Secret to Success is Celebration

I find it funny how much more quickly people share struggles, gossip and problems than seem to celebrate the success of others.  Do you see the energy of that?  What your mind is full of, (mindfulness), the more of that you get to play in.  Why not change things about and invest tons and tons of energy into celebration all the success you see all around you every day?  This is the BIG SECRET!

Because I’ve been in the public eye for ten plus years I’ve had a few folks who felt that they just had to find something about me that they didn’t like. Perhaps I charged for my books or charged for private classes or coaching. That’s actually how I pay my monthly expenses by the way. Big Smile

Thankfully this hasn’t happened often but it was surprising to me when it did happen.  I realized pretty quickly that I could get all bent out of shape over ONE person not liking me or I could Celebrate the Firecrackers out of the many who appreciated what I am and what I do.

Guess which I chose?  You got it.  No matter whether you do big things or little things someone will not be able to celebrate you… so celebrate yourself.  Notice the success all around you.. celebrate it.. knowing that it is just as available for you as it is for anyone.  Fill your mind up with this knowing.. Celebrate..

I love you.. love yourself well..

Joyful Receiver Keeping Flow Of Abundance Open

Donna DeVane Books

A lot of us grew up being told it was better to give than to receive.  That’s just not totally true.  Here’s why.  When you give and give and give without knowing how to joyfully receive you run out of something to give.  Have you ever felt resentful about how much you give to so many people and how little you seem to get?  I bet you have.  See, learning to receive with great joy keeps the abundance of all that good stuff flowing into and out and into and out and into your experience. Giving is a powerful way to have more of the great experiences show up in your life IF you are good at receiving as well.

Now I’m not talking about the “gimme gimme free free” mindset where people can never get enough free stuff or are always running from one place to another looking for something free.  That’s all about lack, poverty and not valuing yourself or others.  What I’m talking about is knowing YOUR worth and valuing both what is given and received.  When you accept gifts of all kinds, whether they be actual stuff, compliments, money or kindness you are agreeing with the flow of abundance and inviting more of that into your life and the life of all those you interact with.

Giving for most of us is easy, receiving maybe not so much.  Think of being a good receiver like this; your arms and heart are always open and outstretched, embracing life and all it’s gifts with dance and song.  Close your eyes for one minute and see you doing that, having that experience.  Receiving is about having that experience right now, where you are, even if you don’t physically have it in your hand.

Recently on one of my radio shows I used examples of how I won a few drawings for items I wanted to experience. I didn’t need them, or try to pull them to me.  I felt them mine, I experienced having them before my name was chosen.  That’s the how of receiving.  Give, yes.. give from you abundance.. Receive.. yes.. from the place of knowing that it’s already yours. Play around with this imagination game and let me know how it works for you.  I love comments.

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Power of Intent A Journey Back to Self Living Consciousness

Another blog entry today, I’m cooking with gas!  I’ve determined to experience a few new things and writing my  blog more often is one of those things.  Another is rewriting “A Journey Back To Self” and I’m making progress on that as well.  As a matter of fact the second edition will be available May 25th or before.  I’m excited to get this new book ready for you.  It covers chakra, color, meditation, healing, forgiveness, living consciously and much more.  You’ll be happy to know that I’m recording a CD with all the meditations in the book just for those who purchase the autographed copies from one of my websites.  This CD will not be included in the ones in the big retail stores.

Let’s discuss intent and intention today as I have something new to share with you on this topic.  I “intended” for a few years to rewrite A Journey and correct all the errors I made in the first printing.  I really did intend to do it.  The problem was I didn’t take any action to do it.  I hadn’t determined to rewrite the book.  Intention needs action in order to get a new experience.  Often we place the meaning on intent over with hope, wish, long for and don’t do anything to bring it about.

When I determined to do it, I added action to my desire or intent.  I spent a week replacing the hard drive in my laptop ( I write on it) loaded up all the programs and hundreds of updates.. you know how that is.. 🙂

Then I made a decision to NOT go into my office for the first few hours of the day.  Nope, don’t take a single step in that direction, rather I grab the laptop, put it on the bed, turn it on and begin writing after a few minutes of checking email and playing Bejeweled on Facebook. 

I’m almost half done with the rewrite plus I’m keeping my blogs more up to date.  This is determination, not just intent. Determination and action are the hands and feet of intention, necessary to actually get something done.  I know we like to sit and dream and imagine how wonderful it will be one sweet day when all our intentions come into manifestation… but chances are it will be a long time coming unless we actually take some action to work with the Creative Principles. 

What do you intend?  What are your dreams and goals?  Have you made a choice, taken action?  Let me know how it’s working.  I’d love to hear about what you are creating.  Join me for my radio broadcasts at Awakened Radio.  I share the principles of intent and A Journey Back To Self 5 days a week.  You are always invited to take part in the chat room and by calling in.

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Wake Up to your Greatness

You Are Awesome

It’s really a big thing that you realize just how awesome you are.  Until you do you will continue to create the same problems over and over again based on a false belief that you are powerless to change things, when in reality you are the awesome power creating experiences for yourself based on your beliefs.

That’s a mouthful of information isn’t it?  It’s true.  You are the energy, the creative mind, that brings your life into physical form so that you can experience yourself as the energy behind the experiences.  When you get this, really get this, you change everything.  You begin to create on purpose according to what you prefer rather than what you fear.  Most people stay poor even though they want money because they fear being poor and what it means.  They create late notices for bills, running out of money because this is the very thing they are afraid of.  Creating from fear only creates what you fear and more of it, big time.

As you awaken to your power to bring things into physical reality based on what you are experiencing yourself as, the joy, love, peace, abundance or fear, anger, dread, stress, you are free to decide what to create rather than creating on automatic.  Most of us have always created without much choice.  We’ve accepted beliefs, thoughts, ideas, that this is just the way it is and we keep creating with that energy.

Now it’s time for humanity to awaken to our greatness, to our awesome power.  Rather than just trying to survive another day it’s time to learn how to create a life that we actually want.  It’s time to awaken to the magic all around us, to understand that there is indeed more than enough of the good stuff for all of us.  We have only to reach out and experience it.  While that sounds simple and actually is simple, we don’t do it because we don’t believe it.  Now intellectually we know it, but we don’t really “know it” in our spirit.

This is the awakening.  Realizing in your spirit Who You Really Are.  Head knowledge will not change much.  As you move into knowing then things change because you change the energy you are creating with.  You are the key, you are the magic, you are the director in the play which is your life.

Isn’t it time you awaken?  Are you ready to create on purpose?

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Chaos and Change Power of Something New

 Thrive kindle book,

The death of of a Caterpillar is the birth of a butterfly.  The end of the seed is the beginning of a plant. Destruction of night time instruction of day.  In these examples I’m attempting to make a point, spreads with some understanding chaos as a part of change.  Without endings there’s never a beginning.  Globally we’re seeing the ending of the way  America used to be. Not long ago and now, was number one in producing products for export, not today.  American corporations have taken the American taxpayer money and moved their whole business overseas to be assured of higher profits.  At present up to 30% of Americans are unemployed or underemployed.  Bankruptcy numbers increase almost daily.  Even our food isn’t real anymore as its genetically modified play it, an animal, an insecticide combinations.  Our work contains fluoride and other toxic chemicals, vaccines contain mercury and what is supposed to be medicine often causes more harm than good.

We have military bases in practically every country on the planet, and are involved in 4 to 6 wars at the  present time.  What is going on?  Is the whole world coming apart at the seams, is it be the end of life as we’ve known it?  Millions across the globe are asking what can we do now, how can we make this  better?  Fear is prevalent America and across the globe hundreds of millions of people realize that the power, control, and natural resources is increasingly in fewer and fewer hands. What does it mean, how did we get to this point, and most importantly why can we do now?

How we got to this point is simple weekday of a personal power and authority away a to a small group of people.  For thousands of years we have let the religious and political leaders decide for us on more and more issues.  Humanity has become less and less aware of our own power to divert our lives and make wise decisions.  We’ve been programmed to always look outside of ourselves to some other authority for help, safety, and wisdom. Now as we look at the power of corruption and greed sitting home here in America as well as other countries across the globe, we feel fear.  It’s time for us to take action using the fear as the energy to move us forward. There are after all below onions and a lot of us, regular humanity, then there are of the ruling class.

We have only to decide to reclaim our power and self govern.  Now that we’ve been painted into a corner it’s time to not be concerned about walking in the wet paint, it’s time to run through the wet paint into a new creation of our choice. The question before us now is what type of life do we want to live? Will we take the energy of chaos and change it into something more acceptable to all of us?  Like now the fewest of humanity has the vast majority of all well sources.  While millions died from lack of food and clean water that few of the talk tell us we need to sacrifice and cut back while living in their $50,000,000 homes and flying in their private jets.  This is completely insane! 

As individuals or as the global residents of earth we can change this.  There’s no doubt that we have the power and the ability to make things different, the only question is will we come together as ONE People and do so.  It’s time for us as individuals to ask ourselves  honestly who have we given our power to? Why have we given up by authority over our own lives?  What lies and deceit have we bought into that we now feel dependent upon all those outside of us to make our choices and decisions? We need to understand that the battle for power and control begins the moment we are born. Parents and other adults expect, sometimes even demand, that we comply with their wishes.  Some degree this is helpful to we need to learn that a hot stove will burn, falling out of trees can break bones, and playing in traffic is not a wise choice. However when religious and political authorities combined with teachers and other adults try to force compliance over every belief and action we began going downhill in our experience of being powerful beings.  More often than not it takes tremendous conflict and chaos before we break out against the system programmed within us from others and make different choices.  This where we all are at the present time.

We are faced with a choice, do we continue to go along with the program is planned or do we make use of the fear and the chaos to create something different and more to our liking? Regardless of whether it is on a personal level or a global level the principles of creation work the same. Four great change comes great chaos.  In a moment of chaos you can look fear in the eye and choose to act rather than continue to react. When you choose two that you begin the process of creating a brand new experience for yourself and because we are all connected, you begin changing the world.  We all the ones we’ve been waiting for, as the Hopi Elders say.  Time of great ending can be used as the catapult for humanity to create a wonderful and brand new beginning.

The power is in your hand, the  choice is yours, you have only to decide to create something better and different. Decide to create a brand new life experience for yourself and watch as it magically transforms the world around you. You have the power, you all are the power!

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Looking for people to change the world

journeybook I began talking about my book a month or so ago and saying I was open to a core group of 1,000 people who are committed to changing not only their lives, but our world.  See, I know the principles in this book work.  I’ve taught them many, many times and had hundreds of people exclaim with wonder at the results.  I’ve told the truth of how when you apply the principles in A Journey Back To Self to your life old beliefs are replaced with new empowering ones that support your desires.

I’ve explained how you will have a new “world vision” a new way of seeing things which leads to things being different for you.  I’ve talked about how you will know yourself to BE different and will then establish relationships with others in a new way.  I’ve explained the process of healing the mind, body and soul; how these changes change everything in your life.  With this new foundation you overflow with a new energy, one which changes everything you touch.

As a teacher I know the power of restoring balance to your life.  I know how it changes how you treat yourself, thus how others treat you.  I know these principles work.  They’ve worked for me and for many others over the years.

I’ve also shared how each person who purchases their book through my website gets a signed copy of the book, a Free 2 hour seminar by phone, plus a new added FREE perk.  I’ve created a group coaching support network only for those who purchase the book from my website.  Why am I doing this?  It’s simple.  I’m committed to helping you heal and change the world.

I could just market and promote the book and go on to writing the next one.  I want to work with you.  I know I can’t coach every single person who gets the  book and begins their journey back to self, however, through the group coaching network I can share in your journey.  There we can share our joys, wisdom and trials.  Through your membership in the support network you will make friends with others who are on the same journey. 

You are seeing the same things I am right now.  We’ve created a mess in our world.  The only way to solve it is with different energy than we used to create it.  The same principles that you use to create your experiences in your personal life are the ones we use to create together.  My intention is to help people Wake Up to just how powerful they are.  I KNOW that when people self realize, awaken to their creative power, not only will you change your own life… I also know that those changes will affect our whole planet.

What’s in the book you ask.  There is information on the chakras, stones, crystals, meditations.  There are exercises which take you through the process of “seeing” which beliefs are limiting you and exercises to help you release them and incorporate beliefs which create more of what is wanted.  There is information on how to use stones and crystals for healing and meditation.  There is information on how to use color to heal.  You will also find exercises to release your emotional attachment to things in the past and give new meaning to everything.

It’s time to heal YOUR life.  It’s time to live in joy, powerful creating, well being, prosperity and loving relationships.  Will you take the step that will change your life, that will help change the world?

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The shift is NOW..  Grab hold of what you want to create.  Make the changes that are beckoning you.  Listen to the voice saying, “you can wake up now”.

Join me in healing one individual at the time, waking up the whole planet to Who We Are.

How does the law of attraction really work?

parable liver onion cover


Ok, you want to know why the law of attraction isn’t working for you. It’s just not getting the job done, you’ve done vision boards, said positive things till you’re blue in the face, and still things are not what you want?

The answer is that the law of attraction is always working for and through you.  It’s always pulling molecules into form so you get what you think into being,  You are the power of the law of attraction.  You don’t have to line up with it or get on a vibration with it.. it’s creative principle.. always working bringing into form what you believe is so.

Now the real question is why you keep getting opposite what you say you want.  You want things to be different than they are and have been.  You talk about what is and what isn’t a lot.  You think about it and feel about it all day and night.

What are you believing into form?  That’s the real question.  What’s the energy, the building material you are using to create reality with?  Is it the energy of what’s always reflected in your experience?  If the want and the experience don’t match it’s not that the law of attraction isn’t working, it’s simply that you are not aware of what you are believing into being.  You are trying to force happy from sad and it just doesn’t work that way.

The best explanation of the how of law of attraction is in this ebook I wrote.  It’s short, sweet and precise.  When you read it you will KNOW how the law of attraction works.  You’ll GET it.

So get the book.. and get to creating what you really want.  It’s easy and fun.