Interview Questions

1. How did you get started in energy work?

It’s always been natural to me.  Even as a child I knew that there was more going on than what most people saw and heard.  Of course sharing how the butterfly or tree spoke to me wasn’t always accepted as a “good” thing.  As I grew older and pointed out how hard everyone was making life and how mean everyone thought “GOD” was I didn’t necessarily make a comfortable impression, but I knew what I knew.  It didn’t always feel comfortable to me either and the push to conform and be like others was sometimes challenging to resist.  I’m glad though that I held onto the inner knowing as it’s helped me through a lot of hard feeling places over the years.

2.  Was there an event that helped you realize the connection between emotions and dis-ease?

Yes.  In my early 20’s I had heart burn and indigestion most of the time.  Eating anything would set it off.  Meal time became a hardship as my body wanted food but the food created horrible pain from my stomach to my throat.  I went to the doctor to see what was wrong when even antacids were no longer helping and was surprised to be ask, “What are you so danged angry about”? The doctor hit the nail on the head with that question.   He also suggested that I find a way to calm down before I experienced bleeding ulcers or he would have to medicate.  I didn’t want the meds so I decided to use the antacids he prescribed and look into my anger issues.  This was the beginning of understand that anger really was eating me up inside.  Going through my anger took a few years but little by little I let go of the fear and anger over things that had already happened as I realized they were no longer happening and forgiveness released me from the connection and energy of the pain.

3.  How did A Journey Back To Self come about?

The book began as a way of sharing the healing steps I had taken with others.  A group  would gather in my home where I would hand them print out of steps and exercises to help them move through the emotions of the past.  I’ve always loved teaching so this was a very natural part of my healing process.  Heal and pass the wisdom on to others is part of my journey through writing, teaching, radio & video.  Eventually I got a computer and started teaching these “self heal lessons” through a Yahoo group.  Each week I’d send a lesson with homework to the student and we’d talk through emails and a once a week phone call through ICQ.  It grew each time I taught the lessons and of course I was self realizing more so I had more to share.  I teach what I know, what I experience. I burned the lessons to CD and then printed the pages out and put in a notebook.  Eventually I found out that I could actually put it all together in a book, which is what I did a few years ago.  Now I’m publishing A Journey Back To Self Living Consciousness, the second edition with more information, meditations and exercises to help people do their own work and Be Master of their own life experiences.

4.  A lot of times people think authors live a charmed life.  Has yours been charmed without mishap?

NO!!!!  I’ve had my fair share of self sabotage and fallen in a few ditches over the years.  Of course I realize each experience was according to my own thinking, believing and choices I’ve made.  Life happens.  That’s the beauty of being a Divine Human, you have the power to create your life experiences in the images of your emotions and imagination and whether you are aware of being this powerful or not, you are still creating.  I’ve  created some dilly moments and thankfully realized along the way how and with what energy I created them.   For me and I imagine most authors and teachers, what we write about and teach comes from our personal experiences.  It’s about learning / remembering as you create it and experience it and somewhere along the line the dots of how and why start connecting.

5.  Where did “How to Thrive in a Survival Mindset World” come from?  A specific experience?

A few years ago my life just wasn’t working the way I wanted to experience it.  Yes, I was surviving, making money to eat etc, but it was hard.  It was a struggle to make ends meet and have anything left over.  It got so bad that I could barely make it each month.  So, I sat down in the middle of my bed with my drum and began asking, “what is it that I don’t get here”?  I knew there was obviously something I didn’t know or I would be living it.  As my granny used to say, “the proof is in the pudding”, meaning the evidence of the statement or proclamation can be seen and experienced.  Well, I was doing what everyone else was doing, I was surviving, but it wasn’t fun.  I really like fun.  Surviving just wasn’t what I wanted for my life experience.  Working hard and harder just to cover expenses with little time to have fun just wasn’t cutting it.  So I decided to go within and not leave until I got some answers.  After several weeks of drumming, singing my Spirit Song,and  listening, I hear a little giggly voice inquire, “Granddaughter, do you really want to know how to THRIVE”?  Of course I answered yes and was told to write, live and teach the information I was given.  That is the book “How to Thrive in a Survival Mindset World”.  I live it and changed my life with the principles of Thrival.  One of the goals I accomplished with the teaching was to create a radio station platform that had something awesome to listen to 24 hours a day seven days a week.  Thus Awakened Radio Network was born.  I host there several times a week along with several other teachers who present their wisdom to the world.

6.  Did each of your books come from these types of experiences?  Real life?

Yes they did.  “The Power of Forgiveness” came about through my own process of understanding what forgiveness actually is and how it transforms your energy so that you are creating with a different type of energy.  “Liver and Onions” is the result of wanting a way to better help myself and others understand the principle of the Law of Attraction.  It’s a great little story mini ebook that offers a lot of Aha from everyone who reads it.  Most recently “How to Stay Motivated for Success” one of my little mini coaching in print ebooks resulted from my radio show listeners asking “HOW”?  How do we stay the course, not give up, deal with frustration and keep putting one foot joyfully in front of the other from thought to reality.

7. Do you believe in aliens, angels, UFOs?

I avoid all beliefs as best I can.  By that I mean I enjoy ideas, concepts,  What if type of thinking.  What if this is true, what if it’s not?  What if there are no absolutes, what if we are all making it up as we go along?  One of the liberating questions we can play around with is, “what if, just what if everything you think you know about everything is wrong”?  I love that question as it opens up a whole new level of play.  Rather than fighting for who has the better or truer beliefs we just begin letting go of our attachments to beliefs entirely and do what lifts life up rather than what it tears it down.

8. You’ve said on your broadcasts and in your books many times that Religion and Politics are the most damnable things mankind ever created,  Why do you say this?

Religion and politics server only one purpose, Control of the masses.  That’s it. They serve no other purpose.  They don’t life life up or help us with a relationship with “creator” “life”, rather than limit our understanding and experience of this creative principle and of ourselves.  Religion and politics are like vampires that have always sucked the life out of civilization.  I hope that we are at the place to begin questioning the purpose for these controlling corporations and allow that we can take responsibility for our own actions with understanding and wisdom.

9.  You talk about Political Spirituality, what is that all about?

There is only energy. Period.   That’s all there is.  Religion and politics have been used as fear tactics to keep us separate from the really big, important questions like what will we eat, how will we raise our children, where and how will we live.  Today like throughout history mankind is at the mercy of state and church.   A bit of research into history will show that only our technology has changed a bit over the eons, mankind’s slavery to “authority” remains the same.  Breaking free of political chains, and the church is as much a part of that as the political system is, is the only answer for mankind and life on this planet.  Even if we are an experiment of the “ancient gods from the skies’ we can awaken and live more fully empowered lives and we must if we wish to continue in a similar vein as we are now.  Humans are being changed through geo engineering, GMO non food, toxins and chemicals in food, air, water, beauty products, everything we use.  Being angry, afraid and resisting doesn’t work.  The REAL change is within each of us.

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