Ask Donna

You got questions?  I got answers.  Now to be totally honest I might now have all the answers.. I might not even have your answers.. but I do have some life experience and a lot of answers to some really great questions about life.

I also know that communication is key to finding answers.  Just asking me a question opens you up to receiving your answers from the store house of wisdom within you.  So let’s get started.  Ask away about how to be happy, how to stop struggling, what role do beliefs play.  You might even have questions about letting go of limits or personal empowerment.

There are comment boxes here for you to type in.  I’ll approve all real questions.(you spammers know what I’ll do with your comments)… so ask a question.  You might have a comment to share about one of my books, articles or radio shows.  Those are welcome here to.  This website is here for us to get to know one another and have some great conversations.

Grab your coffee, get comfortable and Ask Donna.. The Barefoot Guru is in!

10 thoughts on “AskDonna

  1. I’ll get us started. Here’s a good question
    How do you know when it’s time to let what has been be a has been and move into another now?

    The moment you are no longer enjoying it.. start releasing it and leave that space open for the next fun adventure. Holding on is the result of fear. Face it, name it and move into excitement. Life is what you make it.

  2. Q= Should we be afraid of Ebola?
    A= Only if you want to. Not everyone wants to experience happiness and peace. That’s perfectly OK. If you want to experience fear then do so and enjoy the heck fire out of it. If not.. then don’t. Yes.. it’s that simple and easy to choose.

  3. I got another one for ya
    Q How can I choose happy?
    A The same way you choose unhappy. Those thoughts, feelings, actions an beliefs are working overtime on one state of mind/experience or another. Let it all work for you and how you want to experience yourself. Easy breezy!

  4. Another question I hear a lot is how do I stay motivated even when things don’t look like they are working out?
    A It does feel tempting sometimes in this “in between place” to go back into struggling an survival mode. This is where practicing wisdom comes in. The more you practice the principles in my books, radio shows, videos and websites the easier it gets. On foot in front of the other, one smile after another.. enjoying the whole process. 🙂

  5. Here’s another question I received.
    Q Why is it so hard to make permanent changes in my life?
    A You are not changing. That’s it in a nutshell. Without making changes in your inner programs, thoughts/beliefs/actions, things just recycle. You are living from emotional memory. When you clear that life lines up differently.

  6. Q How can I just feel better for today?
    A Feeling good is really easy. Smile. Let that smile become a giggle then move into a belly laugh. Your body produces chemicals that feel good when you do that. As long as you stay in that energy you will feel good.
    If you would like to heal what’s inside that is the root of your worry and stress, consider a Shift My Beliefs session with me! here on this website

  7. Q Where do you get the ideas for your books?
    A Life. My life and the lives of people around me. Often listeners and readers ask questions which get me started. I love questions.. mostly because I so love answers.

  8. Q: How can I be happy when things are just all messed up & crazy?
    A: This is when it’s most important to grab happy by the hand full! The experience you are having is the residue of your last set of thoughts/feelings and beliefs. Stay in the new reality! Stay there!

  9. As a mother, I am bombarded with feelings of guilt. Guilt over cleaning the house instead of playing with my child. Guilt over playing with my child when I should be cleaning the house. I have eliminated the ability to enjoy creating art, music, and more as a result of constantly feeling the obligation to “mother” everything. Any suggestions?

    • That is an experience most of us have as mothers. Being responsible to so many interests can weigh us down and create a state of unhappiness and GUILT!
      Take time to tune in to your inner voice. What would bring you the most joy and satisfaction? Do that. Sometimes it’s playing, sometimes it’s a clean house. No need to play the guilt game, follow your joy. Always follow the JOY!
      Thank you so much for sharing with me.

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