Awakened Radio Network Announces Thrive Evolutionary Consciousness Magazine

Thrive Evolutionary Consciousness


Awakened Radio Network isn’t just a live talk radio station.  Now we are delighted to announce the publication of our new magazine, Thrive: Evolutionary Consciousness. The magazine, like our radio station brings you insights to inspire, inform and motivate you to live your best, most empowered life.  Each month writers from around the world share their wisdom on a wide variety of topics.  If it’s important to you, most likely someone is writing about it.  If not, then you are invited to submit your own articles, poetry and artwork for the publication.  Information for submissions can be found by clicking here.

The magazine is available to read free on the Awakened Radio Network website.  Each month we publish a new edition which will be available on the 20th.  The deadline for submissions is the 10th of each month.  Submissions received after the 10th will be held for the next month.  When we publish your submission we include a photo, short bio and hyperlink to the website of your choice.  This is our energy exchange. We like to keep the giving / receiving / receiving / giving energy going strong. 

You don’t have to be an Awakened Radio host to be included.  Just read the submission information and follow that.  Our vision is to reach around the globe with people writing for all the people on the planet.  We are all about co-creating, Thrival Energy Principles.  That’s what the station is built on, what I live, teach, and now have built the magazine on.  These principles work as outlined in my book “How To Thrive In A Survival Mindset World”.  They work for me personally, for a radio station & a magazine.  They will help you to create your vision as well if you implement them.

As you watch the growth of the Awakened Radio Network you are seeing first hand that it IS possible to change your life.  A few years ago before I was given these principles my financial life was in a mess.  Nothing was working for me.  Everything I’d been doing just wasn’t working.   I was in a deep hole and didn’t know how to climb out.  Through the process of doing my own shadow work on the topics of money, success, letting people help me, being successful, I was given the Thrival Energy Principles, told by my guides to live them & teach them.  That’s what I’ve been doing for 2 1/2 years and I am proof that they work.

In order to change your life you are what needs to change.  Not the physical you so much as your remembrance of Who You Really Are.  We tend to have an intellectual understanding or emotional understanding of this, what is required is wisdom.  Living it daily.  This is where the book, the radio station and the magazine come in.  We are here to share what works for us, to teach these principles & guide you on your journey to empowerment.  Join us at the Awakened Radio Network.  Be part of what we are creating that IS changing the world.

The Problem With Consent Silence Is Not Always Golden

What is consent?  It’s agreement with an action taken.  If we as a nation give our silent consent to war, tyranny, injustice, then are we not part of the problem?  The answer is a resounding YES!

There is a saying I’m sure you’ve heard that goes, “ In order for evil to prevail good men need only do nothing”.  This is energetically true.  Silence is not golden when it is in agreement with horrors being done to anyone on this planet.  We as a people need to awaken to the truth of what our government is doing to human beings around the world and say no to it.  Only as we take a stand and speak out against war, poverty, and injustice will we begin to look for solutions that bring about peace and prosperity for all mankind.

Our silent consent allows these things to continue and this must stop.  When an American or anyone else can be murdered in the name of fighting terrorism we have indeed crossed the last line of honor.  There is no honor is murder, or genecide.  There is no honor in people starving due to corporate monopolies that are based on greed.

Our answer is to stop giving our consent to that which we are not in agreement with and which we do not want to experience.  Whether it’s on a global or personal scale, giving our consent affects us all.  Rather than consenting that there is not enough good to go around why don’t we try consenting that there is more than enough?  Why don’t we agree that prosperity is for all of us?  Why don’t we allow that humanity is deserving of health, food, shelter and a chance to live freely?

Is there a reason for the horrors we see around the world today?  Yes, indeed there is.  Each of us is the reason it’s happening.  We are not standing together for good, rather we are giving our silent consent to these things being done in our name.

It’s backfiring too.  In America we are seeing more joblessness, homelessness, poverty and despair than ten years ago.  The chickens are coming home to roost as my granny used to say.  We as a people have forgotten that you reap what you sow.  Evil done to another always returns to the one who set that energy into motion.  With the wave of police brutality and arrests of citizens for lawful activities we are asked to wake up to what we’ve consented to.  We want change, true change.  Yet we don’t seem to understand that in order to get something different that what we’ve got right now, something in us must change.  Our attitudes and beliefs about what is right must awaken to include justice for ALL, not just some.

Our mindset that we have no power to make it different must also change.  Each of us is the generator of great power to create whatever we want our own lives and our world to be like.  Do you not think that if the people of the world were polled that the vast majority want what you do?  They want safety, shelter, food, health and happiness.  Let us begin giving our consent to that.  Let us move in the direction with each breath, each thought and each action towards the direction of humanity consenting to prosperity for each person on this planet.  People matter.  Each individual matters to the max.  There is no one who has less value than another.  We are ONE… it’s time to give our consent to that!

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Prepare to Thrive and Live Successfully

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Many make preparations to survive hard times and while it is to wise set back a little nest egg, it is wiser still to make preparations to thrive.  How do you prepare to be successful?  First you must believe that you can be successful and then you must have the operating system or beliefs in place that work energetically to create success.  Once you know that you have the operating system or beliefs in place that allow you to be successful it is a matter of moving steadily in the direction of your dreams and goals.  Without the belief that you can be successful you will find it very challenging to experience success for very long.  Just just about everyone wants more money, most do not have a belief system that allows them to create a successful experience for themselves.

Take a look at your own personal beliefs.  What do you think about money, the energy of having money, what do you think about people we have lots of money?  How hard do you think money is to get and hold on to you?  How would it change you and change your life?  Many people have a hidden fear  of being successful.  Many feel that if they are in the limelight people will take a look in their closet and find all the skeletons that they have hidden there.  Guilt and shame hinder many people from living a successful live style.  Because you have not made peace with your past, perhaps you have made some unwise choices, you have a fear that someone will find out.  A very important step in the process of preparing for success is going back through your life and applying the energy of forgiveness  for yourself and for others.  This allows you to energetically clean the space between you and experiences so that you will not worried about other seeing inside.

Start by writing down your beliefs about money and people with money.  If you want money on the one hand yet believe that money is easy if easy to see why money runs away from you.  Money is energy and all energy affects all other energy and is affected by all energy. You may have heard the saying in order to have a friend be a friend, the energy dynamics of that works equally for money.  In order to have money and success one must know themselves to be worthy of money and successful.  A process of doing your own inner  clearing work will allow you to release all the limits and fear that keep you from being successful.  When you get to the plate that you have nothing to slide you lose the concern that someone will find your skeletons.  Making peace with the path, applying the energy of forgiveness, and  honesty will released you so that you can move into success.

Once you have an honestly dealt with your fears and insecurity you then have only to make sure that your beliefs have the creative power to bring you into successful experiences.  Clearing out the path and installing a new  belief system guarantees success.  All you need now is a clear mental picture of what you really want. Once you decide what it is you want to experience you have only to follow the inspiration and the joy to create just that.  Fear no longer holds you back and limiting beliefs have released their hold on you.  You are ready now to create the lives of your dreams one incredible day after another. You have taken the steps to Be Successful and success will show up time and again in your experience.  You’ve done all the work necessary to begin creating with the energy of what you desire and can be assured that it will manifest in your experience.


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