End of the World or Time to Evolve Already

Have you ever wondered why humanity is trained to be so fearful?  Think about it for a moment.  We fear getting sick, people leaving us, death, being robbed, what others think about us.  Why?  Why do we invest so much energy & time into fearing what might happen?

It’s about control.  Not self control, but the few controlling the masses through the power of fear. Yes, it is a very powerful tool and has worked for thousands of years.  Even the “spiritual” leaders use fear to build up their following.  If you don’t believe me just check out YouTube.

I get tickled when the “spiritual gurus” fall in line with the fear mongering of mainstream religion and politics.  How many times does the messiah have to miss the coming back dead line before people wake up and stop listening? How many times does the earthquake, you know that, BIG ONE, not shatter the country, before we stop listening to the doom day sayers?

What would happen in YOUR life if you focused your attention on living a life of joy and wonder?  Pause for just a moment and let yourself ponder that question.  What would your life be like if instead of living in fear you rather lived in joy and awe?

Are you willing to invest wisely in your life?  You want change?  Then it’s time to do the work.  Deal with the fear, face it, then let it go.  Move into a new mind set of joy and love.  You can.  There is no one more powerful or more loved than you are right this moment. Embrace that!  Live That~

I love you

Love yourself well!

The End of the World Yet Again

A bit of tongue in cheek today.. I just upgraded to Windows 10 and nothing odd happened.  I have not noticed any creepy crawlers around the desk.. LOL

I personally love technology and understand that it can’t do it’s job without “spying” on me a bit.  Oh, well.. I have a choice.. move to a cave or celebrate the wonderful technology all around us. Since I am a creature of comfort, I’ll leave the cave for another.

I really do get a lot of giggles when watching YouTube videos about how they have “proof” of the end of the world.  Don’t we get tired of these self proclaimed profits being WRONG?  Why are they still listened to?  Why do we insist on staying in fear and anger.

That’s the really important question.. why stay stuck in fear & anger?

Look within, acknowledge your own self imposed limits.  Heal.. heal.. heal..







Pay Attention to Your Thoughts

It’s summer.  It’s hot. It’s humid. That’s how it’s been my whole life here in south Alabama.  In the summer we talk a lot about it being hot & humid.  It also storms a lot here, has a far back as I can remember.

Nothing new about any of that.  You might be wondering why I’m blogging about weather.  I’m actually not.  I just want to get your attention!

How often do we just seem to be stuck on the same conversation?  How often does our life seem to be a rerun of what’s gone before?  There’s a reason for it. We are that reason.  We keep the same movie running in our heads where it shows up as strong emotions, we imagine it over and over again so it must take form.

That’s how we create.  We do it either with full understanding or in our ignorance of not knowing who we are and thereby not  paying attention.

Just for today pay attention to your thoughts, feels and your life.  Do you see how they all reflect one another?  Want a different movie to star in? Create a new movie in your head and stay in that movie and thrill as it becomes your reality!

I love you,

Love yourself well!

Reading by Candle Light

Just the other day the weather siren went off three times. That means a tornado has been spotted. Each time I went to the windows and say no sign of one so I continued about my business.  The winds blew walls of rain from one direction to another.  The trees danced bowing down low to kiss the Earth Mother with their lowest limbs.  It was a beautiful sight.

Then it happened!  The power went off.  Here in Alabama that’s not uncommon during thunderstorms. We tend to get some duzzies in this area and we don’t panick. Generally within a few minutes or a few hours the power is usually restored.

Not this time though.  After a few hours of reading I decided to see what the power company said about it all.  Calling their phone tree I finally got a message that the power would be on by 12:30. Not bad I thought, only a few more minutes of waiting time. A few hours later I called again and got the recorded message that the power would be on by 3:30.  Again, not bad, just a few more hours to go and more reading could take place.

Finally when my tablet reported that it only had 5% battery left I thought I’d call again.  It’s now around 5 in the afternoon.  Just as I was about to call a truck pulled up in my yard. Out jumped my daughter, terrified!  When I got to the door she gave me a huge bear hug and said she loved me.  Seems she had called and texted me many, many times with no response and thought I’d been swept away to OZ!

Once again a phone call was placed and I received the message that power would be restored by 11 PM. Eesh.. this is getting a bit silly, I thought. I really wanted some coffee.  I love coffee. Since all the wood was drenched I couldn’t even make coffee on my fire pit.  After my daughter left I drove to a friend’s house to check on her.  She had candles for the night so after a bit of chatting I went back home.  I lit my candles and pulled out a “real book”. 🙂

My little tea light candles were not bright enough to read by so I grabbed my battery powered candle and read right till the end of that print book.  It was a good read too.  I did some meditation and soon went off to sleep.  Sometime during the night, (found out later it was 3:45) the power came on and I woke for an instant hearing my fan start up.

Why am I sharing this little story? We are all creating and co creating. Sometimes the creations of others plays about on the edges of our world.  We can fuss, stomp and snort about it or grab a good book, a few candles and enjoy the down time.  That’s what I did.

Count it all joy.. In everything Be Thankful!

I love you.. love yourself well!

Making Sense of an Insane World


How do you deal with all the crazy going on in the world?  Things really do look out of control don’t they?  Wars and more wars, poverty, lack, horror seems to be all around us doesn’t it?  Do you ever ask yourself why all this is happening, what keeps it steady moving on?  The answer of course, is us.  Each of us adds our own fear, worries, stress, anxiety and beliefs about these things to the mixing bowl from which we all co-create reality.  We’ve are still just as superstitious as our ancestors years ago, but now rather than being afraid of the boogie man hiding in the darkness we fear “negative thoughts and ideas”.  This is FEAR, pure and simple.  Spending time and energy trying not to think “negative” thoughts is negative.  LOL  Actually the more resistance you have to anything the more fear you are pouring into the creation of that very thing.

On my radio shows I often ask just how danged ‘”enlightened” we are if we are afraid of our own thoughts, the TV, news and noticing all the ‘bad stuff’ out there.  How empowered are you if you are afraid of things that go bump in the night as thought, images and ideas?  Not very.

That’s why I write, teach, coach and host radio shows, to help you realize there is NOTHING to fear.  You are not creating the bad stuff by recognizing that it already exists.. you create it by fearing looking at it and noticing it.  When you see something already in form, it’s already been done.  Those molecules have already been called together to take that shape and form that experience.  Rather than fearing them look at them as the gift they actually are.  What thoughts, feelings; building materials were used to create that?  Now you have a clear understanding of how that got to be and you can consciously make a choice to do differently. 

With all of us investing so much energy into the cry for change we’ve brought things to a head, a point where we almost MUST look at what’s created.  Once we look and notice the energy or building materials we used to do that.. we can see how to create something else with a new energy.  New energy isn’t about resisting fear or resisting what already is… rather it’s coming into the Wisdom of Who We Are and creating from that point of knowing.

What do you really want to experience?  Really?  Be honest about it.  What energy have you been using to create with?  Do you see the difference? Pay attention to the energy.  It’s all about the energy.

Listen to me several times each week at Awakened Radio.  There’s a live chat room and a call in so you can take part.

How to Thrive in the Midst of Problems all Around You


What if all that stuff afraid of and stressful about, is really a messenger?

What if all that stuff that’s bugging you is really a friendly message? What if it’s there to get your attention to different choices that you can make?  Rather than seeing problems as huge mountains that you must overcome,  see them instead as friends showing up to get your attention on something very important.  Perhaps you’ve given your power away to others and feel stuck.  That feeling of being stuck is the reminder to pay attention and choose differently. 

Money is often a big daily reminder for some people.  What if the whole experience of not having enough money is there to remind you that there is only abundance and that it’s your beliefs, actions, that keep you experiencing the abundance of lack?

Stop struggling and start looking at what the reminder is. Once you begin looking at life this new way, things get clearer and easier, even more fun.  What isn’t how you like it isn’t set in stone unless you keep re-creating it by resisting it.  Let it move you into a deeper understanding of how you are creating and through the process of making new choices you will soon be having new experiences.

Life really is as easy and fun as you make it.  No one actually has any power over you.  You are just so powerful that you create the illusion of being powerless.  You can change this in the matter of a few seconds by Remembering Who You Are.

I love you!

How to Stay Motivated For Success


You want different, right?  You want more of the good life.  Most humans do want new and exciting adventures rather than boring, work all the time, struggle till retirement and hope there is money to live out the last few years of your life on.. kinda lives.. right?  Of course.

You’ve spent years wishing for something different.. you’ve made vision boards and felt really good about one day having all that right?  Then why hasn’t it shown up for your?  Perhaps you’ve worked a lot, spent thousands of hours on classes, promotions, selling, selling, working, working and still little result. 

Again, as I’ve said so many times; it’s about the energy.  What is your main energy?  I’ve included a video at the bottom of this post where I talked about a few of my HAH’s.  Perhaps you’ll see yourself in some of that talk, if so, I’d love to hear from you.  Leave me a comment.

What about the energy?  What is your MAIN energy signal that you are giving out?  Take your time with it.  Use your journal to really get to know yourself by writing what happens, how it feels, what you set in motion that set you up for that experience.  Let all experiences guide you to deeper understanding of how you are creating.  Most of us have spent years trying to fix our lives.  We’ve called it healing, but in reality we were trying to force the outer to line up the way we want it without doing the inside work. It’s the inside work that brings about the experiences.  Don’t forget that.  Write it down somewhere.  Over the years I’ve suggested that you stop several times a day and inquire of yourself,  What am I Thinking?  What am I Feeling?  Is this really want my next experiences to be like?  If the answer is yes keep on doing what you’re doing, if not it’s time to go within and figure out why you are thinking and feeling as you are right now.

What is the ENERGY?  Doing this over and over while being honest about your answers will reveal habits that might have been with you since childhood.  We don’t just wake up one day and stop believing in ourselves.  It happens over time.  My “lone wolf” energy was created over the many years of my first 30 years of life.  I learned as a child to be strong, independent and to depend on my self to get things done.  That’s great in a lot of situations, but when a team project is created, like Awakened Radio Network or writing books, I found, as you have, that “lone wolf” works against rather than for the experience wanted.

Once I understood what energy was blocking me from the experience I wanted to have I could make subtle and consistent changes and the results were incredible.  People began showing up to fund the radio station and to host their own shows, people began listening and telling others about it too.

Recently I realized that I was still using a lot of “fox medicine”, blending in and remaining just one of the many.  What I really want is to STAND OUT!  In order to be a million sold book author I do need to stand out.  I need to be in the spot light.  This realization took me within to understand why I was using Fox Medicine and how to bring it into harmony with the life I want to really live. 

By taking time to sit in the sacred space of silence and listen to sacred self,  you will uncover the why of your energy and from that point you will be able to make the adjustments necessary to “level up” to a new energy.  I like the level up thing, keeps us remembering that it’s all a wonderful game where everything we need to play and win is already included.  You have only to move through the different levels by doing to level up. 

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