Changing The Role You Play to Manifest a New Life

Do you know the role you are currently playing? If your life was part of a TV show or a play, how would you describe your character? What is his/her role about? Take a few moments and write it down and describe it completely. Next, ask yourself if this is actually the role you’d like to play. If it’s not it’s a simple thing to change roles.

Describe thoroughly the role you’d like to have. What do you look like, feel like? How are your relationships? How do you deal with money? How healthy are you? What do you do for fun? Let your imagination go wild, dream big and bravely.

Now, understand that both of these roles are the result of what you imagine yourself to be. The first one feels real because you’ve played that role for so long. Truth is, that the second one is just as available to you as the role you no longer enjoy playing.

Your life is the result of what you imagine yourself and world to be. You’ve spent your life creating and recreating it based on what you hold to be true. Your life expands according to and as a perfect reflection of what you believe or hold to be true. In order to change roles you must start at the core. What do you believe about yourself and the world in relationship with you?

A new role is the result of you imagining yourself totally different. You must go within and create an image of your new self in such vivid detail that the reality of it overshadows the old role. Hold to this vision of the new you, feel from it, speak from it, live from it. Be the new you in every detail. Don’t go back to the old role of worry, stress, lack and ill health. Stay in the new role until it appears in vivid detail as your new reality.

Exercise your imagination in a way that brings about the reality you truly desire to experience. When your mind wanders to the old role, pause and move into the new one. Listen for what you are I Aming into form. Your words reveal the role you are currently playing. Change those I AM statements to be in harmony with the new you.

You have all the power you need, right now, to create a new role for yourself. Imagine your world into form!


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Being Happy – It’s Better to Give Than to Receive

We’ve all heard that it’s better to give than to receive, yet we’ve misunderstood how it really works to benefit all involved. Most think that giving involves only money or acts of charity. There is a deeper element to giving that guarantees your happiness and the enhanced happiness of those you interact with.

Giving is based on you having something and passing it on to someone else, easy, right? But what if what you are giving is judgment and criticism? What if giving is based in trying to “fix” or change someone else? What if conditions are being placed on the gift? That changes the energy of giving into manipulation and continues a cycle of anger, fear, lack, sickness and poverty.

You can learn to give in a way that actually delivers happiness, health, wealth and prosperity to all. Giving that changes the world involves being able to see the best, the highest level of goodness in everyone and holding them in that energy even when they are not aware of it or living it. Perhaps you want your children to be more content and do their homework and keep their room clean without you needing to nag. You give promises of rewards if they do these things, you go out of your way to meet their needs in order to get them to give in return. What happens? The cycle continues.

Try this instead. Close your eyes and relax. Use your powerful imagination, which creates everything you experience, and see your children happy, cooperative, enjoying making good grades in school and delighting in a clean home environment. In your imagination interact with them, say to them what you would say if this were actually so. Hear them talking and saying what they would say if this situation were actually a reality right now.

Break it down to a small interaction where they are in their orderly room, homework done, laughing with you and saying Thank You in response to your congratulating them their report card. Practice this until it feels totally real. Let the joy bubble up inside you.

This type of giving actually lifts yourself and others into a higher expression and experience. It’s easy, and more effective than anything else you can do. Give the greatest of all gifts to the world, the gift of love, abundance, success, health and acceptance. It will pay off in a multitude of ways.


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What if you are NOT here to change the world But to Create & Experience

What if you are not responsible for changing the world and fixing the lives of others?  What if you could let yourself off the hook for all that?  How would that feel?  Would you focus more on what you really want to have happening in your life?

If instead of spending so much of your time and energy concerned about what’s happening in the world you could use that space for creating a wonderful world for yourself, would you do it?  What would you fill your world with?  Health?  Wealth?  Good relationships?  Travel?

Would you be willing to create a sacred space to be still and use your imagination to fill you world with exactly what you want to have?  Would you invest 15 minutes once or twice a day to crank up the imagination and create exactly what you want?

I challenge you to ponder this.  Take the challenge and see what happens.  Let me know.  I love hearing from you.

Happy is an Attitude Away


It really is all about your attitude.  That is what determines the people you surround yourself with, the movies you watch, books you read, music you listen to and choices you make.

Take a moment right now to track back your thoughts and notice the feelings that go with them.  See how they are perfectly reflected in your experiences?  Notice too, the people in your life who also reflect your attitude back to you.  It’s like a huge mirror always showing us exactly what we say we are and what everything/one is in relationship to us.  That’s what we get, over and over again until we make an attitude adjustment.

Once you start to really understand the power that is at your command through sustained thoughts and feelings.. that which we refer to as beliefs, you will find it much easier to make these needed adjustments in your attitude.

Start with a few very basic steps.

  1. Where did this attitude/belief come from?
  2. Is it valid?  Do I see this playing out for everyone this way?
  3. Does this attitude/belief get me what I want in life?
  4. What ideas would work better to reflect what I really want?

By working through these easy steps on a daily basis you will better understand why your life is the way it is and come up with new ways to think and BE that better reflect what you actually want to experience.

You can change your attitude, you can change your life.  That’s not even a good question.. the best question is, will you?

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Energy You Create With

We all know this.. but we seldom live this truth.  The energy you create with is the energy of the creation.  You just can’t create loving, kind, experiences of abundance & bliss with fear, anger and poverty.

Now we know this.  But we keep slipping into old habits of thought, those things we call beliefs.  We REACT to fear mongering & horrors with horror and fear!

No wonder the cycle isn’t broken.  If we want a different experience WE ARE what must be different.  It’s not enough to just talk about it.. IT MUST be lived.. every moment of every day.  We MUST be aware of what’s going on in our heads, body, and what actions we are taking.

Today.. pay attention to yourself.  Adjust when necessary.


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End of the World or Time to Evolve Already

Have you ever wondered why humanity is trained to be so fearful?  Think about it for a moment.  We fear getting sick, people leaving us, death, being robbed, what others think about us.  Why?  Why do we invest so much energy & time into fearing what might happen?

It’s about control.  Not self control, but the few controlling the masses through the power of fear. Yes, it is a very powerful tool and has worked for thousands of years.  Even the “spiritual” leaders use fear to build up their following.  If you don’t believe me just check out YouTube.

I get tickled when the “spiritual gurus” fall in line with the fear mongering of mainstream religion and politics.  How many times does the messiah have to miss the coming back dead line before people wake up and stop listening? How many times does the earthquake, you know that, BIG ONE, not shatter the country, before we stop listening to the doom day sayers?

What would happen in YOUR life if you focused your attention on living a life of joy and wonder?  Pause for just a moment and let yourself ponder that question.  What would your life be like if instead of living in fear you rather lived in joy and awe?

Are you willing to invest wisely in your life?  You want change?  Then it’s time to do the work.  Deal with the fear, face it, then let it go.  Move into a new mind set of joy and love.  You can.  There is no one more powerful or more loved than you are right this moment. Embrace that!  Live That~

I love you

Love yourself well!

The End of the World Yet Again

A bit of tongue in cheek today.. I just upgraded to Windows 10 and nothing odd happened.  I have not noticed any creepy crawlers around the desk.. LOL

I personally love technology and understand that it can’t do it’s job without “spying” on me a bit.  Oh, well.. I have a choice.. move to a cave or celebrate the wonderful technology all around us. Since I am a creature of comfort, I’ll leave the cave for another.

I really do get a lot of giggles when watching YouTube videos about how they have “proof” of the end of the world.  Don’t we get tired of these self proclaimed profits being WRONG?  Why are they still listened to?  Why do we insist on staying in fear and anger.

That’s the really important question.. why stay stuck in fear & anger?

Look within, acknowledge your own self imposed limits.  Heal.. heal.. heal..