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Poverty or Prosperity Mindset

Posted by Donna DeVane on April 17, 2014


I’m really not being harsh.. I just want to make a point about mindset.  I saw a post on Facebook announcing that 1 in 5 people live below the poverty level.  That’s shocking to us emotionally isn’t it?  That’s the reason for these stats.  They incite fear in us rather than lifting us up to experience more of life.  We get all caught up in the thought process that poverty could be right around the corner for us and we tense up, start worrying and shut off our natural ability to receive all the abundance that is ours.
What if we changed our minds so that we paid most attention to being in the four out of five who are above poverty?  Isn’t that better feeling?  Yes, it is and it’s far more likely to create that experience over and over again too.  Staying focused on poverty creates more poverty, not more prosperity.  You can not raise poor people up by fearing for them or for yourself.  
Let us awaken to the energy of the fear game and call it for what it is .. a game.  We want a new game, one that lifts us all up.  You want to play this new game with me?
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Posted by Donna DeVane on April 11, 2014

You are the Solution



It’s so exciting being able to share my thoughts with others through video, radio & written word.  The world is just a click away now, we are easily able to see just how connected we all are.  YET!  We still are not taking steps to bring about the reality we say we want to experience.  What gets in the way?
FEAR!  Fear is a tool that’s been used against humanity since the beginning of time.  As long as we don’t face our fear and admit it we will continue to serve it and those who use it against us.

There is a solution to the problems humanity and the planet faces.  That solution is all of us coming together in agreement to withdraw from the energy of fear and move more gently into the energy of what lifts up life.  That is so simple that perhaps that’s why we miss it.  It doesn’t have to be about agreeing with one another on political and religious grounds.  We need only to ask, “does it lift up life”?  If life is not honored & lifted up another option is chosen.

Does war lift up life?  Does greed?  Does raping the Earth Mother?  Does violence?  NO!  We get that yet we continue to be influenced by those who use fear to tell us that we are running out, that the boggy man is going to get us.  Only as we look fear in the face and take a step forward will we change things.

Change starts within each of us.  Facing your fear, taking a step into the next energy is where it begins.  Will you take that step today?  I’ll walk with you a while.
Love yourself well,
Donna DeVane
The Barefoot Guru

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Time for Thrival Enough Survival Mindset

Posted by Donna DeVane on April 7, 2014

Thrival Time


It’s time to Thrive.  We’ve survived long enough.  We’ve proven that we can survive but aren’t you ready to do a bit of thriving now?  I know I am.  Just surviving is hard work and it’s not a lot of fun either.  We’ve done it the same way for so long because that’s how we were taught and we just didn’t have the tools to do differently.
Now the tools for Thrival are coming to the forefront.  You can read them, see them, listen to them everywhere.  People are awakening to the urgency that there HAS to be a better way and there is. 
When I wrote "How to Thrive in a Survival Mindset World" I was in a place of realizing that all the hard work I had been doing just wasn’t working.  I was getting by, but barely.  After I hit my 50th birthday I started giving some real thought to whether or not I wanted to still be working in my 70′s and realized that working my whole life wasn’t sounding like so much fun.  
I began to earnestly ask questions and listen for the answers.  Those answers are in the book.  I live by them and know that they will work for you because they work for me.  I’m not selling you hype, you’ve had enough of that.  These are real principles that work when you live them.  It’s not magic fairy dust, (sorry, I’m out of that), but you will create your own magic with these ideas if you practice them daily. 
The only difference between those "Masters" who walk on water and everyone else is practice, practice, practice. 
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Posted by Donna Devane. Posted In : Success Tools

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Celebration of Your Awesomeness

Posted by Donna DeVane on March 27, 2014


I know the guidelines for blogs say to stick to one subject.  I just can’t do that.  I don’t live a one subject kinda life.  I spread out my wings and my interests to all sorts of subjects.  One of my latest adventures has been with my new Windows 8 computer and the video cam software that came with it.  It allows me to have fun while making a point and I’ve been uploading several videos daily.  The one above is an example of my fun.

While it did take me a while to figure out the concept of Windows 8 and how to use it, (don’t like the Skype app).. once I started playing things began to unfold for me.  That’s how life is.  You start stirring the energy and it takes off unfolding all sorts of new experiences for you. 

One lady commented on my video where I said I was having loads of fun and she stated “that’s what it’s all about”.  Exactly.  I don’t know about you, but I’m here to enjoy the firecrackers out of life and am willing to walk down many varied paths and explore what’s there.

That’s my way of celebrating my awesomeness.  All of humanity is at the point of either waking up to Who We Are or deciding to stay in our slumber.  Doesn’t matter either way really.  If civilization crumbles as it’s done many times before we will just start the creative process from the place of rubble.  We don’t have to let it go there though.

Whenever life is built on fear and forgetfulness it can not sustain itself and eventually implodes.  We are at that point.  We have another choice.  We can self realize and begin the process of honestly healing our fear and beliefs in separation.. coming to the experience that we really ARE powerful enough to create everything we see around us.  This leads us to the knowing that we do have the power to create differently, without the fear.

Take a step towards this realization today by noting how awesome you are.  Pay attention to everything you are creating, what others are creating.  Notice the power behind it all and celebrate that YOU can do that… and you can therefore do something else.  It’s your choice.. my choice.

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Illusions; Ain’t None of Them Real, They’re ALL Real!

Posted by Donna DeVane on March 26, 2014


I recently got a new Windows 8 computer with this awesome video making software.  I’ve been making several videos each day.  I create illusions with software and I know they are illusions, yet they are real.  We can see them, hear me talking in them.  Are they real?  Are they illusion?

They are both.  All life is both.  We get caught up in the illusion because we forget we are the creator of it.  We get stuck thinking and feeling that’s it’s real, solid, permanent.  I can go to my computer or YouTube account and delete each illusion I created with the click of a button.  I can then make more illusions and delete those too.  This is what we are doing.

Daily we create another set of illusions.  Mostly though we don’t delete the last set.  We tend to get stuck in the experience of the illusion and begin believing that it’s real.  It’s not, it only feels that way due to our continuation of interaction with it.  As long as we hold it as a solid, real thing it feels difficult to disengage from it.  Once you wrap your head around the fact that you are the creator of all the illusions and you can release it & connect another more to your liking things get fun.

You and I are here to create.  That’s what we do cause that’s who we are.  We are creative life force energy bringing our thoughts into form so we can interact with those thoughts, ideas and beliefs as real things.  They are not real for any longer than we hold them in that shape. 

Just as I create illusion in my videos we create the same thought forms day in and day out.  Having forgotten that we are doing it is what creates the additional “illusion reality” of it being the way it is.  Holding onto it as fact, as absolute is what keeps it in form.  Releasing it by disconnecting your emotions from it allows it to return to the plane of possibility or source energy.

Today play around a little bit with this idea.  Whatever you are experiencing ask yourself, “what if it’s not real”?  What if it’s only an illusion I keep in form due to my emotional attachment and constant interaction with it?

Don’t push or force, just let the questions play around in your head for a few days.  I’d love to hear your experiences with this.  Write me a comment and or join me at Awakened Radio to share.  You can also interact with all my illusions on my YouTube Channel.

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Time to Face our Fear & Get Really Powerful

Posted by Donna DeVane on March 4, 2014

The Barefoot Guru

I love making videos and doing radio, writing books and coaching.  People ask me when I started and honestly, it’s what I’ve always done.  I love looking for the how, why, when, where of life and making sense of things that are just plain crazy.  When I look around me I have to admit that a lot of stuff is going on that doesn’t  make a lick of sense.  Millions starving, wars with more millions dying, fighting for resources and on a closer front people who just go through the motions each day of living.

How much sense does it make to be born helpless, finally learn to do a few things, get a job, have kids, work till you are old, get sick and die?  Not much in my opinion. It’s never added up for me.  Yet we all do it because we just don’t know of any other way to live.  We live to pay bills and survive and eventually we die.  Not much of an adventure to be sure.

What if we could stop this insanity and actually live our lives doing what we want?  Would you want some of that excitement?  I know I do.  There are risks to living this way.  You risk standing out and being told that there is something wrong with you.  You risk having one adventure after another too.  You risk not knowing exactly what you will be doing each day when you awaken and just go with the joy of being a powerful creator of your own life.

The risk is worth it.  I’ve been asked when am I going to get a “real job”, how can I live this way and many other questions that were asked because most people just can’t see any other way to live than the way everyone else is doing it.  We are impressed with people who spend their lives living in the jungles with wild animals or creating wonderful inventions.  We could be doing stuff just as awesome as that. 

I invite you to take off the fear, get rid of the mask and costume you hide behind and risk it.  Take one day and do exactly what you want to do.  Try it on, give it a test drive and see if living as a powerful eternal being doesn’t just tickle you pink.

If you are looking for a place to hang out with others who take the risk join us at The Awakened Radio Network.  We are online & mobile.

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Looking at things differently

Posted by Donna DeVane on February 28, 2014


How you look at things is already determined by your beliefs.  You know those subconscious programs running in the background all the time that bring you the meaning of everything.  You don’t have to be aware in order to live your life and stay living.  You can go through countless years of eating, sleeping, working, paying bills and taking care of your responsibilities without hardly any awareness at all.  We talk a lot about awareness these days and to be honest there is more awareness of how bad things are.  Due to the internet and all our wireless, smart devices, we are able to have information coming in at super speeds all day long.  Just because we are noticing more that’s going on in the world around us doesn’t mean we are actually aware though on a consciousness, spiritual level.

This level of awareness is an action, a choice, we make daily to look beyond the physical, intellectual and emotional field of perception.  True awareness is the result of being honest on all levels of your life experience.  You see with the programs telling the eyes what things are and just keep moving along without actually interacting on an energy level with what you are perceiving.  Perhaps you react in anger or fear at what you are noticing.  This is the first level of being aware, just noticing what’s happening or ignoring what you don’t have a program installed for.

Because I’m curious by nature and host several radio broadcasts each week, I’m reading articles and watching videos on world events.  One thing I notice most is the level of anger and fear that is called “awareness”.  How can you be aware when you are not even being honest that what you call awareness is none other than fear and anger?  See the play on energy there?  There is a little program running that says if you know about it you are aware.  Ok.  Yes, you are aware that it’s happening.  You are not aware of yourself as Awareness.  Just noticing the “physical” form of something doesn’t make for awareness. 

Start with this little exercise.  As you notice things take note of your feelings.  Where are you feeling the anger, fear, dread, resistance?  What does that mean?  It means that you are not experiencing yourself as Awareness.. the energy that creates and sustains, rather you are reacting only to the illusion of humanness and created illusion. Awareness is Consciousness, Divine Creative Energy bringing into form and knowing you are bringing into form.  Rather than reacting you choose to act or create again letting the first creation go.  There is nothing to fight or wrestle with, only a new creation to be brought forth.

Practice awareness (noticing, paying attention) and see how often during the day you actually are Awareness.

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A New World Order is Much Needed

Posted by Donna DeVane on February 14, 2014

Donna DeVane on a New World Order


We are so much more than we’ve been led to believe we are and there is good reason for our brain training.  Throughout the history of mankind there have always been the few Church/Politic who have ruled the many.  In order to maintain control the many have had to believe themselves to be less than, powerless and dependent upon the few.

Humanity at large has always been seen and treated by the leaders of Church & State as servants, slaves, existing only to provide the manual labor and money as taxes to support those in power.  There is nothing new about the World Order, it’s as old as the hills and as humanity.

Just think for a moment about spending most of your life working so that you can pay taxes and buy stuff which is taxed again and even if you get that house or car paid for you still are taxed each year, until finally you can no longer work and are supposed to live on less than a thousand dollars a month.  This is how the majority of Americans go through life. In other countries it’s many times worse, but I will stay in my country for the example here.

What if your neighbor were to say to you, “go to work, work 60 hours a week and then give me half of what you make so that I can stay home and do as I please”.  Would you go for that?  Would that seem fair to you?  Of course not.  You would laugh at the neighbor and walk away.  But that is pretty much what most of us are doing.  We work so that half of what we earn goes into the pockets of those with the most power and money already.

What is needed is  a New World Order where humanity self realizes and creates in power rather than from fear.  In order to do this each of us must be willing to look at our beliefs and ask where they came from.  Each of them came from the already in place power structure.  These beliefs do not serve you, they serve those with the most already and assure they keep it.

It is time for humanity to move away from these long held beliefs and release ourselves from the enslavement of reaction created by those who would have us continue to play small.  Once you get honest with those beliefs you can begin thinking freely and making new choices which life you up in life and lift life as a whole up.  We do need a New World Order and it starts with you.

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Facing Life Head On Making Room For Changes

Posted by Donna DeVane on February 10, 2014


Has your life become an ongoing rerun of recurring events that don’t thrill you?  Most people are in that space.  No matter how badly change is wanted nothing seems to change unless you count things increasing in intensity and seeming to get worse. Why do you stay in the same energy over and over again?

This is what we all want to know.  We’ve read, studied, taken classes to show us the way to a different way of life and yet nothing seems to change the way we want it to.  We keep working harder or making more vision boards yet the reality stays represented by the pretty pictures and imagined dreams, never taking form so that we can put our hands on it.  There are times when the frustration is so incredible that if you knew how you’d just give up.

I know, I’ve felt that way too.  One thing I’ve come to understand is that it is “me” making it so hard and complicated to live the life I want.  I am the one that keeps creating with the same set of building materials, ie beliefs that keep me locked in the same experience.  Only as I’ve been willing to look honestly at the ideas I hold as true about myself and the world have I changed anything.

You too, must move into this space of honesty. Each ideal, those beliefs that you hold as absolute truth must be examined. What are they? Where did they come from?  Most importantly.. Are They Working? 

Look at your long held beliefs and honestly answer whether or not they are working in the way you know they ought to.  That’s the proof of the belief or idea.. does it work?  If you’ve been thinking, believing and doing according to a certain line for a month or more and very little is changing either the belief is the problem or you don’t really KNOW That to Be So for you.  That’s the Bottom Line.

Either you are working with the energy of a belief that is not connected with the life you want to live or you don’t “get it”.  I call this Intellectual Spirituality.  It’s all in the head and goes no further to create anything that reflects the belief or idea, because you have no wisdom regarding it.  Wisdom is more than just knowledge of the idea, it’s a knowing that it’s so with every cell of your being.  There is no doubt.  You know that you deserve it, that it’s already yours. 

This wisdom isn’t in your thinking, it’s in experiencing yourself as you are, Eternal GOD Energy!  How does that statement feel to you?  There is nothing outside you, it’s all moving as you, through you to create that which you call forth.  This is how it always works, each and every time.  If what is showing up isn’t what you are wanting, then you are not knowing that you can and do already have what you want!

Key to Wisdom.  You get what you know you are & what you know you deserve & what you know will show up for you.  That’s more than head knowledge.. it’s Soul Knowing.  In order to move & create from here start by being honest.  Stay in the silence, take one idea and play with it for days until you’ve experienced yourself as ONE with it.  This is what you do with all those ideas that create unwanted experiences.. you think them, feel them, react to them, push at them, tug at them, fight them.  That’s why they keep creating. 

STOP! Now you can see how to play with a new idea.  Saturate yourself with it.  Breath it in and exhale it.  Let it move around in your thinking and feeling.  Pay attention to where you feel it in your body, what does it activate for your?  Are old memories showing up?  This is the time for honesty, forgiveness, healing and release.  Do it.  Continue over and over.  Make it your default program. 

It does take practice, but you can change what you create by changing the energy you are creating with.  Keep practicing even when it seems like a slow process.  Watch for things that pop up to thrill you.  Celebrate the new experiences even if they are small in your mind.  Keep doing it. 

Join me for my live radio broadcasts where you can take part in the chat room and even call in to ask questions on the air.  Awakened Radio Network is where I hang out.. hang out with me.

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Fear False Flags Conspiracy Keep YOU Under Control on Purpose!

Posted by Donna DeVane on February 4, 2014

How much of your life is controlled by fear?  You just might be surprised when you settle down, take a few deep breaths and look at how you react a lot more often than you consciously act. Fear is the primary tool of all those who would control and manipulate you and has been used for eons by religion, parents, tribes, politics and society in general to keep you in line with the status quo.  Even the spiritual community is saturated with the fear mindset, fear of negativity, not noticing out of fear of attracting something unwanted even though you have already created the unwanted and noticing it is the first step to realization that YOU can create different.

As you begin to notice how often fear controls your experience you will discover that the reason you are not living the life you want to live is the Fear Factor.  You don’t want to be called names, or seem different, or go against the norm and stand out.  Standing out is exactly what you were born to do, but due to the fear brain training you don’t express your awesomeness and don’t quite understand the feeling of aggravation that’s with you day in and day out.

You go from celebrity teacher, guru, alternative media one after the other trying to find answers for your life and what you get is more of the be afraid message.  Fear sales everything from food to clothing, to guns, bug out bags, vitamins, books, classes to eternal resting spots in graveyards. 

Only as you get honest with you about you and the role fear plays will you change anything in your life.  Today notice, just notice what you are feeling, thinking, doing and why.  Tune into your inner guidance system and be honest about what is going on there.  You might surprise yourself with all the AH Ha’s you run into today.

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