Will USA Inc Censorship Take us down?

With the banning of Alex Jones we all get to see the BIG picture. Disagree with “the man” and you will be booted into the between realms where no one knows your name nor can they interact with you. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology. I got online in 1996 with a custom built PC and used ICQ to talk with people around the world. I’ve been through MySpace & AOL too. I still hear the sounds of dial up internet now and then.

Today we are not using the internet and social media for making friends & hanging out with family. A lot of us, myself included, promotes our books, radio podcasts and websites through the web. The internet has become an all day & night part of our lives. We are on it more than we sit in front of a TV. A lot of us don’t even have a TV any longer as we use the net for all our business & entertainment needs.

Due to our changing our lives around to make use of the web & technology we have all become part of the “monster” that is BIG Social Media. Remember back when YouTube was first starting and we all uploaded cute videos of our daily activities? From there some of us got serious and realized the power we had at our fingertips. With these now social media giants we could speak out about things that concerned us and sometimes even be found by others of like mind.

That is now changing! The Social Giants are not so friendly these days. I personally had my original YouTube channel deleted a few months back after years of no problems what ever with them. Within 3 days and after “numerous severe violations” of which I was not told what these were, my channel with over 1,000 videos disappeared into a black hole. No explanation given, just gone!

Now you might be thinking, “she must have called people names or she’s a racist.. nope.. I’m a nice old fashioned southern lady who doesn’t even cuss in public. I’ve spent years encouraging people to come together and stop the infighting so that we can create a better world. I don’t take a side in politics as I am of the firm opinion that religion & politics are the two most damnable things ever created to control the hearts & minds of mankind. The only team I pick is Alabama football & Life. So why would I be censored? Could it be because I don’t pick sides? Could it be that rather than encouraging people to stay angry and afraid I invite folks to respect life & live with dignity? I have to wonder.

When I was young and witnessed the murder of the Kennedy boys & Martin Luther King, saw marches in my home state for equality, watched as women burned their bras, protested the War that wasn’t a war in Viet Nam, I never thought the strangle hold of “the establishment”, “the Man” would grow tighter as I got older. At almost 63 I am shocked by the anger and fear taking hold in so many. I am amazed at how willing so many are to buy into the political crap spewed out minute by minute online.

Even the truth movement isn’t looking for truth, they are just looking for more to prove that they are right and others are wrong. Folks are hating on and name calling for a difference of opinion rather than sitting down together and presenting their take on a topic. I am appalled at how ugly so many people are acting. I have to wonder why & have come up with this. The Game of fear is working better than ever. Baby Bush told us that terrorists were every where and now we see them all around us. We are afraid of people who are different from us, we are worried about not being liked on media, we dread being unfriended or the thumb’s down button being used on something we post.

It’s time for us all to put our big boy & big girl panties on and grow up. If we don’t stand together now things will get a lot worse. I don’t even want to think about how bad it will get for everyone if we don’t call a halt right now to our being reactionaires & just following along with the crowd. We MUST put down our divisiveness and come together to stand for what if right, what is good for all of us. If we don’t make this choice soon our children and grandchildren will grow up in a world that none of us could even imagine.

Will you take a stand for humanity? I sure hope so, we are running out of time to turn this around.

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