Begin your day the feeling good way



How does your day begin?  Do you jump up in a hurry and rush to get the children to school and yourself to work?  What is the main energy vibration of your first hour each morning?  This is the energy you will be creating with until you reach inside and shift to another vibration.

Remember the movie “Happy Feet”?  If you haven’t seen it you are in for a delight.  This movie shows perfectly the law of attraction happy vibe teachings.  Begin your day by lining yourself up with happy vibes.  Before you even get out of bed spend some time thinking about things that feel good.  Get into the energy of joy and appreciation.  Feel it from your toes to the top of your head.  Now begin adding some details to what you would like to experience today.  It’s easy if you will build the foundation with joy first thing upon awakening.

Get up ten minutes earlier if you have to in order to spend time feeling your way to the vibration you wish to use as the building material of your day.  By focusing on all the blessings in your life right now you raise your vibration, making it a sure thing to call forth into form more of this good stuff to play with.  Get over into delight, joy, celebration of what already is in your life.  Make a mental list or write down on paper all the hundreds of great things in your life.  Give the law of attraction the tools to bring forth more of what you want by aligning your vibration with what is wanted.  Don’t start with stuff, start with how you wish to feel.  Get that energy flowing and the stuff will follow easily always in line through creative principles that reflect the feeling. 

As you move through your day feeling your way to more and more that you enjoy, the door to heaven opens and blessing after blessing flows into your life experience.  This is the key to getting what you want.  Being that person feeling that way brings stuff that feels that way into your life.  It multiplies throughout the day bringing more and more interactions in line with your energy vibration.  You don’t have to focus on the stuff, just pay attention to your energy.  When you see something you would like to have as a new plaything get over into the delight of having it and let it go, moving on in the energy of joy and delight.

This is the easy way to create.  No struggle, no worry, no hard work.  You are joy, you are love, you are abundance.  Experience yourself that way from the first moment you open your eyes and dance in celebration as one wonderful experience after another shows up.


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Appreciate your life to success


Look at the picture of the flower.  It’s pretty isn’t it?  Now look again, allow the beauty of the flower to be experienced by you.  Notice the details, the depth of color, the lines in the petals, all the little pollen dust sitting so daintily on the pistons.  Feel the color of the flower.  Let the orange energy move through you bringing you in touch with your courage, determination and feeling of being alive.

The exercise we just did is appreciation.  It brought the value of the flower into your awareness.  Appreciation is value, the value you see, feel and interact with.  By getting in the flow of appreciation regarding anything in your life you add to the value of it, making it work in a more positive way for you.

The more you take time to look for the value to what is already in your life the more your vibrations shift lining up with more appreciation.  It’s more than gratitude, more than being thankful, it’s seeing the value and adding to it.


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Spring Fever Time to Clear Our & Let It Flow


After the radio show the other day I was bitten by the Spring Fever Bug.  I realized that it was time to redo my bedroom so I began moving around the furniture lining up the feel of the room with the new feeling within me.

It’s all about vibration, energy that pulls into form after it’s own image.  As I moved things about and released things that no longer excited me I began feeling lighter, more in line with what I was desiring to experience myself as Being.  There is a reflection of the inner us always shown in the reflection of our surroundings.  Often we attempt to change the inner by shifting the outer, resulting in feeling frustrated. 

Today give this a try.  Feel more a moment and decide how you want to experience yourself.  Really get into the feeling place of it.  Now go through your home and release 50 things in 24 hours.  Change the furniture about, clean out the closet.  As you clear out feel the shift taking place in and outside yourself.  The more you line up the inner feeling with what you wish to experience and take steps to reflect that in your surroundings the more the vibration lifts and sings in harmony and celebration.


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How do you really feel about money and yourself?

Money Back Guarantee

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As a coach I am tickled and amazed at how much people tell me without ever saying a word.

I’ve been running a special for new clients where they can get a coaching session for a donation.

It amazes me when someone donates five dollars for an hour of their and my time.  Now I do understand that there are some people to whom five dollars is a lot of money.  I’m not talking about those people.  I’m talking about people who say they are really ready to invest in themselves and create a new way of living.

These people want a more flowing life experience.  They often tell me on the call that money is a real issue with them.  They just don’t seem to ever have enough cash.  Things happen all the time that suck their money out of their bank accounts.

When we stop to understand how we treat money is how money treats us, we gain valuable insights.

Money is energy.  How we interact with it is how it will interact with us. 

When one is afraid of not having enough, they generally don’t.

Fear of not having or being enough clogs up the plumbing.  When you don’t feel deserving enough to invest in your life, your wellbeing and your joy, you don’t end up with anything different than what you already have.

Feeling good about yourself, about being successful and in wonderful relationships opens the door for these things.  However, if you are really believing that you don’t deserve them you will most likely not notice the opportunity for them when it comes by your house.

We all have hidden feelings, old emotions linked to past happenings that we filter our now and our future through.  Getting a handle on what is really going on in our thinking and feeling self is key to clearing them and getting into a new way of living.

What you belief you are worth will always show up.

What you belief you deserve will fill your life to overflowing.

Whatever is lacking is lacking because you are stopping it from entering your experience.

How do you treat money?  How do you treat yourself in regards to money?

Money responds to you in the same vein that you offer in regards to it.

Today take a few dollars and invest in yourself.  Take yourself for ice cream, get a new outfit or a hair cut.  Be in a good feeling place about this.  Get in the habit of treating yourself and money in a loving and respectful way.. spiced with joy and giggles.. watch and things change almost over night.

I’ve written a new ebook that helps you recognize the reasons you are not living happy.. and takes you step by step into changing your unhappy habits.

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Chronic Thinking is a Pain

Chronic thinking really is a painful way of living and creating.  It supposes that something is the way it is and there’s nothing you can do about it.

It’s linked to giving up and giving in. 

At some point you decided that “this” is just the way it is and have thought that over and over again.  You’ve also experienced it over and over again because your attention is always focused on it being so.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t care whether what you are thinking/feeling is past, present or imagined future.  If you are thinking with great feeling, you are attracting that very thing.

We generally link chronic to disease of the body.  Disease is Dis-ease, lack of ease, lack of positive flowing good feeling things and energy .

Chronic thinking keeps you in the loop of experiencing the same type situations over and over again.  You are the power, the magnet behind these experiences.

Your thinking combined with passionate feeling says in loud vibes.. THIS IS WHAT I WANT MORE OF!!  even when it’s not what you really want at all.

Law of Attraction isn’t some person sitting off somewhere listening to your words and responding to them.  Law of Attraction is a creation principle, a law that always works, all the time.  It doesn’t even take a day off or a vacation.  It works by linking molecules that form experiences with the same vibrations that you are giving off.

Just like you can’t pick up channel 12 on the TV by changing to channel 109, neither can you attract something that’s vibration is different than yours.

What’s your thinking about?  Listen in on yourself, what are you thinking?  What story are you telling and retelling day in and day out?  Your feelings will let you know whether what you are thinking is in line with chronic thoughts are something more in line with what you do want.

In order to experience something different that what you now have in your life, your thinking, believing, passion.. has got to change. 

Until your thinking and expecting something different shifts to a different vibration, you will not be able to attract anything other than things in line with what you now have.

This shifted thinking requires you to pay attention to what you are saying and thinking about.  Watch for passionate outpourings of your words.  These are indicators of what you are basing your life expectations on and what you are in irrational harmony with.

The Universal Source doesn’t pay attention to what you are saying, it only notices vibration frequencies.  Like attracts like, bringing more like itself into your life.

Change  your chronic thinking into a way of thinking, speaking and imagining which better lines up with what you wish to experience and watch things begin to shift.

Changing the What Ifs in Your Life, Changes Your Life

You’re playing a what if game and losing most of the time.  The what if game is the train of thoughts running through your head and emotions that goes something like this.

What if I lose my job?

What if my mate leaves me?

What if I don’t have enough money?

What if I never find anyone to marry?

What if I get sick?

What if ____   _____ _____.  You fill in the blanks for your personal favorites.

The point is that thinking and feeling this way keeps you first in line to get just exactly what you are imagining happening.

Remember the story of Job, “that which I most feared has come upon me”?

Fear of something happening is just like really, really wishing for it to happen.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t know whether you are really wanting these things or if you are trying to avoid them.  Law of Attraction works on the feelings, the strong vibration messages you send out.

Yes, energetically means yes.. but so does NO>> NO>> NOOOO>>>>

They both send out signals of strong feeling that attract what the focus is on.

The reason that things you don’t want seem to come so much faster and easier into  your life is the passion you have towards them.

Turn this passion on concerning the things that you really do want and see what happens.

Play a new What If game.  Rather than what if all the bad stuff happens, turn the tables.

What if i find the perfect job?

What if my mate and I grow even closer together?

What if I make more money this year than ever?

What if I meet Mr../ Miss Right?

What if my body gets stronger and healthier ?

By placing this version of the what if game you open your life up to the highest and best your can imagine and bring it more quickly into your experience.

When you play the game allow your imagination to run forward as far as it can with the what if questions.  The more you play it the more quickly you will change your thinking patterns and your life will fill more quickly the these wonderful experiences.

Have you written and passed your recovery bill?

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America now has a brand new economic recovery plan. There’s even a website where you can track the progress of how well it’s working. Combined with the energy of change and hope, lots of work and planning have gone into this new method of growth for our nation.

Now, let me ask you, have you written your recovery plan?

We all have a list of things that we would like to accomplish, dreams, goals and visions of success.

Perhaps you even hope for a wonderful relationship, a new job, car, better family relationships.

You have the problem, you know the issues.

BUT have you written your recovery plan out?

Your recover plan is the action you plan to take to bring your dreams into reality.

Hope is a wonderful and power thing, but it needs legs, feet and hands to produce change.

As a coach I get tickled when people come to me asking how they can live the life of their dreams when they are not prepared to take responsibility for or change a single thing in the way they think or do.

Change comes about by making new choices and doing new things, or at least doing the old things in a different way.

You never learned to do anything by reading about it, talking it over, and dreaming of doing it. You learned by getting the information and DOING.

Doing is necessary for change. It’s not going to come about by just dreaming, wishing, hoping and thinking in positive affirmations. These things are all wonderful and part of the process, but they are not complete without some doing.

Get out your paper and pencil. Write out a new recovery plan for your life. Be detailed, exact in what you want to experience.

Make note of the thought processes, expectations and beliefs you need to shift in order to line up your vibration with the vibration of what you want.

Now go one step further and pass your bill into law. Take ACTION.. different action that what led you to where you are. New ACTION will lead you into a new place.

You will succeed when you write and act on your story of success.


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