Who Do You Say You Are?

That’s the most important question you will ever answer.  Who are you?  How many hundreds of times throughout the day do you proclaim yourself as unwanted states?  See the connection between you commanding the experience of the state to appear and the power that is bringing it into form.

YOU! Yes, you are that power.  Sit down with your journal and be still for fifteen minutes.  Look over all the proclamations you’ve made today as you stated with great passion I AM ____________.

Do you see the connection between what is stated and your experience?  That I AM power is YOU!  There is none other but the GOD that you are, proclaiming into form.  As you accept this and begin to work with it in your imagination, your quite time, you will be able to see how to create the life you truly desire.

Where does creation take place?  In your own imagination.  Play there and form the very thing you wish to experience.

Leave me a comment on your adventure.  I love hearing about all the fun you’re having Creating Consciously.

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

But How Can I Be Happy When Everything is SO Wrong!


I understand. Really, I do.  I’ve been there and may be there again. Here’s why.  What you are experiencing right now is the residue or left over energy of your last master piece.  Yep, that’s right.  This is what you already created. Now, just release it and stay in the new creation.

First accept that everything in your life is there due to you.  No one is doing anything to you or holding anything from you.  That’s some mighty power you have there!  Now that we’ve got that under our belt simply move on to going within to create what you want.  Use that powerful imagination of yours that you’ve used to create everything else with.  This time use it and master your mind, seeing only what you’ve asked for, knowing that it’s already yours.

Stay in that.  When you senses show you what was rather than what IS, instruct them in the truth! The truth is, that is not how it is anymore.  Then take a few moments to visit again in your imagination how it IS!

That’s the Big Secret!  YOU have the power.  Use it to master your life!

Don’t Let Your Senses Deceive You Any Longer


Chances are you are only seeing what has already been made form through your thinking, believing and feeling.  STOP!

Don’t let your senses deceive you any longer.  What you see is the left overs of thoughts and feelings brought into form on your behalf.  You can have new experiences but you first must release your emotional addiction to what already is.  Think of it this way; what is going on in your life right now is the residue of thoughts you’ve already had and emotions you’ve already felt.  Once you release them they no longer have form.

How do you release them?  Simply by going within your Sacred Space and moving into a new knowing.  We’ve spent years peeling onion layers that only exist because we continue creating them.  STOP!  By now you probably know what  a lot of your beliefs, limits and self doubts are.  Stop entertaining them.  Stop giving life to them.

In your prayer closet, in your mediation, in your Sacred Space know deeply Who You Are.  Feel only that.  Think only that.  Express only that with your words and actions.  This is the path of the Master. 

I’ve written books for you, done hundreds of videos and radio shows for you.  I even offer right here on this website to work with you as your guide.  The next step is yours. Only a few will take up this path.  Only a few will Be a Master.

Will you?

I love you.. love yourself well.

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

What You Take In As A Feeling You Bring Out As A Condition




Universe within you




Neville Goddard said, “What you take in as a                                                                        feeling you bring out as a condition”.  Perfect!

What does this mean to us today?  Simply put what you think and feel all day long is what your subconscious or G O D brings forth as you waking reality.  That’s why I talk so much about spending time in the Silence.  You can call it prayer or meditation if you like, but spending a large portion of your day here is necessary if you wish to see signs and wonders following you.

After you have felt it, experienced your life within then speak only, think only, that which enhances it.  Think only that which enhances happiness.  Speak and live, have your whole being in the New Truth that has formed in the Sacred Within!

The reason you are still struggling is you don’t understand this.  You haven’t committed to being Master of your thought and feeling.  You will NEVER change the outer with struggle, anger or resistance.  You can understand that you are creating your reality till cows fly, but until you are will to become Master of Your Life and practice the principles of Truth, nothing will change in the way you experience your world and life.

Ask for what you want, stay in the silence experiencing only that.  Accept the situation, live that.  Speak that.  Know that the experiences you are having are only shadows of what you’ve already created with your thought/feeling/knowing to be true activities.

What do you want?  Are you willing to commit to being master of your life?

I’d love to work with you privately.  See the services tab at the top of the page.

I love you.. love yourself well…

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

Live As Consciousness

What if you are so brilliant that you created the exact experience you are in right now to help yourself remember that the experience you want is within you to bring about?  You actually did just that.  Everything is WITHIN YOU!  You bring it forth.  You are the source of everything.

Now I know that sounds a bit strange but it’s the truth.  There is nothing that is not within you and there is nothing that is not G O D!   That’s everything, the whole of it all. 

So rather than resisting and struggling with what you’ve already created accept that you created it.  Let it be a reminder of what you do want to experience.

Say you are just plain out broke, no money.  The only thing you see is the lack.  Notice the ABUNDANCE of that lack!  See it?  Notice what’s going on here? Where did that experience of so much lack come from?  Within YOU!

You are sick as a dog.  Where is the message?  You want health.  See it?  There it is.. right in front of you. 

Now for the fun part.  Go ahead and live that right now.  Don’t try to think it into form or believe it into form.  Live it.  Celebrate the abundance you see all around you.  Rejoice in the power that is there.  Celebrate health.  Does your toe feel good, then sing a song about it.

Got a dollar?  Give it away?  Help someone who is not able to walk if you can walk.  Live the experience of abundance and health.  Know that as you live AS Consciousness, giving, sharing you are pulling in more to give away.

You are the fountain from which everything flows.. so get with that.  Be that.  ACT as Consciousness!

I love you.. love yourself well.

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

How To Live An Empowered Life Letting Go Of What You Are Not


Here is the big problem!  Most of us identify more with what we are not than with who we are!  What does that mean? OK, let’s play with it for a few minutes.  Think over your day.  How many times have you said “I am……”? What did you just do?  You identified yourself, you gave meaning to an experience and claimed it as yourself.  That’s big, it’s huge… and it’s limiting.

The truth is that you are creative energy, bringing into form thoughts in order to experience.  You are NOT the experience, rather you are the power that creates them.  Now stop for a few minutes and remember what thoughts, feelings & beliefs you used to bring that experience into form.  Don’t do that again. Smile

That’s very simplistic and I realize that.  However, it’s the way to creating a new experience.  First you must realize the truth.  Stop seeing yourself as every experience and know that you are the creative power behind the experience.  When this is realized you can move into consciously creating life the way you actually want to interact with it.  You stop trying to change things and just go right on ahead making it suit you in every way.  If an experience doesn’t measure up just drop it and create something else.

Self empowerment or self realization is the wisdom of knowing who you are.  This involves letting go of all emotional connection to who you are not.  Living an empowered life is the result of your willingness to let go of emotional memories and every false identity.  When you clear away what you are not… you see yourself as you really are… powerful to create life any way you would enjoy it.

It’s that simple.  You already have the power.. go ahead and exercise it!

I love you… love yourself well,

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

PS.  Perhaps you’d enjoy a companion on your journey to self realization.  I’d love to work with you privately.  Check out the Services Page.  Click at top of this page for options.

Message From Blue Jay on Abundance And Manifestation


This morning I had to go to the road and turn off my water supply.  Seems our big dog broke the pipe at the back of the house.  On the way back I saw a Blue Jay feather, which of course I realized as the gift it is.  I picked it up and came inside.  I sat with the feather listening for the message and nothing came.  That was strange as I know about messages from the Winged Ones, but nothing I knew about this bird was the “right message”.  I listened to the urging saying to go look it up.  So I went looking for something new and exciting, which is what I found.

It seems that the Blue Jay doesn’t always migrate, it depends on the available food.  Both sexes also build the nest and care for the young.  They eat a variety of food from seed to insects.  They set nuts back for later meals too, which I find very interesting.  Their name is derived from it’s “noisy, garrulous nature”.  Now I love words and wasn’t familiar with that one so I looked it up. 

According to Merriam-Webster garrulous is “given to prosy, rambling, or tedious loquacity; pointlessly or annoyingly talkative!”  I was off to the races with this new information and message. 

I want to give a big Thank You to this awesome bird for sharing with me this morning.  I hear a reminder to work together with all aspects of my self…mind, body and spirit.. masculine and feminine.  Notice the abundance all around me, interact with it in a way to meets all my needs.  I also hear the message to let my words be precise, to be exactly what I want to think, feel, and experience. 

Just last night I was asking questions along the lines of the very message brought to me this morning by my friend Blue Jay. Ask and pay attention for the answer is also a message here.  I could have not been aware as I was walking in the yard and not seen or felt the feather calling me.  I could have been all wrapped up in the situation of the water pipe being broken. 

I am grateful this morning that Source always answers me. 

I love you.. love yourself well

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

PS. have you checked out all the other pages here on the website?  Have a look around and leave me a comment.  I love hearing from you.

The Arm Pit Dream Discovering Things Hidden


This morning as every other morning,  I paused right after waking to notice any dream I’d had during the night.  This one was rich I tell ya.  In the dream I had lifted up my right arm and there in my pit were LONG hairs I had missed when shaving. Now for you guys that might not mean a lot but for us women.. raising your arms in public with hairy pits isn’t something most of us want to experience.

I lay there in the bed for a few moments to hear the message from the dream.  Seems I had “missed” a few hairs when shaving, hadn’t noticed, or being paying attention. They had been there all along, easily seen if someone was really paying attention.

Why am I sharing my arm pit dream with you today?  We are all hiding something or things.  It’s not really the world we are hiding it from either, it’s our self.  Sometimes things we feel shameful or guilty about get pushed down where we can just ignore them.  It doesn’t work long term, just as in my dream, one day they creep up on ya and you have to see them.

We pretend that we are happy, that things are OK when we know we don’t feel that they are.  We push aside out doubt and fear rather than clearing and healing.  That which we’ve hidden haunts us, taints our relationship with others, with money, with body / image and our inner happiness.

Life up your arm.. LOLOL  and see what you’ve been hiding there.  Follow it to it’s root, find the truth in the false belief, clear, clean, forgive, release and heal it all.  As you heal yourself you are healing that very thing in 7 billion fellow divine beings on the planet.  You are healing the planet, animals.  You are a source of well being.  Raise your arms today and let the healing begin.

I love you… love yourself well…

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

PS You can still work with me privately for one hour at 1/2 price to Shift Your Beliefs

Let Your Shame Be Your Strength

“What People Are Ashamed Of usually makes a good story.” F. Scott Fitzgerald  I read that earlier today on Twitter and it got me thinking about the role of shame and guilt in our lives.  To just hold it in and try to keep things hidden shuts down the flow of creativity and new experiences.  BUT if you take that experience and use it, learn from it, grow because of it, it can be the door that opens you up to a new life.

What do I mean?  Let me give you a few examples.  When I was a little girl I heard a million times that my name meant lady, and that ladies don’t ask so many questions, don’t talk so much, don’t laugh so loud and aren’t so out spoken.  By the time I was in my early teens I had had it so I told my mother that we would either have to change my name or change the meaning of my name.  Now at 58 I’ve redefined what lady means.  It means me.

Now here I am all these years later the author of 5 print books, 3 audio books, a dozen kindle books, almost 500 YouTube videos and thousands of hours of my outspokenness, question asking,  telling it like I see it, defining Lady all over the place.  I took what was supposed to be a weakness and let it be my strength.  This is what exhilarates me, seeing that those very aspects of my personality that others were not comfortable with as my greatest strengths.

Over the years I’ve had a variety of experiences that were not my greatest moments.  Each one has given me the gift of deeper understanding, acceptance of my self and loving me no matter what.  This is your strength, your power.  You can take what others find and try to use against you and let it lead the way to your greatness.  Go ahead.  Turn that perceived weakness into the power that propels you forward.

Shift My Beliefs!

How To Shift Limiting Beliefs To Enjoy A Happy Life

Are you ready now?

You are tired of struggling.  I know.  I’ve been there.  It’s just not fun and you want things to change, you just don’t know how to make them any different. It’s that stinking thinking and you just can’t quit.  You are not alone. As a matter of fact most people deal with the same issues.  It’s nice sounding to say, “grab a better feeling or think a better thought”… but HOW DO YOU DO THAT?

That’s been my life for 58 years.. figuring it all out.  I’m not saying I have all the answers but I do have a few and one thing I know is that the more fuel you put on a fire the brighter and longer it burns.  So you’ve got to stop fueling the fear, anger, stress and worry.  That’s not easy sounding either is it?

Here are a few things that will help you.  Each time you catch yourself worrying STOP and ask, “what am I thinking, is is even true”?  This unplugs you from the little primitive fight or flight brain long enough for you to catch your breath and make a conscious decision. 

Most often you will know that what is going on in your head isn’t even true.  At this point look for the truth.  Example.  I’m so poor, I’m broke, there isn’t enough money.  That is NOT true.   There is money all over the place.. an abundance of it in fact.  There is also an abundance of the experience of not having enough.  SO the truth is.. “There is ONLY abundance”.  Now which part of that abundance do you want to interact with?

Pay more attention to what you want to experience.  That’s it.  Easy Breezy.  Fuel what you want to experience.  Stay in that energy.  You will have to notice, and that will get easier as you practice.  This is a very basic step in shifting your beliefs.  For one on one guidance with me check out my special offer at Shift My Beliefs page here on the website.

Oh, watch the video too.  If you click where it says YouTube you can watch it and the almost 500 others I have posted for ya!

I love you… love yourself well..

Donna Devane

The Barefoot Guru

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