The power of one new thought

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I generally wake up early in the morning before the sun comes up. Before 5:00 AM it is extremely dark and if I did not remember where everything in my room was I would most likely run into a few things. I enjoy the darkness and the quiet with a cup of coffee first thing in the morning . Recently I decided I would light one small candle. After lighting the candle I sat for a few moments pondering the power of one small point of light. I was amazed at how much illumination one tiny tea light produced. This small light made a huge difference in my ability to see and move about my room. There was no struggle between the light and the darkness, Light Just Was.

This same principle applies to our thoughts and feelings also. One small, new thought can shed light to our whole perspective of life and how we live it. Mostly we have the same thoughts or same type of thoughts over and over again. These are the energy we bring experiences into form to interact with. How much difference would just one small, new type of thought bring about? It is an easy thing to change your life, you simply light a small candle of new thought within you. This light spreads illuminating other thoughts of similar value, giving way to new types of experiences and physical forms to interact with.

There simply is no reason to sit and curse the darkness when by lighting a small candle light will spread throughout. There is also no reason to sit in sickness, disease and poverty when a new thought will lift you from your present state of lack into one of abundance and bliss.

Just as there is no battle between the light of the small candle and the darkness, there is no reason for struggle between a new thought and an unwanted state of being. You have only to hold onto your new thought and watch in amazement as it sheds it’s creative power to all aspects of your life.

Change is really easy. Going from darkness to light requires only that you hold to the light. A new experience requires only that you hold onto a new line of thought. No struggle, no battle. Just the easy action of allowing one to flow effortlessly into another.

Get up early tomorrow and sit for a few moments in the darkness, then light a small tea light. Let the truth of the light work within you so that understanding flows. Now go forth and speak into Being a new State to experience.

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Freedom Of Forgiveness Get Clear Stay Clear Healing Course

Once upon a time there was a child born who knew he was perfect Source Energy. He understood just what a powerful creator he was.

But, slowly over a period of time he began forgetting his connection to Spirit and started doubting his ability to experience whatever he chose.

Little by little the doubts grew into walls of fear and limits which kept him from living his dreams.

You might not realize it yet, but this story is about you.

Think back to when you were a little child and you knew the world was your oyster. You could climb any tree, be or do any one or anything you could think of.

You had no idea of limits.. you were free to explore and experience to your heart’s desire.

Have you noticed that you don’t think and feel that way any more? Now you are more focused on how to get more work done, how to improve your relationships.. the hard details of life rather than the dreams themselves.

Let me ask you, if you could find something that would take you back to that feeling of power, that feeling of being sure your dreams would come true would you be interested in finding out more?

Can you imagine a course that will give you the power to connect again with that feeling of self empowerment, the ability to create your dreams into reality?

That’s exactly what I am offering you.

If you are serious about changing your life, and I know you are, the information in this course will give you the tools to put the Principles of the Law of Attraction to work in your life.

You will learn how your beliefs and expectations CONTROL what comes into your life.

Uncover secrets to transforming your beliefs and attracting more of what you DO want and less of what you don’t want.

There is NO Secret to the Law of Attraction!

It’s a law just like gravity. Learn to work with it and create your life your way.

By the time you finish this course working through the text lessons, listening to the audios and following them up with the meditation you will be able to see yourself as the magical person you really are and deep down have always known yourself to BE.

Imagine experiencing that feeling of ONEness you knew as a child, right now.

Let yourself get in touch with the feelings of knowing you have the power to attract whatever you can dream and imagine.

Feel the power of change growing from a small ember ready to blaze up and change your way of living at this very moment.

Stop and imagine what you life will be like once you have shifted through beliefs that don’t work for you and exchanged them for knowing what thoughts take you over the finish line.

I know you are ready for success, right?

You can feel the truth of what I’m saying.. your inner guidance is standing up, clapping it’s hands and screaming.. yes.. yes.. yes.. to you.

You be the judge of the benefit of this course..

  1. Text lessons that show you step by step what your limits are

  2. Lead you into the needed changes for a more harmonic life

  3. Audio to enforce the written words

  4. Meditation to shift your thinking on the subconscious level where all real change takes place

  5. Discussion forum for support and answers to your questions

Okay, your probably wondering, “Where can I get this course”???

Right now while you are motivated to change your life.. click here and sign up to get started on a brand new creation.. your life…

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Is America Coming Back to Sanity???

Hip Hip Hurray!!

Finally, after almost 8 years of insanity our Supreme court is coming to grips with what this nation stands for.

It decided… again.. that all prisoners held in the States or out.. do have rights.

Wow.. it’s hard for me to even consider that anyone in this nation, especially our president would think otherwise.

What makes our nation the envy of others? Why do people from all over the world want to move here?

Our freedom, our Constitution. Without the Constitution we are no different than any other nation in world.

The truth about this current President, George W. Bush is coming to light. Motions are being made to impeach him, too late though for all the damage he has done in our country.

I love this country and have been ashamed of many things that have happened over the last several years. Whenever we use terror to fight terrorist.. how are we then any different?

When we deny people a right to legal counsel and jail them for years without any rights whatsoever and use torture against them, please tell me how these acts differ from the ones we say we are fighting.

I am glad our Supreme Court made this decision. I am saddened that once again the Republicans including our president are upset about this decision. Are we going to turn from insanity back to the core of what our nation has always stood for?

I hear a lot of conservatives talking about how the morals and ethics in this nation are being eroded by abortion, gay rights, TV, books and movies.. yet none of the talk about denying other human beings protection from torture while in American custody.

How can this be?

Perhaps when a nation decides to believe the lies told by government to invade another country for oil they will fall for anything. I hope not. I hope we are waking up to what has been going on. We were told too many lies and lost too many freedoms to let it go on.

Hip hip Hurray Supreme Court of the United States of American for understanding that when it is legal to deny the constitutional rights to even one person, they have no value for anyone, American citizen or not.

Let’s bring this nation back to sanity and shine truth and light on lies, fear and those who promote it.