The End of the World Yet Again

A bit of tongue in cheek today.. I just upgraded to Windows 10 and nothing odd happened.  I have not noticed any creepy crawlers around the desk.. LOL

I personally love technology and understand that it can’t do it’s job without “spying” on me a bit.  Oh, well.. I have a choice.. move to a cave or celebrate the wonderful technology all around us. Since I am a creature of comfort, I’ll leave the cave for another.

I really do get a lot of giggles when watching YouTube videos about how they have “proof” of the end of the world.  Don’t we get tired of these self proclaimed profits being WRONG?  Why are they still listened to?  Why do we insist on staying in fear and anger.

That’s the really important question.. why stay stuck in fear & anger?

Look within, acknowledge your own self imposed limits.  Heal.. heal.. heal..







Reading by Candle Light

Just the other day the weather siren went off three times. That means a tornado has been spotted. Each time I went to the windows and say no sign of one so I continued about my business.  The winds blew walls of rain from one direction to another.  The trees danced bowing down low to kiss the Earth Mother with their lowest limbs.  It was a beautiful sight.

Then it happened!  The power went off.  Here in Alabama that’s not uncommon during thunderstorms. We tend to get some duzzies in this area and we don’t panick. Generally within a few minutes or a few hours the power is usually restored.

Not this time though.  After a few hours of reading I decided to see what the power company said about it all.  Calling their phone tree I finally got a message that the power would be on by 12:30. Not bad I thought, only a few more minutes of waiting time. A few hours later I called again and got the recorded message that the power would be on by 3:30.  Again, not bad, just a few more hours to go and more reading could take place.

Finally when my tablet reported that it only had 5% battery left I thought I’d call again.  It’s now around 5 in the afternoon.  Just as I was about to call a truck pulled up in my yard. Out jumped my daughter, terrified!  When I got to the door she gave me a huge bear hug and said she loved me.  Seems she had called and texted me many, many times with no response and thought I’d been swept away to OZ!

Once again a phone call was placed and I received the message that power would be restored by 11 PM. Eesh.. this is getting a bit silly, I thought. I really wanted some coffee.  I love coffee. Since all the wood was drenched I couldn’t even make coffee on my fire pit.  After my daughter left I drove to a friend’s house to check on her.  She had candles for the night so after a bit of chatting I went back home.  I lit my candles and pulled out a “real book”. 🙂

My little tea light candles were not bright enough to read by so I grabbed my battery powered candle and read right till the end of that print book.  It was a good read too.  I did some meditation and soon went off to sleep.  Sometime during the night, (found out later it was 3:45) the power came on and I woke for an instant hearing my fan start up.

Why am I sharing this little story? We are all creating and co creating. Sometimes the creations of others plays about on the edges of our world.  We can fuss, stomp and snort about it or grab a good book, a few candles and enjoy the down time.  That’s what I did.

Count it all joy.. In everything Be Thankful!

I love you.. love yourself well!

To Thine Own Self Be True

Why do you do, think, believe, as you do? Chances are almost 100% it’s due to outside influence. You are a parrot or what those around you think, believe and do!  I know that’s not the most comfortable statement to accept, but it is, however, true.

We’ve all been trained, for the most part, to react… not to think, experience, engage with new ideas or sights.  Since childhood you’ve known what things are and your whole life experience has been based on that previous knowledge. Rarely do you think about or engage with, anything in a new way.  Only when trying something totally new do you think and experience the situation while paying attention and gaining information in a new way.

Your brain is a recording and retrieving device that constantly brings information to you.  It’s bringing old information too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting down our wonderful brains, I am delighted that I don’t have to relearn basic things each and every day.  BUT when you whole life is a rinse and repeat of previous experience things start getting tricky.

You most likely are one of those people who cry out for change, for different.. yet no matter how hard you try, things remain the same for you, right? Well here is the key to that.  In order to get something new you’ve got to think, feel, do, experience different and that’s hard to do when you are caught up in repetitious living.

Being conscious means you are letting go of the ideas that you’ve had thus far and are knowingly looking at things in a whole new light.  You are willing to release patterns, beliefs and programs that keep you repeating life experiences. Imagine for a moment sitting with a square peg trying to get it to move easily into a round hole.  How long would it take to wear down the sides of the peg?  Would you stay at it long enough to reshape the peg?  Probably not.

The secret here is to look at the task in a new light. Stop repeating the action, move onto a new action or find a way to easily round the sides of the peg.  Take today to rethink your life.  What do you want?  Don’t get stuck in what you feel you need, that just keeps you needy. Define what you want. Now take thoughts and actions in that direction, one step after another.  Release what others have told you and think for yourself. Be free, be happy!

I love you… love yourself well.

The Barefoot Guru

What Lies On Your Path?



What lies on your path?  What shows up as experiences for you to interact with?  Where do these come from? How can I get the life I want to live?

Do you ever ask any of those questions?  I bet you do, I know I have.  What if I told you that every thing, any thing, is possible for you and that the probability is determined by your choice of thought combined with feeling and doing?  Have you heard that before?

2015 is a year of living the “Promised Fulfilled”  for those of us willing to move down the path of disciplined thought and mastery of our own life creations.  This means changing our habits of thoughts.  Rather than being tossed to and fro by the realities of others, we stay mind full of only that which we desire the experience of knowing that it’s already ours.  When you close your eyes and imagine a thing, an experience, you are there with that very thing, its real, it’s done.  When you open your eyes confusion often sets in due to the eyes telling you something different from what you know to be so.

How do we live with the creation before our eyes see it?  By following what we KNOW rather than what our eyes see.  I teach this process in How To Thrive In A Survival Mindset World, available at Amazon, Audible & ITunes,  It’s kindle, print and audio for you.  Decide today to change the way you are thinking.  It’s not just what you think, it’s how you think.  Spend five minutes right now watching that jumbled up chaotic bunch of thinking going on in your head. Use your breathing to slow down the jumbled up thoughts and pick one.  Move gently into that thought.  When everything scrambles up again that’s ok, take a few deep breaths and move back into that ONE thought.  Let that thought guide you to it’s expansion.

Have fun with this process.  We’ll talk about it more as we go on.  Be sure to listen to my radio broadcasts on the Awakened Radio Network.. you can listen with the TuneIn app on your mobile or go to the website

Check out my YouTube videos too.

Vaping With Granny What is Vape Anyway?

You know I’m the Barefoot Guru but did you know I’m also Vaping Granny?  I’ll be adding a bit about my vaping fun here on my blog as we go along simple because it’s something I really enjoy.  I’m not saying you gotta do it so don’t send me comments about how I shouldn’t be telling people to vape.  BUT if you would like to cut back on tobacco or quit smoking it might be of help to you.

I started about 4 years ago with ecigs and wasn’t very impressed.  About a 1 1/2 years ago Zoe came home telling me that I needed to go to the store and get a vape pen. Eesh.. what’s that, I asked.  We headed out to my favorite tobacco shop and low and behold there were vape pens that were fancy & sparkly with ejuices that were like tobacco, or melons, or coffee, or berries.. just about anything you can imagine.

Well we came home with a vape pen each & a few bottles of juice. That was the beginning. Now we are covered up with those pens, juice and MODS!  Want to know more?  Stay Tuned.  Let’s have some fun! Leave me a comment.. be nice.. you know I love ya!

You Are So Powerful Express It Create Consciously



Let me share with  you an example of exactly what I mean by that colorful artwork.  I’ve been working a lot in my bedroom making videos as the light is much better in here.  I brought the little all in one Win8 pc and it’s desk in here so I could use it for the videos.  I love making videos.. as you might have gathered if you’ve seen all of them on YouTube.  Anyway the only place to get the best light is to place the little desk on one side of my bed and then sit cross legged in the middle of the bed.  That works great for actually making the videos but who wants a little desk and pc right next to the bed??? Not me.. so I pick it all up and put it at the foot of the bed near the dresser.  I wasn’t really planning on placement when I put it there so for three days I’ve been squeezing between it and the hope chest to get around the other side of my bed to the laptop on a stand that I use each morning for writing.  I enjoy the little hospital like stand as it works perfectly for my writing and it holds my coffee cup which is a requirement if I am going to write.  I digress.. let me continue.  Well.. as I was going after coffee a bit ago I was once again squeezing between the little desk and the hope chest when it dawned on me.. dangnation Donna move the little desk and make more space to walk!!!!!!!!  I did it, I exercised my power to transform my life experience.  I picked that little desk up, pc and all and moved it a few feet closer to the dresser and walked by without even touching anything.  WOO HOO

Now that’s Power Exercised, experienced.  Do you get it?  There was an issue and I chose an action and resolved it to an experience that is far more pleasant to me.  There was not struggle, no anger, I didn’t have to consult congress or any other higher power.  I just exercised my power and experienced myself as powerful to create or move into a new experience.  I didn’t have to change the formation of the desk or pc, there was no force necessary.  It was as simple as one little action that put me smack dab in the middle of a pleasant place.  No need to over complicate it.  Just move in your power to set things up the way you enjoy experiencing them.  Sometimes all it takes is a smile or a giggle.  I laugh with myself all day long.  Whenever I catch myself taking me too seriously I just stop and have a good laugh. 

Part of the reason we create so many tangle dangle pretzelized situations is we like to prove to ourselves how smart we are when we fix something.  We can continue doing that or just go ahead and live the life we want to right now.  I’ve been teaching about healing work and self empowerment for years and it’s gotten easier and more fun all along the way.  There is no reason to drag it out and re experience every pain and trauma.  Admit it’s there, find the belief, accept the belief is not true and move on to the next adventure.  Seriously, it’s that easy.  I love working with people who during the most emotionally charged clearing, burst out in laughter and giggles as they accept it doesn’t have to be that hard anymore.

I encourage you to make those tiny adjustments in your life.  Move that desk to a new place or keep squeezing through.  The choice is yours.  You do have the power.  Experience it often by exercising it.  You don’t have to recreate anything or even transform anything.  Just start where you are, smile, giggle, laugh and move into any adventure that thrills you.

I love you.. love yourself well,

The Barefoot Guru

You Can Keep Surviving or Start Thriving!



Are you still struggling to be happy, to find that perfect relationship, to make enough money to live a decent life?  Are you battling with how you look, how you feel about yourself? Are you enjoying the struggle?  I know, I ask a lot of questions.  I’m good at asking questions.  Actually I’m great at asking questions.  Being willing to question everything, every belief and even myself has been key to my own happiness and is also the key to your happiness.  As long as you are unwilling to question why you keep struggling, why you just keep making your life hard, nothing will change

You do want change don’t you?  I know you say you do, but do you really?  Are you willing to question everything?  Those beliefs are dear to you, after all you inherited them from your family after they’d been inherited from those before.  Beliefs are precious treasures, guidelines for life, right?  If you agree with that stop reading right now.  Don’t read another word because you’ve already made up your mind that you don’t deserve better, that life is supposed to be hard and that you don’t have the power to do anything about it.  So just move on to the next blog

For those of you who stayed let’s talk about the silliness of survival mindset and being powerless.  Honestly survival is big time over rated.  It stinks.  You can do it, you can make it through just about any horribly trying, challenging thing that you can create or co-create with others.  You are built to survive.  Life does that, cells repair and replace in order to keep the body going.  But surviving isn’t fun or satisfying.  It weighs you down, zaps your energy and wipes the smile right off your face.  So what can you do?

You can Thrive!  Do you know why it’s so hard to rid your garden of weeds?  They know the secret of “thrival” and they do it well.  Life expands to experience more and more of itself, reproducing in it’s own image.  This works equally well for those weeds and those veggies.  The secret is the kind of seed that gets planted. Doesn’t it make sense to set only the highest quality, exactly what you want, kind of seed in the ground? That’s what you get is what you plant so you make sure it’s something you enjoy. 

Life is like those seed.  Your thoughts start the creation motion, then the brain gives you a chemical wash that brings about a feeling or emotion.  That feeling matches that thought and if acted on, you create experience that looks and feels like the building materials used.  There is only energy, thought is the seed.  Feelings are like the soil, water and sun.  If left there whatever is planted or thought and felt, will grow. 

Now you get an idea of why those beliefs are so danged important.  They are the start of your creation.  From those beliefs spring the plants that grow the fruit that you get to harvest or experience as stuff.  Here is where asking questions plays a big role.  When you inquire as to the truth of those beliefs, those creative thoughts and discard the ones that don’t work, never have worked and never will work, you can move into understanding.  You are ready for a new idea, one that actually works.  Gently nudge yourself into the possibility that you really do have power to choose what you experience.  Don’t push it, just play around with it for a moment. 

For one week just play around there.  What if you really did have the power to create your life exactly as you want to experience it?  What would that look like, how would it feel?  In what ways would your life be different.  I’m going to stop here for now, (it’s supposed to be a blog post not a book chapter) and I’ll write more in a bit.  Stay tuned. Oh, you can also grab a copy of one of my books, I suggest you get started with “How To Thrive In A Survival Mindset World”. 

Leave me a comment, let me know how this is working for you and remember.. Just Go Ahead and show Up in All Your Awesomeness!