You Are The Powerful Creator Of Your Experiences

I hope you’ll watch the video as it gives you a good idea of what this blog post is all about.  Did you watch it?  Good.  Now let’s talk about how it works.  What did you think / feel while watching the video?  Did your head fill up with arguments about how I just don’t understand what you’ve been through?

“Illusions” has a good line about that.. “argue for your limitation and they are yours”.  That might not be a totally correct quote, but it’s the heart of the matter.  The reason your life continues on and on and on and on is you are arguing for those limits.  You don’t like to think about it that way, but that’s how it works.

The more you make excuses, the more you blame, the more you “reason”, the more your life is just a continuation of what you’ve already experienced.  YOU are the power making it so.

YOU! ARE! Powerful!  There.  That’s the truth.  What is going on in your head now?  What are those emotions telling you?  I know it feels hard to change it.  After all you’ve been in this rut most, if not all, of your life.  Yet I tell you the truth.  ONLY you have the power to change anything in your life.  You are constantly creating your world of experiences.

The more focused on what is you are the more of that you create.  It takes a mind set on new ideas, new images, new beliefs, to bring about something new.  Fill up on the desire.  All that clap trap about having no desires is what keeps you from them.  Let your imagination swirl, dance and delight you with images and emotion of that perfect life you want.  See it and only it.  Accept that this out here is only a left over shadow of your last creative effort.  Note it as that, a shadow, a left over.  Give it no more energy that the left overs in your fridge.

Now get busy imagining your life as you want it. Think it, feel it, close your eyes and be there in it.  Hold it and only it in your heart.  Expect it to form.  Celebrate as it does.

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When No One Likes Me, What Then?

Have you ever had one of those moments when for no reason, out of no where, someone just didn’t like you?  Recently I had someone Thumb Down one of my videos on YouTube.  I just sat there wondering about it for a few minutes.  They hadn’t left a comment stating what about it they didn’t like, it was just there. A Thumb Down!

That’s a little thing but a good example to use in this blog post.  What do you do when someone doesn’t like you or disagrees with you?  Do you get all bent out of shape and strike out in anger or sulk away to lick your wounds?

I accept that not everyone gets me and that’s OK. Honestly I don’t get everyone either.  I don’t thumb down videos that I don’t agree with, I just move on to the next one.  I do that with conversations, movies, interactions with people too.  Nothing to get all tangle dangled up about.  Just go on to the next offering OR better yet.. create an experience that is much more to your liking.

That’s what I did with the Thumb Down video.  I went to Twitter and asked people to thumb it up for me.  Quite a few did and I really appreciate that. 

Moral of this story: let all the Thumbs Down in your life be little things that you just laugh about as you move into something you enjoy!

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

Who Do You Say You Are?

That’s the most important question you will ever answer.  Who are you?  How many hundreds of times throughout the day do you proclaim yourself as unwanted states?  See the connection between you commanding the experience of the state to appear and the power that is bringing it into form.

YOU! Yes, you are that power.  Sit down with your journal and be still for fifteen minutes.  Look over all the proclamations you’ve made today as you stated with great passion I AM ____________.

Do you see the connection between what is stated and your experience?  That I AM power is YOU!  There is none other but the GOD that you are, proclaiming into form.  As you accept this and begin to work with it in your imagination, your quite time, you will be able to see how to create the life you truly desire.

Where does creation take place?  In your own imagination.  Play there and form the very thing you wish to experience.

Leave me a comment on your adventure.  I love hearing about all the fun you’re having Creating Consciously.

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

But How Can I Be Happy When Everything is SO Wrong!


I understand. Really, I do.  I’ve been there and may be there again. Here’s why.  What you are experiencing right now is the residue or left over energy of your last master piece.  Yep, that’s right.  This is what you already created. Now, just release it and stay in the new creation.

First accept that everything in your life is there due to you.  No one is doing anything to you or holding anything from you.  That’s some mighty power you have there!  Now that we’ve got that under our belt simply move on to going within to create what you want.  Use that powerful imagination of yours that you’ve used to create everything else with.  This time use it and master your mind, seeing only what you’ve asked for, knowing that it’s already yours.

Stay in that.  When you senses show you what was rather than what IS, instruct them in the truth! The truth is, that is not how it is anymore.  Then take a few moments to visit again in your imagination how it IS!

That’s the Big Secret!  YOU have the power.  Use it to master your life!

Don’t Let Your Senses Deceive You Any Longer


Chances are you are only seeing what has already been made form through your thinking, believing and feeling.  STOP!

Don’t let your senses deceive you any longer.  What you see is the left overs of thoughts and feelings brought into form on your behalf.  You can have new experiences but you first must release your emotional addiction to what already is.  Think of it this way; what is going on in your life right now is the residue of thoughts you’ve already had and emotions you’ve already felt.  Once you release them they no longer have form.

How do you release them?  Simply by going within your Sacred Space and moving into a new knowing.  We’ve spent years peeling onion layers that only exist because we continue creating them.  STOP!  By now you probably know what  a lot of your beliefs, limits and self doubts are.  Stop entertaining them.  Stop giving life to them.

In your prayer closet, in your mediation, in your Sacred Space know deeply Who You Are.  Feel only that.  Think only that.  Express only that with your words and actions.  This is the path of the Master. 

I’ve written books for you, done hundreds of videos and radio shows for you.  I even offer right here on this website to work with you as your guide.  The next step is yours. Only a few will take up this path.  Only a few will Be a Master.

Will you?

I love you.. love yourself well.

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

What You Take In As A Feeling You Bring Out As A Condition




Universe within you




Neville Goddard said, “What you take in as a                                                                        feeling you bring out as a condition”.  Perfect!

What does this mean to us today?  Simply put what you think and feel all day long is what your subconscious or G O D brings forth as you waking reality.  That’s why I talk so much about spending time in the Silence.  You can call it prayer or meditation if you like, but spending a large portion of your day here is necessary if you wish to see signs and wonders following you.

After you have felt it, experienced your life within then speak only, think only, that which enhances it.  Think only that which enhances happiness.  Speak and live, have your whole being in the New Truth that has formed in the Sacred Within!

The reason you are still struggling is you don’t understand this.  You haven’t committed to being Master of your thought and feeling.  You will NEVER change the outer with struggle, anger or resistance.  You can understand that you are creating your reality till cows fly, but until you are will to become Master of Your Life and practice the principles of Truth, nothing will change in the way you experience your world and life.

Ask for what you want, stay in the silence experiencing only that.  Accept the situation, live that.  Speak that.  Know that the experiences you are having are only shadows of what you’ve already created with your thought/feeling/knowing to be true activities.

What do you want?  Are you willing to commit to being master of your life?

I’d love to work with you privately.  See the services tab at the top of the page.

I love you.. love yourself well…

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

Live As Consciousness

What if you are so brilliant that you created the exact experience you are in right now to help yourself remember that the experience you want is within you to bring about?  You actually did just that.  Everything is WITHIN YOU!  You bring it forth.  You are the source of everything.

Now I know that sounds a bit strange but it’s the truth.  There is nothing that is not within you and there is nothing that is not G O D!   That’s everything, the whole of it all. 

So rather than resisting and struggling with what you’ve already created accept that you created it.  Let it be a reminder of what you do want to experience.

Say you are just plain out broke, no money.  The only thing you see is the lack.  Notice the ABUNDANCE of that lack!  See it?  Notice what’s going on here? Where did that experience of so much lack come from?  Within YOU!

You are sick as a dog.  Where is the message?  You want health.  See it?  There it is.. right in front of you. 

Now for the fun part.  Go ahead and live that right now.  Don’t try to think it into form or believe it into form.  Live it.  Celebrate the abundance you see all around you.  Rejoice in the power that is there.  Celebrate health.  Does your toe feel good, then sing a song about it.

Got a dollar?  Give it away?  Help someone who is not able to walk if you can walk.  Live the experience of abundance and health.  Know that as you live AS Consciousness, giving, sharing you are pulling in more to give away.

You are the fountain from which everything flows.. so get with that.  Be that.  ACT as Consciousness!

I love you.. love yourself well.

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru