Where Did Your Happy Go?


I wrote How To Be Happy And Live Free to inspire us all to live in the river of joy and fun.  I was amazed when it began outselling all the other books.  I had to wonder if we are really that unaware of how to be happy and after speaking with people around the world I have come to the conclusion that we are indeed lacking the happy factor.

What happened to our happiness?  How did we lose our joy and move into struggle, worry and fear?  Is it due to being an adult or something else?  We have bought into the idea that happiness depends on something happening and that’s where we start down the path of anxiety and stress.  If we base our joy on outside events there are never enough of them to sustain our joy.  We become like a drug addict, always demanding more in order to feel normal.

Today turn it around by accepting that joy, happiness, love, all exist within you.  Your state of mind, the way you think, what you think of results in feelings which in turn bring into your life experience things that perfectly reflect what you are holding onto as true.

I realize you’ve heard that before and are probably asking, Ok, HOW?  I get that as I went through the same question.  Thoughts become things is a little saying passed around a lot, but do we truly understand the truth in the statement?  Start today off by paying close attention to how you are feeling, then look at the predominate thoughts you are entertaining.  You will quickly see they are related.  Now begin thinking of what you would really enjoy feeling.  What is that state of mind, emotion, that you are questing for?

Now that you’ve named that feeling, move into your imagination and create a short little scene that perfectly reflects you in that state.  Play there until it feels totally real.  Throughout the day keep going back to that scene.  Practice it over and over and you will soon be amazed at how life now reflects that new mindset.

Practice does make perfect~

I’ve put together an online course based on my book, How To Be Happy And Live Free.  It uses videos to move you through the book with exercises to Make It Real in your life.  You can find my books here.

My goal is to reach ten people each week with the course so that we can find our happy, change our lives and create a more wonderful world for all of us.  I appreciate you sharing the links with your friends.

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