What if you are NOT here to change the world But to Create & Experience

What if you are not responsible for changing the world and fixing the lives of others?  What if you could let yourself off the hook for all that?  How would that feel?  Would you focus more on what you really want to have happening in your life?

If instead of spending so much of your time and energy concerned about what’s happening in the world you could use that space for creating a wonderful world for yourself, would you do it?  What would you fill your world with?  Health?  Wealth?  Good relationships?  Travel?

Would you be willing to create a sacred space to be still and use your imagination to fill you world with exactly what you want to have?  Would you invest 15 minutes once or twice a day to crank up the imagination and create exactly what you want?

I challenge you to ponder this.  Take the challenge and see what happens.  Let me know.  I love hearing from you.

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