Shift My Beliefs

It’s Time To Release Limits Shift Those Beliefs and Live the Empowered Successful Life you Want to Live!

You’ve arrived here because it’s time to change.

I’m talking about changing everything in your whole life.

There is an “Awakening” happening right now.  People feel it all around the world.  A new way of thinking, feeling, relating to one another and our planet. There is a desire deep within to experience yourself and your life in a brand new way, a way that is easy to live and full of celebration. What I’m offering to you is this secret.  It’s more than the law of attraction.  It’s deep down to the cells healing and clearing, releasing everything that you are not so that the beautiful and brilliant.. and yes.. powerful YOU comes out to create and play!

It doesn’t matter the past pain, fear, failures, worry, stress, sickness, bad relationships you’ve encountered. Your past will no longer have any hold over you. Your past will no longer be recreated over and over again in a recycling of similar experiences.

What I’m talking about is a promise of change on the very core of your beliefs. Plug into the Source Energy of Awakening..

Beliefs are what keep things going the same way day in day out, year in and year out.

You’ve read books, listened to audio, worked with a coach, gone to doctors and still the past haunts you.. you can’t seem to break free of the loop that holds you in place like a hamster in a wheel.

The problem is.. YOUR BELIEFS>>> They are your habits.. your emotions are your addictions.  Wake up to a new way of Being!

You’ve used affirmations, meditations, medicines.. you’ve done it all.. and still.. you keep staying in the same place.

It’s like there is a ball and chain around your neck keeping you from enjoying health, prosperity, good relationships, fill in the blank..______

What I’m willing to share with you.. WILL change this within ONE HOUR! I’ve heard the questions hundreds of times, “how do I shift my beliefs”?  I can help you upgrade to a belief that works better for you, or better yet to lay down your beliefs and discover the powerful being you really are who creates and can create exactly what you want to experience.

It’s not magic.. it’s biology.. it’s energy.. it’s reprogramming your subconscious with the permission of your subconscious to be reprogrammed. This is what’s been missing with all the affirmations, coaching, healing, doctors and medicine.

You’ve been treating the conscious mind.  Conscious mind DOES NOT change beliefs.

Only the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND can change programming, called beliefs .. and thus change your whole life.

This process is simple, easy, pain free, fast, and sure. It will work for you. We will work with the Energy of Awakening to open you up to a new way of thinking, feeling, seeing and Being starting with the first session. Plus we do more than just work with the subconscious mind to upgrade to a “better belief”. We can actually move you into an experience of Being Consciousness.  This is a real game changer, a life changer.  You will be Free to pick & choose what to believe or whether to have any beliefs at all.  We can’t change it all in one hour, but if there is something that is just driving you nuts & you are ready for some help.. this is that help.

I know it works. I’ve used it on my self, my family, friends and clients to shift their core beliefs, their INNER PROGRAMMING, thus changing their lives.

You’ll think it’s magic when you experience it.

Gone will be the worry, fear, anxiety, depression, and self defeating beliefs that have beat you up and kept you from success your whole life.

I PROMISE that not only will you FEEL GOOD but your life will begin to change starting day ONE!

So, Here’s your choice;

You can laugh, say to yourself that this is just another gimmick to get your money, it doesn’t work.. etc..etc.. all the stuff you’ve said that has kept you where you are..


You can give it a shot. Take me up on my promise that it WILL WORK FOR YOU!


Shift YOUR LIFE TODAY! Awaken to the Energy that you Are.

I’ve been doing healing energy work for many years, worked with hundreds of clients.. I’ve taught healing, coached, written books, given talks.. and this is the most powerful and life changing thing I’ve ever offered you.

YOU CAN keep spending your money on more books, classes, coaching.. go ahead.. you will eventually be back here for a belief shift if you really WANT change.

That’s what I notice most often with people. Everybody says they want change.. but few are willing to take the step, make the choice.. that CHANGES EVERYTHING!

This step will change everything for you..

Pick the major thing you want shifted in your life.  Think about it and pick something that will really prove to you that this works by our changing it in one session.

NOW>> decide to work with me on this issue.

Your beliefs about yourself, the world and others are lies. What you believe has created mirror images of these lies for you to experience time and again. You are the one creating them. You are the power behind them.

The law of attraction has only scratched the surface of this great TRUTH. There is so much more. You have got to change how you see yourself and your world in order for these things to change.

That’s where spiritual coaching comes in.  There is no reason to keep motivating you when the core of the program running your life is based on lies. You are just motivated to keep doing what you’ve been doing, and creating what you’ve been creating.

This coaching takes it much deeper.. to the foundation of your beliefs.

That’s it.. you get a reprogramming of this powerful core, life creating, belief.. in just one hour.  I promise.

Clean clear release heal

I use a process I call “clean, clear, release, heal”  to bring you face to face with exactly what is holding you back.  Once you take this step it’s easy to move into a new energy, a new way of thinking & creating!  There is no need to struggle any longer.  You will heal within yourself that limit, that belief, that has held you in place for so long.  Once free you will be given tools that you can continue using to clean and release other limits.  

You’ve had enough struggling to survive.  You’ve thirsted for thriving and prosperity.  Starting today you have have just that.  I will share my secrets with you that go way past the law of attraction into the HOW creation works for you, through you, in you, as you.  This secret will change your life.

What’s it worth to you to get relief right now? Today?

Once I receive payment I will email you and we will set a time for you.

 It works with just the phone session, as I am intuitive and can “see” your energy.  We can also use Skype for the call.  As a healer I will work with you on the level of healing the blockages in your energy, mind, body, and your beliefs. This is for the WILLING!  You’ve been ready for something to change for years.. but ARE YOU WILLING?  Ready is like having your bags packed for a trip but never stepping outside your front door.  Willing is putting one foot in front of the other and celebrating each step of the journey.

You will receive results with the very first session. After receiving your payment I will contact you to get you on my schedule and give you a few tips for getting the most Wham out of our time together.  If you are ready to make a huge change in your whole life… you know what to do.  The ball is in your court.  Take action today to live a limitless and empowered life! If you are WILLING to be happy, healthy & successful then let’s GO!

$100.00 for one hour of life changing limit free living secrets revealed.  Ready? Visit Shift My Beliefs today!

3 thoughts on “ShiftMyBeliefs

  1. I have been inspired to bring this to the world! I have a huge secret. I will share it with you! My writing is in between gigs so this is the perfect time to schedule an hour with me. We’ll do some amazing things that will have you dancing for joy.

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