Ask Donna

It’s Thrival Time!

No more struggling and wrestling with creating life the way you desire to experience it.

I know how it feels to be working harder and harder to be successful and no matter how much effort you put into it, success always seems just out of reach. I’ve been there too.

In my dark night of the soul, when nothing seemed to be working I cried out to Source for answers. How To Thrive In A Survival Mindset World was the answer Spirit gave me.

Trival Consciousness is about YOU as Consciousness creating exactly what you desire to experience. It puts the power with you where it’s always belonged.

I used it to create a radio station.. What will it do for you?

 Each person I’ve taught these principles to has increased their understanding of how to create a true reflection of what they really want to experience.  If it works to build a radio station, it will work for YOUR Dream too.  

Now is the Time to go ahead and BE Successful.  Whether that means writing your book, building great relationships, changing your body size or health.. and everything else.. Thrival Principles work.  What’s holding you back? Where are you stuck in survival and struggle mindset mode?  Are you ready for Full Throttle Thriving? 

If you are ready.. & I feel that you are or you wouldn’t be here.. then I will guide you through the principles of Thrival in my book.  Here is how I’ve got it set up for you. 

You can decide on one call per week, one hour or two calls per week for one hour each. 

You invest in one on one coaching / guidance.  I am not your average coach.  Rather I guide you, a Way Shower.. who nudges you to discover the truth within you.  I use a process I call “Clean & Release” to discover what is holding you in place.   If you watch my videos and listen to my radio broadcasts you’ve probably heard me mention this process.  What we do together here is much deeper than that.  On the radio, video and in books I can only present the information to you that will aid you in making these changes.  Through our mentoring together we can communicate energy being to energy being & work more quickly to release & heal.  It’s time.  You know it is.  You’ve spent way too much time & money trying to get a handle on your life.  You want more than you’ve experienced so far.  This is your opportunity to Practice Being a Master of your own life creations.  I can’t do it for you, but I can and will guide & encourage you and walk with you as you Transform your Reality! 

Working together we uncover & release all beliefs that keep you spinning your wheels in the same place and through the release, you move forward into the next expression of yourself. 

This isn’t surface coaching, it’s deep down, heal it once and for all coaching.  No more onion layers to peel.. we are letting the onion go for good.  

Now it’s your turn.  You decide.  Do you want to continue with the struggle or discover Thrival Principles and create your life your way?  It’s really just that easy. 

Thrival Consciousness is about you knowing that you are the Cause & your experiences are the result of the energy you set into motion.  You create form through your thoughts activated as Source Energy.  This coaching is the next step in Evolutionary Spirituality.  It works, I know, I live it.  Since writing & living the Thrival Principals my life has totally changed.  You too, change create your life on purpose with these principles of Thrival. 

During our Three Months of working together we will cover all aspects of life; money, relationships, self worth.  If it’s slowing you down, we will go there and clean out the programs that are running.  Thrival Coaching is about getting deep down into those beliefs you are not even aware of on a conscious level.  You will begin to understand how it’s all connected.  No matter where you are struggling, it’s the symptom of beliefs that just are not able to bring you into the experiences you desire to have.

We will cover the how to of creating so that you understand the process of how stuff gets to be stuff.  We’ll also get to the specifics of how YOU are the one giving the directions for your stuff to show up and how to change to a different set of directions.  

If you are ready to stop blaming others and take control of your own life all that’s left is for you to decide on one weekly call or two.  Make your purchase and then I’ll contact you to get you on my calendar.

I offer a few options for your convenience.

Option One; You will be given a day / time each week for two one hour phone calls per week, plus an autographed copy of “How To Thrive In a Survival Mindset World”, Plus daily text messages to keep you inspired.

Visit Consciousness Power today!

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