Where is YOUR Happy Today? Be Sure to Look Where Happy Is


See that little dog?  His name is Enrique, Rique for short, and he gets talked about a lot by me.  He’s a spoiled rotten Chihuahua mess and I love the stuffing out of him.  He is a great reminder to stay looking at the happy in my life.  He is funny, aggravating and most of all a happy little dog.  He even tries to talk, and what a noise he makes too.  I can’t count how many times when I’ve been tempted to look at the sour side of life he did something funny and with the laughter bubbling up from inside, I remembered my happy.

My point is this.  No matter what’s going on there is always a happy place and it’s easy to reach because it’s inside you.  Now I know some one may say, but Donna you don’t know what I’m going through.  You’re right, I don’t  But I do know that even during the hardest times in my life happy won the day when I reached inside and touched base with it.  Most people don’t feel happy because they are looking for it somewhere out there, where it is not located.  No one can bring you happy all wrapped up in a box either.  There are not enough things happening to keep you in happy either.  It’s a choice.

You might want to get a Chihuahua puppy and spoil him silly to remind you to reach inside for your happy or just set up reminders throughout your house.. the dog is more fun though.  Whatever you do, always go for the happy.  Life is just so much more enjoyable when you decide on happy and keep deciding on it

To help you keep your happy groove I’ve just published a new powerful book.  Click the picture to see the Kindle version on Amazon. For the print version on Amazon click here.

cover  Be sure to check out all my books while on Amazon.. you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Also while here look around at the contest and other pages.  Remember, I love hearing from you, so leave a comment.

I love you, love yourself well,

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

You Can Move From Being A Survivalist to a Thrivalist And Discover How to Really Be Happy

Want to Thrive?

I’m going all out on this new book, blogs, articles, videos, contests.. the whole nine yards because I KNOW how powerful this information is.   While I am delighted with all my books,  this one brings all the teachings, all the wisdom together in 100 print pages and 50 kindle pages.  It’s packed full of stories, examples and exercises to show you the proof of what I’m talking about.  You’ve had enough of the struggling just to survive.  I know how totally fed up and frustrated you are feeling because I’ve felt that way too.  This book took me 20 years to live, and you can read it in a few days and if you make the practices in it real, you’re life can start changing from day one!

YES! This information is that powerful.  I am so pumped about as many people as possible getting their Kindle readers filled with this information that I am creating a new page here on the website where you can get a free Audible copy of my book, “How To Thrive In A Survival Mindset World” FREE just for purchasing and reviewing “I Can Fill This Space With Any Thing I Want”.  That’s huge and the audio book is yours to keep.  Audible and I ask only that you review it and I ask that you apply the teachings in the book to create the life you want.

I’m willing to bet that you, like me, are weary of trying to figure out what’s wrong and are more interested in how to just go ahead and consciously create the life you want to live.  These are the tools I give you in this book.  I’ve been celebrating and saying, “thank you Creator” since I finished the last read before sending the files to the publishers.  This stuff works.  If it works for me and those students I’ve taught it to over the years.. IT WILL work for you too.

You do have to read it and you do have to apply the wisdom.  But it’s presented in a way that’s fun and exciting.  I’ve got new stories, new examples and new exercises to help you. 

What is your biggest concern right now?  What are you having the most difficulty with?  Leave me a comment.  I’d love to have a conversation with you. 

From Survivalist To Thrivalist How To Thrive And Be Happy In Your Every Day Life

BookCoverPreview (1)

This isn’t a survivalist handbook just teaching you how to keep your head above the water as you struggle through the unending challenges of life. Rather it’s a “thrivalist” handbook geared for those who are looking for a better way of living. If you are ready for that New Age, Shifted, Paradigm that everyone is talking about, this is your handbook. Using stories and exercises to help make real changes to belief systems and outdated modes of reacting to everything unwanted in life, the reader is given Secrets that greatly out pace most of the Law of Attraction books already on the market.

The author uses ten short chapters with supporting make it real exercises to aid in not just understanding the principles of thriving, but actually give the tools in simple to follow and easy to live steps that make deep changes part of a fun new life adventure.

Donna DeVane, The Barefoot Guru has written a book where spiritual concepts are so easily laid out and explained that you will be kicking your heels in the air before you finish reading. Before long you’ll look back over how hard your life was and giggle in wonderment about why you lived that way. A whole new way of life is written in these pages, a life that thrills and excites.

Stop letting life live you, discover the keys to living life to the fullest!

Donna DeVane is a spiritual teacher who use southern charm, charisma and a few down home style stories to share deep insights and wisdom about being happy and living a life worth living. She’s authored “A Journey Back To Self”, “How To Thrive In A Survival Mindset World”, “How To Be Happy And Live Free” among other book titles. She hosts a weekly radio broadcast where she expands on these topics with people all around the world.

The above is my write up about the new book.  Again, let me state how amazed I am at the information that came through me for this book.  Wisdom on every page to help you make it real.  While writing and reading my own book I made major changes and if I wrote it and it gave me the tools to make changes… it will give you these tools too.  I deal with very real issues, life fear, limiting beliefs, old habits, family and friends.  Also included is how to make these changes real and lasting with fun and ease.   This is the best book on this topic I’ve ever read.  While the book will not do the work for you it does give you the details for changing your life yourself. 

Stay tuned for more blogs on this book, I’m going to include some of the inside of the book as we go along.  Once it’s available I will be giving away a free audio book from Audible in exchange for your review to the first 25 people who purchase “I Can Fill This Space With Any Thing I Want”  subscribe to the blog here today to stay updated on everything going on in my world!

I love you, love yourself well…

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

Dealing With Limiting Beliefs Consciously Creating Life



My newest book will be available in the next few days, picture above is that book.  Yesterday while doing the last read through edit I was just amazed at the information I had written.  As I read through the book I had one AHA after another and I had typed all the information there.  That’s why I write.  It’s a wonderful process of reminding myself to remember my awesomeness.  I’ve been writing and doing radio for a few years now and the main reason I do it is for the wisdom that comes through each time I type a book or talk on the radio.  It’s amazing to experience the very principles I write and talk about happening to me, in me, through me.

This experience is my gift to you, it’s GOD’S gift to you.  I am the hands that type, the mouth that talks, but the wisdom is eternal.  I will share a few bits and pieces of the new book here on my blog.  When it’s available I will be offering a free audio book in exchange for a review to everyone who purchases “I Can Fill This Space With Any Thing I Want”.  Why am I doing this?  Simply because I want more people to have this material.  It’s time for us to face our fear and limits and move into the actual experience of Who We Are.  We talk about that a lot, but most can’t figure out how to do it in everyday, real lives.  I’ve written the steps in my books.  People have only to read and practice to be Master Of Their Own Lives.

Here are the Chapters of the book.


Page 7

What Is This Space

Page 8

When The Diapers And Dishes Are Dirty

Page 21

Stop Faking It Start Making It

Page 31


Forgetting Everything Ain’t Real

The Building Materials of Life

Page 40

Chapter Five

Taking Beliefs to Task

Or Seeing Past the Illusion

Page 50

Chapter Six

Participate in Your Own Life

Page 58

Chapter Seven

Craving New Experiences

Page 71

Chapter Eight

Retraining the Brain

Letting Go of Beliefs

Page 78

Chapter Nine

Do What You Love

Love What You Do

See It Done

See It Through

Page 83

Chapter Ten

Connecting with Abundance

Page 94

Additional Resources

Page 100

Stay tuned for the next blog for more information on how to Consciously Create YOUR Life

Stuck in the Struggle Again It’s not a new song, It’s Your Life



Are you stuck in the struggle again even though you promised that your life would be different by now?  Where does it all come from? It’s your theme song created by all those danged beliefs that you hold onto so dearly.  You know what I’m talking about too.  You are thinking of a few of those beliefs even now.  They are running around in your head and you know they don’t work, you know they only bring you sorrow and toil, but danged if you know how to let them go.  You wonder if you can let them go.  Would it be the end of civilization if you just released all those limits that have been handed down generation after generation?

The world will not end, but your struggling will! You just might smile and laugh more often and enjoy your life each and every day.  That’s worth the little bit of effort to discover what’s making you tick isn’t it?  Why hold on to something that brings only pain and stress when you can let it go and move into a brighter, happier experience?  You don’t have to hold on to those beliefs, they are not actually etched in stone although you might have thought they were. 

For 15 seconds breath and wonder about how great it would feel to be belief free.  AH!  That’s nice isn’t it? What do you need beliefs for other than to keep creating the same old stuff the same old way.  You say you are tired of the way it is, so in order for it to be different something has to change.  That something is YOU!

Discovering why you get stuck isn’t hard either.  I’ve written a book that shows you step by step where you got all those beliefs and even guides you through the process of releasing them to either a better working belief.. or you can go whole hog and be belief free, A Master of your own Life!  You can get the book at Amazon or work one on one with me for extra strength help.  The choice is yours.  Keep the beliefs and find yourself stuck in the struggle again or make a commitment to yourself to Master Your Life! 

Leave me a comment.  What is your biggest struggle? You never know I just might write about it or discuss it on my radio show.. I could even make a video on that topic!

The Secret To Happiness Define The Meaning Of Wealth for Your Own Success



There is a secret to Happiness.  If you listen to me on the radio or read my books you’ve heard me talk about it over and over again.  You’ve got to define it for yourself.  What is wealth for you?  The dictionary refers to wealth as large amounts of money and possessions.  I like to add more to it to include happiness, fun, health, excitement.  One can be rich in money and stuff and still not have the most important aspects for a wonderful life.  There was a research project several years ago which wanted to determine who the happiest people on earth were.  The researches were surprised to discover that it was not nations thought to be the wealthiest in terms of money and stuff.  Rather the happiest people were tribal folks who spent their lives laughing, dancing and enjoying their lives.

I wrote a little Kindle book, “Success Lifestyle: Happy Ain’t in the stuff, the stuff is in the Happy”  which simply and easily lays out the foundation for being happy first.  That’s the big secret.  Be Happy first. Go ahead, right where you are now and decide to be happy.  That’s success, that’s real wealth. All the other stuff will show up as you allow a space for it.  There is no need for all that struggling and working yourself into exhaustion.  Just decide to be happy right this minute.  In order to enjoy success you must be willing to be where you are and take responsibility for creating that situation.  That’s some powerful stuff, accepting that you really do have the power to create situations to experience.  You might feel a bit of resistance at that idea, after all we are a nation of blamers.  We hold everyone else at fault rather than taking credit for our own lives.  Responsibility really is like taking credit for your own life creations.  Imagine the end of a movie and the credits rolling, your name is there as the writer, actor, producer and everything else.  That’s empowering.  If you can create whatever situation you are in then you also have power to create something else.

The thing is, what energy will you use for the next set of experiences?  If you continue to seek happiness out there somewhere like you’ve always done then the movie will play out in much the same way.  However, if you decide to be happy, to follow happy life will show up to support that energy.  Energy follows energy, experience follows thought and passion combined with action.  You can see how important it is to decide on happy, to define the meaning of wealth and success for yourself.  In order to experience something you must know what it is you want to experience, fill up on the energy of that and move with it. 



For more information on How to Decide on Happy as a lifestyle you just might enjoy my book.   This is what Sandra says about this book, “

If you are at the end of your rope, can’t deal with life’s challenges and have been searching for the secret of life and how to be happy and free……and you are reading this review, then look no farther!!! Since I started reading Donnas books and applying her teachings and listening to her on her radio shows, I have noticed a huge, positive shift in my life. Donnas style of teaching is fun…everyone loves stories!!……she does more than just write self help books……google her- she is all over the internet helping people..listen to her radio shows where she teaches and explains her knowledge……how cool is it, that an author of self help books, has a radio show where she teaches about her books, and she wants you to interact with her!!!!! she WILL help you learn how to change your life! I recommend this book to you and everyone!”

You can see it on the Amazon site. 

I’d love to hear from you.  leave me a comment.

I love you, love yourself well,

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

What If You Didn’t Believe In Limits Would You Stop Struggling?

Imagine for just a few moments that you didn’t have any limits at all.  Imagine that you could do anything you you wanted to and be successful.  Imagine that you could be healthy, happy and totally successful in every area of your life.

We’ve all got beliefs.  We are not even all that aware of most of them.  They are sneaky little programs that hide deep within and are only revealed by the experiences they bring forth.  Just yesterday I was made aware of one.  A guy called me up to offer me a program and while we were talking about what I most needed I mentioned that marketing and promoting were my greatest need.  I stated that I just wasn’t very good at those things.  Now this guy was sharp, at once he asked if I had heard what I just stated.. I had to laugh.  Of course marketing and promotion results will follow the lines of my very own instructions.

These instructions are beliefs.  These beliefs are revealed as we take note of our experiences and listen to the words coming out of our mouths.  I took immediate actions to rectify my ideas on marketing and promoting. I looked over the things I do on the radio and here on my blog and came to see that I am good at it, I am enjoying it. So why say something, believe something, that is not true?

I changed directions at once and began seeing and experiencing my interactions with everyone as a fun exchange of ideas and energy.  Isn’t that what marketing and promotion are all about anyway?  Yes, I am good at this.  I am also very thankful to the young man who called me up to sale me something and even when he knew I wasn’t buying, he still cared enough to point the flashlight on a big AHA!  That’s love people.

I  love you, love yourself well,

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

Thriving IN A Survival Mindset World Changes Required

How to Thrive

Yep, it’s my book and it’s awesome.  Of course you expect me to say that, after all I wrote it.. LOL  This information came to me during one of those dark nights of the soul.  What I had been doing just wasn’t working anymore.  I had tried doing more of all that stuff.. still didn’t work.  I came to a realization that I was missing something.  Something BIG! I was determined that since I obviously didn’t know anything worth talking about to stop talking and listen.  I sat in the middle of my bed and drummed, I sat in the silence and listened

This book was the result of that sitting in the silence.  These were the answers giving to me so that I would THRIVE!  Not just get by or be happy sometimes or most of the time.  I wanted to Thrive each and every day.  I wanted to know how to just enjoy the firecrackers out of my life and wouldn’t accept anything less than Full Throttle Thriving.

I was making it in life and I was happy most of the time.  But life wasn’t all the way like I wanted it.  I’ve always pretty much lived my way and it’s been great. now.. it’s even greater.  I share these insights, this wisdom with you in “How To Thrive In A Survival Mindset World“.  It’s in print, kindle and just released as an audio on Audible.  I’d love to have you check it out.. give it a read or a listen.  Leave a review and come back here to talk with me about your adventure.

I share these principles on the radio too.. Awakened Radio Network is where I talk and talk and talk.  (smile)  I look forward to talking with you soon.

I love you.. love yourself well,

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

How To Stop Struggling And Just Go Ahead And Be Happy

Take Action


How many times each week do you declare that something has just got to change?  Often I’d wager.  We all want change.  We don’t really like that stressful, over the top, day in day out, struggle, but we don’t know how to do anything else.  How can you be happy when life is just so danged hard?  Is there a secret to being happy and thriving that is held so tightly by the very few just to keep everyone else poor?  That might well be part of it.. however you can move into a happier, less stress filled life anytime you choose to do so.  Stress is what you say it is.. so is everything else.  I know, I know.. you’ve heard it before and it just doesn’t make sense does it?  Well.. it’s true.  Life is what you say it is.  Now just saying it with your mouth doesn’t change much, but when you KNOW things change rapidly.  Life starts amazing you almost at once.

Let’s play for just a moment so you can get a taste of what I mean.  Remember a time when you really felt loved, cared for, excited about life and happy.  Go ahead, remember, fill up on it.  How do you feel right now?  Good, right?  Now as long as you stay in that energy you’ll continue to feel good.  As soon as you go back to life is hard, nobody loves me, I don’t know how I’ll pay the bills.. etc.. the feeling changes.  YOU are doing that!  You don’t need everyone and everything around you to line up differently, rather,  you need an ATTITUDE Adjustment.  Yep. 

You think and feel in circles because that’s how you’ve always done it.  That’s what you know.  You need to know something else.  You need a new program to operate in, a new energy, a new outlook.  Call it what you will but until and unless YOU CHANGE nothing will change.  Period!

Making these internal changes is easier than you think once you have the right tools.  I’ll give you the tools for free if you’ll take them and apply them to your life.  All these blog posts, articles, videos, radio shows.. are there for the taking.. and they are FREE too!  Are you using this wisdom?  Applying it to your life? 

Now I have something else for you.. it’s almost free too.  Audible and I will GIVE you a free copy of one of my audio books just for a review.  Now these are full copies of the audio books.  You listen, write a review and most importantly apply the principles in the books.  I can’t do your work for you, will not even try to.. but I will give you the tools for you to use. 

Want a free audio book to listen to, review and apply?  You do have to take a bit of action.  Go to Free Audio Books by clicking these words,  Leave a comment stating which book you would like.  I’ll send you an email with the information to download, it includes a one time only code from Audible.  You download,  listen, review and apply.  Easy right?  Yep!  Now it’s your turn.  Will you take an action?

I’d love to hear from you so leave me a comment.  Oh, and will you help me out by sharing the link to this website with your friends?  Use the social media buttons.. Jan has made it really easy for you to share.

I love you, love yourself well.

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

Thriving Even During The Storms Of Life



I work with a lot of people who all seem to be going through the same kind of things at the same time.  Storms are common now.  Many of my students are experiencing what feels like their whole world breaking apart.  It’s frightening when everything you’ve know just goes bonkers and chaos is the norm rather than the exception.

This is a time for celebration, even in the midst of the biggest storm you’ve ever had in your life.  You say you want change.  Well.. in order for something new to be in your life the old stuff has got to get out.  Now that makes sense doesn’t it?  You want new living room furniture you don’t just pile it on top of the old stuff, you clear out the old first, right?

That’s the great thing about storms, stuff just gets blown out of the way.  I realize it often doesn’t feel enjoyable when you’re right smack dab in the middle of this, but look on the bright side, take not of that silver lining.  Everything that’s leaving no longer served your purpose.  None of those people or experiences brought anything new and exciting into your life.  With them gone that ONE just might show up, or that perfect job, or that great trip  you’ve been dreaming out.  Just lost your job?  Perhaps this is the perfect time to write that book or create the job you’ve always wanted to do.

The key to thriving during these hard times is attitude.  Change yours to excitement and adventure.  Something new and wonderful is moving into your life, a space is being created for it.  Embrace it.  Bless all that’s leaving, it’s served you well to bring you to this point in your life.  Now it’s time for a new adventure.  Attitude is the key, the real secret to thriving in life.  Adjust as often as necessary. 

I love you, love yourself well,

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

What’s happening in your life right now?  I’d love to hear from you.. leave me a comment.. matter of fact, look around the website and give me some feedback..