Predetermine your life experiences. Creating as Creator.

You already predetermine your experiences, mostly, though, you are unaware of what you are creating and how.  Pause for a moment and consider all the time spent worrying, dreading, dreaming up and imagining how life is soon going to be for you.  See the power of that?

That’s how it’s done.  I could stop right here as that is the key.

Take that same principle and use it with the ideas of what you really do desire to experience.  Stop worrying your experiences into place, rather, dream your life into place.  It’s that simple.  It might not feel so easy to start with as you haven’t practiced this way of creating often enough for it to feel natural.  Continue practicing.  Imagine what you desire to experience.  Always go there.  When the mind wanders STOP and go into your imagination and create your desires.

Just keep doing that.  Do it over and over again day in and day out.  No matter what is there for you now, interact lightly with it knowing it’s just a shadow.  Keep your mind fixed on your desires and soon you will begin noticing how your experiences start to change.  Stay the course.

Love yourself well!

Keep That Energy Ball Rolling Along

You are what keeps it going. Whatever it is! You keep it rolling right along. Have you ever noticed how when one or two people in a group start expressing anger more and more people join the party?  Same thing for giving thanks and kindness.  Once we get energy moving it expands and more of it is expressed. That’s why it’s so danged hard to stop the anger and fighting.  Too many people are rolling that energy ball down the road.

Not only do we do this as groups, but individually as well.  As long as you hold onto a train of thought it’s added to with feeling, actions, circumstances, which brings about even more thoughts along the same line.  It builds into forms which leads to even more energy being expanded and created.  We all do it.  We worry, complain, gossip, express our fears and our anger.  The more we do the more we create the very same things we are worrying and complaining about.

Recently I have been watching a group of people who are weary of the ugly words of others.  Some people in this group are expressing their lack of pleasure by stating that they just simply will not be part of it any long.  Others are fussing and cussing about how horrible it all is and poking fingers at the ones causing the problem.  Do you see what’s being created here?  The more people fuss the more the fussing people fuss, so it continues.

A big topic of conversation is how we can change the world.  Leave the world alone and change YOUR world.  You are not in control of the thoughts and actions of others.  You don’t have to play with them, you can move into a new experience at any time.  Change your world.  Choose your thoughts, words, feelings, actions to be in line with how you want to experience your world.

You have ALL the power in your own life and your own creations.  Stay true to your course, flow all the energy into your dreams and desires.  Let others do the same.  Start by loving & respecting yourself.  It all starts there.  Without love for you there will be little love for others.  Loving yourself, honoring yourself overflows into kindness towards others.

This is how we change the world.

I love you!!!

Donna DeVane The Barefoot Guru

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Secret to Success is Celebration

I find it funny how much more quickly people share struggles, gossip and problems than seem to celebrate the success of others.  Do you see the energy of that?  What your mind is full of, (mindfulness), the more of that you get to play in.  Why not change things about and invest tons and tons of energy into celebration all the success you see all around you every day?  This is the BIG SECRET!

Because I’ve been in the public eye for ten plus years I’ve had a few folks who felt that they just had to find something about me that they didn’t like. Perhaps I charged for my books or charged for private classes or coaching. That’s actually how I pay my monthly expenses by the way. Big Smile

Thankfully this hasn’t happened often but it was surprising to me when it did happen.  I realized pretty quickly that I could get all bent out of shape over ONE person not liking me or I could Celebrate the Firecrackers out of the many who appreciated what I am and what I do.

Guess which I chose?  You got it.  No matter whether you do big things or little things someone will not be able to celebrate you… so celebrate yourself.  Notice the success all around you.. celebrate it.. knowing that it is just as available for you as it is for anyone.  Fill your mind up with this knowing.. Celebrate..

I love you.. love yourself well..

What Lies On Your Path?



What lies on your path?  What shows up as experiences for you to interact with?  Where do these come from? How can I get the life I want to live?

Do you ever ask any of those questions?  I bet you do, I know I have.  What if I told you that every thing, any thing, is possible for you and that the probability is determined by your choice of thought combined with feeling and doing?  Have you heard that before?

2015 is a year of living the “Promised Fulfilled”  for those of us willing to move down the path of disciplined thought and mastery of our own life creations.  This means changing our habits of thoughts.  Rather than being tossed to and fro by the realities of others, we stay mind full of only that which we desire the experience of knowing that it’s already ours.  When you close your eyes and imagine a thing, an experience, you are there with that very thing, its real, it’s done.  When you open your eyes confusion often sets in due to the eyes telling you something different from what you know to be so.

How do we live with the creation before our eyes see it?  By following what we KNOW rather than what our eyes see.  I teach this process in How To Thrive In A Survival Mindset World, available at Amazon, Audible & ITunes,  It’s kindle, print and audio for you.  Decide today to change the way you are thinking.  It’s not just what you think, it’s how you think.  Spend five minutes right now watching that jumbled up chaotic bunch of thinking going on in your head. Use your breathing to slow down the jumbled up thoughts and pick one.  Move gently into that thought.  When everything scrambles up again that’s ok, take a few deep breaths and move back into that ONE thought.  Let that thought guide you to it’s expansion.

Have fun with this process.  We’ll talk about it more as we go on.  Be sure to listen to my radio broadcasts on the Awakened Radio Network.. you can listen with the TuneIn app on your mobile or go to the website

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Don’t Freak Out When Life Rearranges Itself, You Asked For Change Didn’t You?



Is life flipping upside down and inside out? Do you feel tempted to freak out and run for the hills?  STOP!  It’s party time.  You asked for change and that’s what you are getting.  You said you wanted things to be different, you just couldn’t stand it the way it was anymore.  You set a lot of energy into motion and it’s releasing you from the previous thought form or experience.  Rather than going nuts and trying to grab hold of everything and everyone so you can keep them in their place, rejoice and release.  Let it all go with your blessing.

We humans tend to be silly when we are in the middle of the next life creation.  We notice all the energy in flux, things and people leaving our space and we freak out.  Today take note of what is moving out and wave goodbye to it.  Bless it, give thanks to all the wisdom you’ve come to understand by interacting with it.  Know that new experiences, life adventures are on the way.  Embrace them.  You don’t have to understand what it’s all going to look at this time time week.  Just trust that you asked for change and change is happening.

Follow the signs and interact with everything like it’s a new adventure, which it is.  When things fall apart it’s so they can move on and something new  can move in.  Leave that space open for the new to show up.  Guide what’s happening with your excitement, hopes, dreams and let it unfold.

Don’t be one of those folks who ask for a better relationship and then beg the person you are presently in a bad relationship with to stay and he or she walks out the door.  Hold the door open to what is leaving and keep that door open to welcome what shows up.  You can’t have change by holding onto what’s already there.  Change, real change is realized when we release and heal.  Celebrate life as it unfolds for you.  Use your thoughts, feelings and actions to guide your interaction with life.  This is thriving at it’s highest form, no resistance.. just pure joy.

What’s changing in your life?  How are you dealing with it?  Can you bless it and let it go or do you feel afraid and start grabbing at everything moving out?  I’d love to hear from you.. so leave me a comment.. let’s talk about it.


51rPMi-O6qL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_  I wrote this book to aid you in the process of going from surviving to thriving.  Give How To Thrive In A Survival Mindset a read.  It’s at Amazon

It’s time to heal and create something different

Time to Heal



There is an energy stirring and you feel it. There is a call to wake up to your Real Self. You feel that too.
Go ahead, change the thinking, the beliefs, the way you’ve been doing things.. create what you really want with the energy of who you really are. You can do it, you ARE the power of change!

Things are shaking up, change is on the way



Life’s all about change. One season to the next, infancy to adulthood, change happens.  Often people change they want things to be different yet they resist change.  How can your life be different without change? It can’t, so why do you resist? Here in America we see major changes happening and a lot of resistance to those changes.  People are afraid of what the changes will mean to their lives, their jobs, their feeling of safety.  That’s the core reason why change is resisted.  While you may not like where you are at least you are familiar with it, change is the “unknown” and thus emotionally you relate fear to it.

When you realize that change is natural and fun, you can shift your thinking to joy and excitement.  Once this change takes place within your thinking things really begin shaking up for you.  Limits fall away and possibility opens up.  You see things as never before, as opportunity rather than something to fear.  Getting excited about what’s around the next corner opens you even further to new ideas, new experiences. 

A fun way to open your life to change is playing what if.  Ask yourself “what if” this happens, or that happens.  Play it out in your imagination.  Have fun with it, get into your comfort zone with the possibilities.  Move from one possibility to the next letting different choices bring about different results.

Having fun with change brings change about more easily and with a lot more joy.  Change is happening, that’s the way of life.  Joining up as a partner to change puts you in the directors chair of the movie which is your life.  You decide the roles you will play, for how long and who will star in the movie with you.

Enjoy your life, enjoy what you are creating, ride the wave of change with great joy and excitement and celebrate all the wonders of life.


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