Life Transformation Class


As a shamanic healer & life coach for over 20 years I have learned some very basic principles to wholeness.
Our bodies are created to sustain balance and a state of health.
When we hold onto our pain, wounds and disappointments these often surface in the body as dis-ease.
Using healing knowledge that spans centuries, right up to present day, these blockages can be released and balance restored.
If you really desire a whole and happy life, then you have taken the first step in healing your self. You have spent years and lots of money on one gimmick after another that promises to “change your life forever” and it didn’t work. Why? Because in order to be a Master you must practice being a Master of your own life. This is what you will learn, how to Be a Master of your thoughts, feelings, actions and your life experiences. I don’t promise to do your work for you or to send you a magic fix. I know the principles of Mastery and each must do their own work. Here you will find guidance, understanding and encouragement for your shadow work.
The information within the book will teach you about your chakras, how to balance, clear and charge them for optimum health. You will also learn how to work with the Stone & Crystal People for healing, meditation and accomplishment of your goals and dreams. What is offered within the covers of this book, classes and teachings is a new way to live, a new way to know yourself.
In the counseling and teaching of A Journey Back to Self you will be guided through your beliefs and gain understanding of how these beliefs undermine your dreams and well being. This is an exciting time for this too! I’ve just written A Journey Back To Self Living Consciousness second edition with loads of new material that guides you even more deeply and easily into self awareness and transformation.
Those who complete the course with me will experience a life changing transformation. While the course provided in this book isn’t a magic pill, it does offer you the tools to transform your life from the inside out. Changing your beliefs, making peace with the past, empower you to express your Real Self. Through a process of guided meditations and one on one sessions you will find the power to release your limits and live a full, joyful and wonderful life. I use easy to find stones and crystals in the book so that you can get started right away, ( I even carry most of these in the store here on this website). When you are ready to create a new experience of yourself based on Remembering Who You Are.. this is the way to do it. The information in this book works. It’s worked for everyone who has applied these teachings and decided to live as the Master they Are. I look forward to working with you along this wonderful Journey Back To Self! There are three options at present with a fourth course that I’ll have ready before the end of summer. Whether you decide to work one on one with me.. which is the faster, most powerful way, or take part in the group class you will experience your power starting the first week. Working through the book on your own is also an option for those who stay the path and are diligent to make the necessary changes within. Either way, let the Adventure Begin!
This is the perfect course and coaching offer if you are ready to see “that which is hidden”. You are ready to live free, to be honest, to experience yourself as you really are. Working with me is an agreement you are making with your soul to let go of everything that is NOT you. You are ready to release the past, let go of old garbage & willing to BE FREE.

Work with me one on one through weekly phone calls. This is the most intense and fastest way to change your life. We can cover deep issues which make up the core foundation on which you have built your life. Revealing these gives you the opportunity to upgrade and change those outdated beliefs into something which more represents that which you wish to create in your life.  A Signed copy of my book A Journey Back to Self is included in the one on one option.

Don’t wait another minute to heal your life and create the experience of wholeness, abundance, love, joy and prosperity.

Visit Consciousness Power today to heal your life


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