billion Dollar mansions.  We are opening our eyes and what we see is knocking loose memories of Who We Are.  We are understanding that there is more than enough for all of us, that the problem is in the distribution and the banker boys always attaching money and taxes to our basic needs.  America has faced and will face still, some hard times.  More jobs will be lost, more homes claimed by the bankers who caused the problem.  We will not lay down though.  We are waking up, to what’s really going on, to our power to change it, and to our own strength as individuals and as a group of caring people. 

There is a new movement going on that crosses over all religious and political boundaries, it’s the party of the people; where humanity matters more than profits.  We are creating a tipping point.  We are almost there.  Stay the course, keep the faith.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

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